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Just today (2/5), SUZUKI’s legendary model HAYABUSA is back in the form of online publication! SUZUKI Global released a video on 1/28 pm to preview the new car announcement to the majority of car fans. The flashing silhouette, the high-pitched sound, and the extreme speed close to 300 at the bottom of the watch show the “Falcon”‘s obsession with speed. Just follow Moto7 to see what new technology SUZUKI HAYABUSA has added to this facelift!

2021 SUZUKI GSX1300R HAYABUSA Hayabusa.

2021 GSX1300R HAYABUSA new car highlights

  • Better aerodynamic design without destroying the original appearance of the car body
  • New engine parts (pistons, connecting rods, crankshafts, camshafts) developed to improve the low-to-medium revolution performance
  • Sub-frame, brake system, suspension system upgrade
  • BOSCH six-axis IMU, precise control of riding
  • 3 preset power modes, 3 customizable modes
  • Vertically stacked LED lamp series
  • Full color TFT LCD instrument
  • SIRS intelligent riding system (power mode, anti-floating system, fast forward and backward gears, engine braking system, tracking system)
  • Speed ​​limit setting mode, emergency brake warning light
  • Uphill stop control system, downhill brake control system

2021 GSX1300R HAYABUSA specification table:

  • Engine type: water-cooled inline four-cylinder four-stroke DOHC (EURO5 standard)
  • Exhaust volume: 1340c.c.
  • Bore*stroke: 81mm*65mm, compression ratio 12.5:1
  • Maximum horsepower: 190ps
  • Maximum torque: 150Nm
  • Wheelbase: 1480mm
  • Frame form: double-beam aluminum frame, aluminum rear rocker arm
  • Front suspension: KYB 43mm fully adjustable inverted front fork, inner tube DLC diamond coating
  • Rear suspension: KYB fully adjustable linkage rear shock
  • Front brake: Brembo Stylema four-piston radial calipers, 320mm double discs, ABS
  • Rear brake: NISSIN single piston caliper, single disc, ABS
  • Sitting height: 800mm
  • Dry weight: 264kg
  • Fuel tank capacity: 20.0L

Substantial changes in engine structure

As predicted by the outside world, when SUZUKI is developing a new engine, it has also tried six-cylinder, turbocharging, and increased displacement to improve performance. After a series of development tests, in order to achieve a better balance of performance, the engine chose to retain the original configuration, instead loading lighter and more durable pistons, high-rigidity lightweight connecting rods, camshafts, and sliding clutches. design. Although the original factory continues the previous limit speed of 299km/h, the new engine design fills in the shortcomings in the low and medium speed range, giving the new HAYABUSA a smoother power curve.

In order to achieve a better balance of performance, the 2021 HAYABUSA engine chose to retain the original four-cylinder configuration.

Engine-related parts including pistons, connecting rods, clutches, etc. have all been significantly updated.

Decentralized event technology, powerful electronic control system

SUZUKI SIRS intelligent riding system comes from Moto GP racing car GSX-RR technology decentralized, detected by BOSCH six-axis IMU sensor, and can control: curve tracking system (10 sections), electronic quick platoon (2 sections), front floating prevention The system (10 stages), engine brake system (3 stages), ejection start (speed can be set), cruise assist system, emergency brake warning, hill assist riding functions, etc., not only reduce the difficulty of driving, but also provide complete safety protection.

The new HAYABUSA has a rich electronic control system.

Aerodynamic car body, still murderous

The new HAYABUSA adds a large amount of aerodynamic design to the car shell and rear mirror shape to strive for the best sports performance. At the same time, the well-known streamline appearance and hump-shaped cushion design retain the original classic shape. Exhaust pipes and side shell lines are more obvious, showing muscle lines like fighting posture. The lamps are replaced with full LED front and rear lamps to enhance the lighting function.

The new HAYABUSA emphasizes aerodynamic design.

The whole car is replaced with LED lamps to improve the lighting function.

Full color TFT LCD instrument

In addition to the classic instrument design, in addition to the visible LED pointer speed and tachometer, the central instrument also displays SDMS-α driving mode information, inclination, mileage, throttle and brake opening, G value, temperature and other driving information. The electronic monitoring function greatly improves riding safety. The LCD screen displays information such as TCS tracking indicator, ABS actuation indicator, steering and high beams, and is equipped with an ambient light sensor, which can automatically and manually adjust the brightness of the meter.

Fully adopt TFT LCD instrument panel, the information is clear at a glance.

New aluminum frame

The new aluminum frame provides better body rigidity and durability. Compared with the previous generation, which is 700 grams lighter, it pursues high stability while also taking into account good body dynamics. The fully adjustable KYB suspension system with aluminum rear swingarm improves cornering performance and riding stability. The wheel set uses a newly developed seven-spoke wheel frame and Bridgestone Battlax Hypersport S22 tires, allowing powerful performance to be brought into play.

The frame of the 2021 HAYABUSA has been redesigned to bring better dynamic performance.

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