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2021 YAMAHA TRACER 9/GT is released: Double TFT meter electronic control is more abundant, KYB electronic suspension is introduced!

Last week ushered in the announcement of the MT-09/SP facelift, and then yesterday (11/17) YAMAHA brought the brand new TRACER 9/GT. In the past, it was often said that the TRACER 900 is the MT-09 skin replacement. This time the TRACER 9 has a more MT-family appearance after the front of the body, and the power has also been improved. In addition, the TRACER 9 is equipped with LED lamps in the whole car. A dual TFT full-color instrument is installed, and a 6-axis IMU is also introduced. The GT version has a KYB semi-automatic electronic suspension, which is more equipped and worth looking forward to.

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Renamed to TRACER 9/GT, the exhaust capacity has been increased, and the exterior front is more like MT cars.

2021 TRACER 9/GT Spec Sheet

  • Engine type: DOHC water-cooled parallel three-cylinder engine
  • Bore diameter * stroke: 78.0mm*62.1mm
  • Displacement: 890c.c.
  • Maximum horsepower:[email protected],000rpm
  • Maximum torque:[email protected],000rpm
  • Frame type: aluminum frame
  • Fuel tank capacity: 19L
  • Front suspension: KYB 41mm inverted front fork with adjustable preload
  • Rear suspension: KYB central single gun rear shock, with adjustable preload
  • Front brake: dual 298mm discs, Nissin dual-piston calipers, ABS
  • Rear brake: 245mm disc, Nissin single-piston caliper, ABS
  • Wheelbase: 1,500mm
  • Sitting height: 810mm-825mm
  • Wet weight: 213kg / 220kg (GT version)

Larger displacement and a slight increase in power

The TRACER 9/GT is replaced by a new 890c.c. CP3 water-cooled parallel three-cylinder engine. In order to meet the EURO 5, the bore stroke is longer than that of the 847c.c. engine originally equipped with the TRACER 900. The displacement is larger and the power is , Torque has naturally been improved, and the new generation of CP3 engine is lighter, which is also helpful to the vehicle’s power and handling performance.

In response to the Euro 5 emission regulations, the exhaust volume has been increased, and the power and torque have naturally increased.

The appearance of the front is similar to the fusion of the past MT-09 and R1, and the muscular lines are rich in layers.

The frame is lightened, the riding posture can be adjusted, and the KYB semi-automatic electronic suspension is added

TRACER 9/GT adopts a new aluminum frame, which is lighter and reduces the overall weight by as much as 2kg. The new frame through aluminum die-casting technology is also thinner, with a thickness of only 1.7mm, which is thinner than TRACER 900’s 3.5mm Quite a lot; in addition, TRACER 9/GT is also replaced with a new, longer-length aluminum lightweight and high-rigidity rocker arm to increase the stability of high-speed riding and handling. The TRACER 9/GT this time has two height-adjustable cushions. The riding posture can also be adjusted as required. The grip can be moved forward by 9mm and upward by 4mm. The pedal can be moved up by 14mm and backward by 4mm. Into the most suitable riding position.

The weight of the new aluminum frame is reduced by 2 kg, and the thinnest point is only 1.7 mm.

Longer rocker arms increase the stability of high-speed riding.

TRACER 9/GT is equipped with KYB 41mm inverted front fork and KYB mid-mounted single-gun rear shock. Both are preload adjustable. More importantly, a semi-automatic electronic suspension is added to the GT version; Thanks to the 6-axis IMU, the data can be read and calculated through a computer, and the semi-automatic electronic suspension can be quickly adjusted to the best suspension setting.

Equipped with KYB 41mm inverted front fork and KYB central single gun rear shock, both front and rear are preload adjustable.

The GT version is also equipped with a semi-automatic electronic suspension, which can be quickly adjusted to the best suspension setting by reading data from a computer.

Dual 3.5-inch TFT full-color instruments, standard fixed-speed cruise control is more abundant

In addition to the entire car’s LED lamps, there is another noticeable instrument change this time. The TRACER 9/GT has replaced two 3.5-inch TFT full-color instruments in the information display, with a symmetrical setting on the left and the right. On the left is the driving information, and on the right is the status display of fuel and mileage. The appearance of the Founder is quite nostalgic. After introducing the same 6-axis IMU as the YZF-R1, the electronic control project of TRACER 9/GT is not much different from that of MT-09, that is, it is more complete and richer, mainly including tracking control, side slip control and isolated control. Wheel suppression, etc., where the tracking system will detect the inclination of the vehicle to make interventional adjustments.

Two 3.5-inch TFT full-color instruments, the left side displays information such as speed, rotation speed, gear position, and the right side is the vehicle status.

Electronic control items are also displayed on the left screen.

With the support of IMU, TRACER 9/GT electronic control equipment is more complete.

Electronic throttle is the same as sliding clutch. This time, TRACER 9/GT has added one more D-Mode power mode from the original three modes. There are a total of four engine output modes to choose from; and TRACER 9 GT will even more. The cruise control mode is listed as standard, and the cruise control can be activated when the speed reaches 50km/h and the gear is in fourth gear or higher.

The buttons of the left hand handle assembly are still dazzling.

The GT version also includes cruise control as standard.

Car color and price

TRACER 9/GT is currently available in two colors, red and black and silver and black. The price is US$14,899 on the official overseas website, which is approximately NT$420,000. Since Taiwan’s Yamaha has introduced the TRACER 900 GT for sale, Then TRACER 9/GT may also have the opportunity to enter Taiwan in the future. Interested riders may wish to look forward to it!

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