3 six pack abs exercises at the gym are effective.

Nowadays, with the increasing demand for aesthetics, more and more boys want to own a 6-pack body – something every girl admires. Along with that demand, the exercises for abdominal muscles also develop especially in the gym. Here will be 3 items workout 6 pack abs at gym effective.

If normally people only practice simple exercises without effort and do not need the support equipment, you just need to be at home. But if you go to the gym, with the guidance of the coaches and support equipment, you should choose the more difficult exercises to see the effect quickly and spend the time you spend on coming. gym.

1. Kneel on both sides of the wheel

One of the most effective exercises for 6-pack abs is kneeling on 2 sides wheels. This is an exercise that affects the muscles in your abdomen and sides. High-difficulty exercises because normally just rolling the wheel forward is already a difficult exercise.
Step 1: To start the exercise, you should warm up the whole body first.Then kneel 2 feet on the floor, 2 hands firmly grip the handle of the wheel. Pay attention to the correct posture
Step 2: You squeeze your abs as much as you can and slowly roll the wheel toward the left backward and then rightward likewise. You can do it 10-12 times on each side for one workout.

Standard posture for kneeling exercises on 2 sides wheels

2. Hang your legs round

Step 1: You choose a double bar that is higher than your body, about 30-50cm to facilitate the straightening and shrinking on both sides.
Step 2: Swing onto the double beam. Next, as in exercise 1, tighten your abs and then raise your legs in a clockwise direction.
Step 4: After 3-4 rounds you return to the original position to continue with the other side. Do it 10-12 times depending on your location.


Rotation movement in the exercise

3. Cable stand exercises

It sounds simple but when you start, you will not find it easy to envy. To do this exercise requires the help of a cable tractor.
Step 1: Choose the right weight for you and adjust the height cable to your height is reasonable
Step 2: The legs are wider than the shoulders, knees slightly bent. 2 hands hold the tractor handle and turn shoulder towards the tractor.
Step 3: You slowly pull the tractor towards your body, pay attention to always have to stretch, knees are not straight up or too low. Stay in this position for 30 seconds before returning to the starting position and starting over.


6-pack abs is visible only after a short time of training
Above are 3 articles workout 6 pack abs at gym effective. Please refer to and choose a suitable exercise, remember to combine with a reasonable resting diet too. I wish you soon get a 6 pack body!

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