Accused of murder Melissa Webb's trial begins

2nd degree murder Known sentence in July for Webb

Murderer Mélissa Webb was back in court this morning as part of sentencing submissions. If she expected to receive hatred from those close to David Frigon, she was entitled to a lot of compassion instead.

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“On September 30, 2019, our lives were turned upside down. Yes, David was a consumer … but his only mistake that day was being at 609 rue Napoléon. David died in a disturbing way and no one deserves to die this way, ”first mentioned Monique Gauthier, mother of the victim.

“Melissa, faced with the gesture you made, you remain cold. You deserve the penitentiary to reflect on your gesture, ”she said, adding that she hoped that the 26-year-old young woman could find, in this place,“ an inner richness ”.

“A wealth that cannot be bought, because, for the moment, you are very poor. I wish you to find values, kindness, love and peace, ”she concluded.

David Frigon’s father said he was “stunned” to see that that day, for nothing, “there was so much violence in that apartment”.

“Melissa, I hope that in prison, you will find the tools necessary for your development and your fulfillment, because, for the moment, it is aberrant to have heard that you have enjoyed giving your blow of knife, ”he dropped.


In pursuit, Me Caroline Munger asked Judge François Huot to impose a sentence of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole for 12 years.

In support of this claim, she filed in court three disciplinary reports from the detention center where Webb was found in possession of homemade picks.

The video where she rap “Five hours to be filmed while being questioned, the investigator who told me: ‘You must be a real one, you, because you don’t say a sound” ”was also filed to demonstrate the“ coldness ”of the murderer in front of the crime she committed.

10 years

For his part, Webb’s lawyer, Me Sébastien Saint-Laurent, suggested to the court that the period of parole ineligibility be left at 10 years.

According to him, the fact that his client does not have a criminal record and that she has experienced violence and difficulties in the past militates in favor of this request.

The president of the court must pronounce in mid-July the sentence that will be imposed on Mélissa Webb.


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