3 little known features of CCleaner
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 3 little known features of CCleaner

3 little known features of CCleaner

If selected and evaluated, certainly many people will vote for CCleaner – Cleaning software, speeding up your computer in handling junk files, corrupted registry or even your browsing data. . This is also a tool that certainly your close friends or a computer expert will recommend you to use if you want your computer to work smoothly and smoother.

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But just to use the basic features of CCleaner, it is really a waste, because in addition to finding, scanning, and fixing known errors, this tool helps to clean this computer. is quite capable, but equally effective, let’s see!

1. Drive Wiper

In fact, when using a computer, if the user made a command to delete a photo, a file or some software, the operating system did not actually do this, it just temporarily deleted what you The request is removed from its current location, but is still hidden on the hard drive, which is why, with some manipulations or some software, you can restore what was deleted. With Drive Wiper, this will be completely fixed.

You guys just need to open CCleaner up, select the card Tools, select next Drive Wiper. In the right window, you will see there are three options: Wipe, Security and Drives.

First, with Wipe, you have two different options:

  • Free Space Only: That is, if you use this option, all of these Data in use on the drive will be keep stable, and previously deleted items will be completely deleted from where they are temporarily hidden, waiting for the system to overwrite or be restored.
  • Entire Drive (Full disk): With this option, all data is being saved on your drive will be deleted completely, that is, after doing so, the drive will be empty, clean and you need to make sure before performing this operation, the important and necessary data have been saved.

3 little known features of CCleaner

Next, that is Security. This is security options For those who want absolute safety. CCleaner provided to the user 4 basic options The best, but also the options, are considered according to the world’s most stringent, safest standards, including:

  • Simple Overwrite (1 pass): The simplest form, overwrites once.
  • DOD 5220.22- M (3 passes): Form of data deletion standard United States Department of Defense.
  • NSA (7 pass): A form of standard removal by the US National Security Agency.
  • Gutmann (35 passes): An extremely safe method of erasing all content on a computer’s hard drive.

And finally Drives, this is an option to help users Identify the area to delete data. After setting all the options, click Wipe at the bottom to proceed with the process.

3 little known features of CCleaner

2. Duplicate Finder

If to talk about the main reason why someone decided to choose CCleaner to serve the cleaning and speeding up the computer, that is the possibility. to scan, analyze and produce results as duplicate files. Maybe for many people, this feature is not so important, but in the process of using the computer, when the memory capacity is increasing, if other computer acceleration software can only scan junk files, kill virus … then with CCleaner’s Duplicate Finder, this feature can also find duplicate files.

Here is the safe solution, quite practical and extremely useful for you to tidy up the drive, Create more space and free up space for drive. Click on the Tools, choose Duplicate Finder. At this time, a new interface appears. You can see there are quite a few corresponding options for you to use flexibly, such as searching for duplicate files by name, by size, or by creation date … If keep the same setting Initially, the region and the search range will be quite wide, by Ccleaner The default will search all files with all sizes and on all drives.

3 little known features of CCleaner

Choose to Search To begin the search process, wait a while for CCleaner to produce the result, then click OK, got it to confirm completion.

3 little known features of CCleaner

Now you can see the duplicate files will appear details, from the file name, path, to the size and date of creation are in the results table. Just tick the corresponding boxes to highlight, then select on Delete Selected to delete those files.

3 little known features of CCleaner

However, if you want to narrow the search range and shorten the scanning time, you can click Exdude before clicking Search and manually set the settings for CCleaner.

3. Disk Analyzer

The last feature, also the most detailed result of all the data that users have on the computer. This result table will be displayed as a chart, including: capacity, creation time, disk space … Based on this result table, you can take the initiative and monitor the situation of the computer intuitively and conveniently.

3 little known features of CCleaner

Just come in Tools, choose Disk Analyzer then select the partition, as well as the types of data you want to scan, then click Analyzer and wait a bit for CCleaner to show the statistics.

3 little known features of CCleaner

With instructions on 3 little-known features of CCleaner, hope you will have more information and use Computer data management software This is better, more effective.

I wish you successful implementation!

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