27-year-old male, 67kg of 45-year-old pig can buy SH 125 ABS okay?

27-year-old male, 67kg 42 42kg, do you buy SH 125 ABS okay?

Ask the doctors to be knowledgeable about the car advising me.

I am male, 27 years old, single, happy and gentle. I am considering buying a Honda SH 125 ABS to go out and work (I work as an office). The problem here is that she weighs 67kg, sometimes the crab weighs about 42 kg. The total weight falls to 110kg, so if you take the version SH 125, is it okay? I'm the one who likes to go slow, the average speed is only about 40 to the highest is 70 km.

I thank you guys.

nam đẹp trai

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