'240,000 subscribers' Lee Chan-won, silver button unboxing...  "You have to keep it for life"

‘240,000 subscribers’ Lee Chan-won, silver button unboxing… “You have to keep it for life”

[엑스포츠뉴스 하지원 인턴기자] Chanwon Lee received a silver button from YouTube.

On the 26th, Lee Chan-won posted a video titled’Lee Chan-won, this is a silver button unboxing video that was impressive!’ on her YouTube channel’Lee Chan-won’.

In this video, Lee Chan-won received a silver button from YouTube.

Lee Chan-won said, “What came from YouTube. I’ll check if it’s what I expect.”

He then began to open the box, saying, “The hyungs just congratulated me, but I didn’t think I was going to receive this.

Lee Chan-won, who checked the silver button, said, “Oh! That’s right! What can I do?” Lee Chan-won added, “When I reached 100,000 subscribers, a silver button sent from YouTube appeared.”

Lee Chan-won said, “I will run vigorously with you so that I can go to the gold button. Thank you.” He also said, “I hope that the new year of 2021 will be filled with only strong and bright things like a bull’s strong pace. I hope you are always healthy.”

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