3 parts directly affect the capacity of a car engine

3 parts directly affect the capacity of a car engine

In order for a car engine to operate smoothly, it requires the work and connection of many different parts.

Spark plugs – part of an ignition system

Surely anyone who used a car has heard about the importance of spark plugs. However, not everyone knows the working principles and the construction of auto spark plugs and why it is important. Spark plugs are a part of the ignition system of a car. It is used to generate bipolar electric spark, so that it can induce combustion in the chamber. Therefore, spark plugs must always work in high temperature and pressure conditions. And because of that, the spark plug structure has quite special conditions such as: ensuring extremely high durability, good heat and pressure resistance, and ensuring that the spark is always good to help burn. in stable combustion chamber.

Automotive spark plugs directly affect engine performance

With the principle of operating as an arc generator through a gap, the spark plug will push the voltage up very high about 40,000 to 100,000 volts to be able to create room sparks through the void and thereby help ignition. in the combustion chamber takes place. In addition, the spark plug also uses a ceramic type to insulate the high voltage source between the electrodes. To ensure the spark is free of interference and to allow the sparks to be accurately launched on the 2 ends of the electrode. In addition, porcelain has poor thermal conductivity, so usually the insulating material has a fairly high temperature, which helps to remove coal dust from the electrode.

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However, after a period of use, coal dust will also partially adhere to the spark plugs and will make the spark plug ineffective. At that time, you will have to clean or replace it based on the situation of the car spark plug inspection. Without timely corrective steps, the ignition unit works stagnant, unstable and directly affects the working capacity of the automobile engine. In addition, for the way of removing the spark plugs, you need to use the right plug for the type of spark plug you are trying to remove, otherwise it will wear out the hexagonal edges of the spark plugs. Absolutely not to deviate from the body will break the insulation body.

After a period of use, there will be a lot of coal dust

Car battery – part for storing electricity

The battery is one of the most important equipment in a car. It is responsible for storing electricity and supplying power to some of the vehicle’s equipment such as the alternator and engine starter. In addition, the battery also provides power for some loads when the cycle has not reached the specified rotation. And when the cycle is enough, the car’s equipment will switch to the generator’s electricity, the battery will also accumulate part of the electricity from the generator.

Battery helps engine engine

From the working principles of automobile batteries above, you can see that the battery is the starting device for the main activities in the vehicle. If your car battery runs out of power, you will have to do it quickly. And that’s why it also directly affects the capacity of a car’s engine. There have been many cases that subjectively believe that the battery does not need to be checked, so it does not need to be replaced periodically. That leads to when the battery suddenly runs out, the driver must passively buy a new battery without knowing its origin and performance.

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The battery is malfunctioning

So you need to know how long car battery cycles last to be able to actively replace, avoid passive replacement as mentioned above. Normally, a car battery will usually be replaced after about 3-5 years, depending on the frequency of use and the quality of the battery. When entering a service center, you should also ask the question which car battery is good for careful consultation by experienced technicians.

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Engine air filter – the “lung” of cars

Although the structure of an automobile wind filter is quite simple (as a dust shield), it has the ability to directly affect the fuel consumption of a car. With the normal dust barrier working principle, this is a detail that helps prevent dust from outside air from entering the engine. After a period of using the car, the engine air filter will also gradually get dirty and prevent the wind from entering the engine much as well as dragging some dirt into the car. That will cause the intake air flow sensor to malfunction, and lead to higher operating fuel costs than usual.

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Air filter for old and new engines

To ensure the efficiency of your automotive engine, you will need to periodically clean your car’s air filter over time. So the question is: How often does the auto air filter be replaced? Normally, car manufacturers recommend that you need to change the air filter once every 15,000 – 20,000km. But some people with experience in car maintenance said that, due to the windy and dusty climate in Vietnam, you should replace every 10,000km of traffic on the road.


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