3 gym exercises increase your bust after only 2 weeks

For women, the breasts are said to be one of the hard workouts. The demand for gym at the same time also increased with countless different exercises. So what is the effective exercise, which is suitable for your body. To make it easier to understand the training courses, let's find out with the keywords you want to practice for. Today's article will suggest about 3 Gym exercises increase round after only 2 weeks.

The reason for gaining a round thanks to the gym

Round 1 criteria to evaluate the beauty of women

Exercise is a bodybuilding practice that helps to speed up the process of muscle activity and eliminate excess fat. Because each gym will have a direct effect on each muscle mass in the body, creating a slim, toned physique.

The 3-ring measurement is also a factor that makes many women desire to have a sexy body, in which the round 1 is a highly appreciated factor. The breasts are said to be the sexy part of the female body, attracting a special look from the men, helping to enhance the appearance and can enhance the beauty of the clothes. That is the main reason for the girls to come to the first round exercises.

Coming to the gym, you can know exactly the useful exercises for the first round as well as know the current pros and cons of the body to perfect.

The reason makes a small ring less attractive

Unlike other parts, the gym for the first round is directed in many different ways. Many of you are concerned that when you exercise, your waist will get smaller due to fat loss. However, if you exercise correctly, enough exercise combined with a reasonable diet, your breasts will not only be smaller but also increase in size. Because women's breasts are made up of muscle and fat mass, they also contribute from connective tissue layers.

The reason that small round, less firm is due to:

  • Lack of nutrients for growth round 1: Soybeans are a very good food increase round 1
  • Unstable hormones make the breasts less developed
  • Using the wrong type of bra is not suitable, you use stimulants that cause bad effects on the cells, … If the above factors are not changed and prevented in time, it will not only affect the bust. but also to your health.
  • Due to your basic physique


Measures to improve breasts quickly

First of all, changing the diet for the body is the first problem. You should use a combination of fortified foods such as beans, vegetables, to avoid the use of growth stimulants.

In parallel with the diet is a regular exercise regimen. Physical activity promotes muscle regeneration and burns fat.

3 gym workouts within 1 week after only 2 weeks:

Exercise 1: inhaling the soil (wall)

This is a basic pushup and works in many areas, especially the first round.

  • Start the movement, bring your body to a prone position or close to the wall. Place your hands face down on a flat surface with your ears
  • Using your hand to push yourself up, your hands upright, your legs cornered to balance your body. Take a deep breath when lifting your body's center of gravity
  • Hold for 3 seconds then return to rest. Repeat the movement 30 times

Inhaling ground exercises to increase muscle for men and helps increase breasts for women

Exercise 2: plank with weights

  • Choose from 5 to 5kg dumbbells: choose weights corresponding to your own strength, nor need to try to choose the weight too far to the ability.
  • Bringing your body back to the start state is straightening your hands against the barbell
  • Bring the left hand holding the barbell up high against the chest, hold for 5-7 seconds and then return to the original position.
  • Change hands and repeat 30 times.


Plank helps to speed up the training process effectively.

Exercise 3: chest compressions with the machine

Exercises using assistive devices, in order to increase activity for the chest, stimulate the development of the chest within a short time.

  • Sit back in a balanced position, relaxed
  • Two handles on the two scissors of the machine (as shown), then use the force to pull the two bars close to the body, the arms brought perpendicular to the shoulders. Then stretched his hand again.
  • Hold your body for 3 seconds, perform 30 repetitions like that.


Breast augmentation breasts increased by modern methods

Exercises with the chest presses also make the shoulders smaller, slimmer. Combine two in one.

The 3 exercises above will help women accelerate the process of creating a firmer, fuller breasts. Try to be persistent, overcome the pressure of yourself to eliminate self-esteem, become more attractive and beautiful. Make a choice work out to increase your bust will be your optimal choice right now.

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