25 Trendy free beautiful fonts for Designers

25 Trendy free beautiful fonts for Designers

Need a fresh look for new design projects? Here are beautiful fonts that match the latest trends for Designer.

1. Zoika


2. Novar


An elegant serif typeface available for both personal and commercial use. With elegant curves and beautiful serif details, Novar conveys high class and sophistication to every project you use.

3. Belda


4. Aloja


A fun handwritten display font with a casual, edgy feel. Each letter of the Aloja font is actually hand drawn for a unique, personal, and playful feel. It is great for headlines and posters. Available in .woff format.

5. Gagalin


A retro comic font with thick strokes. This font is suitable for headlines, posters, t-shirts. It includes Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic letters, as well as basic numbers and symbols. It is free for all purposes.

6. Calama


A highly concentrated sans serif font with rounded corners and based on geometric shapes. The font looks casual and modern, and is better suited for captions than paragraphs. It comes with Latin, Cyrillic and Armenian characters. Free for personal and commercial use.

7. Anodyne


A geometric sans serif font with simple shapes. The fonts are free to use for personal and commercial projects.

8. Kenashingg


Simple and elegant, yet still attracts immediate attention, the Kenashingg font is perfect for headlines. It also supports multilingual letters. Free for personal use.



10. Emberly


11. Moustique


A serif typeface with elegant high typeface and great contrast between the thickness of the stroke. This font is perfect for headlines, posters, magazines, and other projects that need to convey flair. Free for personal use.

12. Codec Pro


13. Okta Neue


14. Open Sans


A serif typist sans typeface with an excellent legibility, widely used for web, mobile and print purposes. The font family includes 10 styles with different thicknesses. Open Sans supports Latin, Greek and Cyrillic character sets.

15. Robot


16. Lato


A minimalistic sans serif typeface that conveys harmony, warmth. The Lato typeface comes in 10 different styles that embody semi-circular details and original features. However, the font fits quite well in different themed projects.

17. Oswald


A neat sans serif font with tight and subtle spacing, perfect for headlines that make a strong statement. This typeface comes in 6 different weights. The latest update of the typeface includes support for more Latin characters, as well as Cyrillic characters.

18. Poppin


A modern geometric sans serif font with well-built glyphs and monolinear font. The typeface comes with a variety of weights and styles – bold and thick for headings, thin, and often for large paragraphs of text.

19. Quicksand


An attractive screen sans serif typeface with rounded terminals brings warmth and softness to every project. Based on geometric shapes, Quicksand is perfect for headlines, although its clean lines make it fully readable in small sizes.

20. Lobster


A handwritten display font inspired by vintage handwriting comes with unique ligatures. Lobster has a perfect style for short headlines and text on posters and similar designs.

21. Manrope


When it comes to modern typefaces with lots of functionality, Manrope is the perfect choice. This sans serif font from Pixel Surplus has excellent readability in both upper and lower case letters. The geometric numbers included with this font are perfectly suited for watch faces, phone numbers, and apps. Last but not least, Manrope has Cyrillic variations and ligatures and most Latin scripts.

22. Lexend


23. Viola Sans Serif Typeface


24. Hamsterly Free Script Font


25. Yeseva One


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