3 hidden features will be found in the next version of Windows 10

3 hidden features will be found in the next version of Windows 10

On June 5, Microsoft officially released Windows 10 Insider Preview 20H1 Build 18912 for users in Fast Rings, along with three new features hidden in this operating system, and most likely to be released. on the next build.

According to a report by Albacore, Windows 10 20H1 is currently testing three new features that allow users to control the amount of bandwidth used when downloading Windows updates, as well as adding a feature to quickly set up a schedule. new and improved notification settings.

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In a related move, experts from technology news site BleepingComputer also tried to enable these hidden features in the latest Insider build and presented what they gained in a brief report. So how do these hidden features really play a role? How do they work? How to activate? We will find out together now.

3 hidden features in Windows 10 and how to activate

  • Set the correct amount of bandwidth for Windows Update
  • Quick setup in Calendar app
  • Improvements to notification settings
  • How to activate hidden features

Set the correct amount of bandwidth for Windows Update

Windows 10 in the future will allow you to configure a certain amount of bandwidth to use for Windows Update. This amount of bandwidth can be used to download updates in the Advanced Delivery Optimization settings. Meanwhile, the current bandwidth controls in Windows 10 only allow users to limit the download speed based on the percentage of measured bandwidth.

Set the correct amount of bandwidth for Windows Update

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With Windows 10 version 20H1, users will be allowed to set the absolute or exact amount of bandwidth in terms of the Mbps they want Windows Update to use, and only be used within that range.

Set the absolute amount of bandwidth in Mbps

  • Less than 32 GB of storage can still update Windows 10

Quick setup in Calendar app

Another hidden feature that might be activated is “Quick Compose” in the Windows 10 Calendar app.

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Accordingly, when you click on the date and time on the taskbar, the calendar opens, and comes with a new entry that allows you to quickly create an appointment or schedule right from the taskbar window.

Improvements to notification settings

The third and last hidden feature found in this build are new settings that allow users to tweak the way notifications are displayed in Windows 10.

In particular, Global Notification Sounds Setting is a new and easier method, allowing users to set up notifications for whether the system sounds can be used or not, as shown in the illustration below. Besides, this settings page also allows you to sort notifications by specific criteria such as “Most Recent” or “Name” (Name).

Global Notification Sounds Setting

The AutoPlay notification settings page has also been redesigned to give users more examples of content specific to each given setting option.

AutoPlay notification settings page

  • Activate Windows Sandbox on Windows 10 to run the untrusted .exe file

How to activate hidden features

As computer geek Rafael Rivera noted on Twitter, since these hidden features have not yet been officially released by Microsoft, they can only be activated using his Mach2 program with specific feature IDs. as follows:

  • Set the correct amount of bandwidth for Windows Update – 21425853
  • Quick settings in the application Calendar – 21088047
  • Improved notification settings – 19654704

To enable these disabled features, you will need to use the mach2 enable command [ID của tính năng]. For example, to activate the new Quick Compose feature in the Calendar app, you could enter the following command:

mach2 enable 21088047

Mach2 is a third-party tool released by Windows PC and Windows expert Rafael Rivera, which enables users to enable and disable hidden Windows 10 features in the Windows 10 Preview Builds. This tool is designed for advanced users and it can damage your Windows 10 installation if something goes wrong. Therefore, Rafael Rivera does not encourage people with little knowledge of Windows to use this tool.


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