muscle relaxants

3 exercises to relax the muscle you should do

The full body stretching exercises It may not be an interesting part when people go to the gym, but doing these exercises is just as important as maintaining a good exercise routine. Incorporating some stretching exercises into your workout schedule will help you improve your flexibility, smoothness and ultimately, make your workouts more efficient and safer. Here are the 3 most effective stretch methods to help you heat and relieve joint pain during and after an exhausting workout.

In all aspects of bodybuilding training, stretching is an often overlooked part because most people rush to start training and using equipment. However, when stretching is properly integrated into a weight training program, it can really speed up your muscle growth. In addition, when your muscles are heated and stretched, they will minimize pain or injury. This allows you to move smoothly and maximize muscle strength

Stretching quadriceps muscle

Stretching the quadriceps in a kneeling position relaxes the muscles that lie directly on your knees. You can use a soft cushion or pillow under your knee if you feel the floor is uncomfortable. The cause is mainly in the quadriceps, a group of four muscles combined together above the pillow to form a single quadriceps tendon. It is a large, muscular muscle that extends from the top of the knee to near the waist and when you are overactive during exercise, it can be affected, causing you to feel pain and make it difficult to walk. . If you are worried that exercise will cause more pain, feel tired and ineffective, stretching your quadriceps muscles will minimize the above situations.

Stretches with quadriceps muscles

Starting in a high jump position, right step forward. Lower your left knee slowly to the ground.

Take a deep breath and slowly adjust to balance. Raise your left foot and grab your toes with your left arm, when you are stable.

Hold this muscle for about 30 seconds. When the time is over, slowly release the hand to hold the left foot, then return to the high jump position. Switch sides and follow the same steps for the other knee.

Bend hamstrings

Stand up straight, your shoulders down and your feet about the width of your hips. Bring your left foot forward, heel down, toes flex and hold straight. Keep your back straight, your stomach muscles tight and bend your right knee as if sitting down while supporting yourself with your hands on your thighs. Repeat on the other side. The hamstrings are the muscles located along the back of your thighs. While a curved hamstring primarily stretches that muscle, it also activates the quadriceps region.

muscle relaxants

Exercise helps to stretch and relax the tendon joints

Or start by lying flat on your stomach. Lift your heels slowly up and as close to your hips as possible. Hold this pose and do it 15 times over and over.

You can also do this in a standing position, holding a chair and lifting one leg at the same time. In case you find this too easy why not add a weight hanging on your ankle, gradually increasing the weight from 2 to 3 kg.

Exercise chest / shoulders / biceps

Extend your arms and hold a pole or some other stationary object with one hand. Then turn your body away while keeping the posture upright. Keep moving until you feel tightness in your chest, shoulders and biceps. Hold this position for about 30 seconds and then repeat with the other arm. Perform this gesture at least twice for each side.

Or lift from front to back, helping improve shoulder mobility and stretch the chest and arms.

How to do it: Keep your one elbow straight and lift over your head. Bring that arm back as deep as possible while keeping your elbows straight, with the other hand behind you like a back clasp but your palm facing up. Ideally, you should try to move all the way down so that your hands touch each other and touch your back. To stay safe and avoid hurting your shoulder joints, be sure in your ability to gradually move your hands closer.

muscle relaxants

Relax the upper part of the body

That is 3 muscle relaxation exercises Help your body more comfortable. If one day you feel like your body is tiring, tired, try these 3 exercises, you will really like after that exercise. – Nutrition Specialist
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