2021 shopping guide!Japanese public upgrade super sports car

Purely pursuing the speed that a motorcycle possesses, it does not hesitate to add the most cutting-edge technology and equipment, as literally the strongest/fastest car type = super sports car.

This time, the editorial office will select KAWASAKI Ninja ZX-10R/RR, HONDA CBR1000RR-R FireBlade/SP, YAMAHA YZF-R1/R1M, SUZUKI GSX-R1000R and Kawasaki Ninja H2 CARBON/H2R from the 1000cc super sports cars. Let me introduce you.

KAWASAKI ZX-10R/RR: SBK Sixth Consecutive Overlord is more mature and its performance has greatly evolved

The “Ninja ZX-10R/RR”, which successfully completed the six consecutive feats of the World Superbike Championship (SBK) by Jonathan Rea, will be revised in the 2021 style. Improve horsepower characteristics and electronic control devices, and re-examine the car body size, through various improvements to make its performance even better. Although the maximum horsepower of the engine modified to comply with Euro 5 exhaust emission standards remains the same as before, an air-cooled oil pressure cooler is newly installed.

As for the RR version, the speed limit has been increased from 14300rpm to 14700rpm, and the power band has also been increased by 500rpm, which has completely improved its combat power. KAWASAKI even added a new riding mode and cruise control system. The electronic control system has become more mature, and even the frame and shock absorbers have been improved.

The biggest selling point of this car is the new exterior package with built-in wind fins on the left and right sides, which can reduce air resistance by 7% and increase downforce by 17%. In addition, the ram intake duct has also improved its filling efficiency. When pressurized, the same as R/RR, it is 1ps more than the original.

▲[Wheelbase increased by 10mm]The frame is based on the current model, and the position of the rocker axis is lowered by 1mm, which improves the effect of the rear shock. The rocker arm itself has increased by 8mm, and the fork offset has been increased by 2mm, so the entire wheelbase has been extended by 10mm. The settings of the front and rear suspension have also been re-adjusted.

▲[Deflecting fins]There are fin vents on the front and rear of the fairing, adopting a new shape that greatly improves aerodynamic performance. The headlights were also changed to LED lights, and the weight was reduced from the original 1650g to 1200g, making it much lighter.

▲[4.3-inch TFT for Bluetooth connection]The instrument panel uses a full-color LCD screen and is equipped with the RIDEOLOGY function that can be connected to a smart phone. The electronic control unit also adds a riding mode and cruise control system.

▲【2021 KAWASAKI Ninja ZX-10RR】The track-specific version of RR is limited to 500 units worldwide. The camshafts, pistons, titanium alloy connecting rods and Marchesini forged wheels are all equipped with exclusive equipment.

WSBK technology transplantation! “ZX-10R/ZX-10RR” facelifts released

KAWASAKI, whose design is always ahead of the times, brought the brand new ZX-10RR to WSB a few days ago…Continue reading

HONDA CBR1000RR−R FireBlade/SP: It did so!Thoroughly show the seriousness of HONDA

HONDA was created with the CBR900R as a super sports car. In order to regain access to other cars of the same level, we added an “R” after the car name to launch a remodeled super sports car, the strongest super sports car. Model “CBR1000RR-R FireBlade”.

HONDA did not hesitate to put in the technology and experience they gained in MotoGP. In terms of engine, the cylinder bore-stroke ratio of this car is also the same as that of the tank RC213V. In addition, HONDA also newly adopted titanium alloy connecting rods and ram air intake ducts, allowing CBR1000RR−R FireBlade to exert an astonishing 218ps horsepower.

As for the car body, a box-shaped rectifying wing is used, which greatly improves its stability at high speeds through strong downforce. The part of the electronic device is to change the IMU inertial measurement device from 5-axis to 6-axis, and add a tracking control system, etc., so that fine control is no longer a difficult task. The “SP” version is a high-end version equipped with electronically controlled shock absorbers made by Ohlins on the front and rear wheels. The front wheel brake calipers also use Brembo’s Stylema brake calipers.

▲[Large-capacity fins]The 3-stage box-type constant-wind fins are derived from the technology used in the 2017-2018 RC213V tank. Accelerating to 4 speed can reduce 0.6 seconds.

▲【5-inch LCD screen】The 5-inch color instrument panel uses a variety of picture modes, so it can be used in different occasions such as urban streets or track riding, and it can also display the turning angle. Pattern.

▲【2020 HONDA CBR1000RR-R FIREBLADE】The STD version uses a BPF front fork made by SHOWA and a BFRC-lite rear shock. The front wheel brake card is a product made by NISSIN.Price: 2.42 million yen for STD version

[Maruyama Hiroshi Column]Extreme test drive on the track “CBR1000RR-R SP”!

The record tested in the 0-1000m accelerated test is actually only worse than KAWASAKI proud of 310ps, so… continue reading

YAMAHA ZF-R1/M: Comprehensive upgrade for 2020

The “YZF-R1” with the most unique riding feeling among in-line four-cylinder super sports cars with cross crankshafts that explode at unequal intervals has been implemented in the 2020 model in line with Euro 5 exhaust emission standards. By improving the valve mechanism and the intake device, it passed the Euro 5 standard, and even increased the torque value.

In addition, this car also uses an electronic throttle with a built-in sensor in the throttle grip, and there has been a significant improvement in the electronic control device. In the exterior part, the original angular design was changed, and the aerodynamic characteristics were successfully improved by more than 5%. In addition, the high-end version of “YZF-R1M” has even the tail fairing changed to carbon fiber material.

▲【2021 YAMAHA YZF-R1】The STD version uses mechanical front and rear shock absorbers made by KYB. ●Price: 2,365,000 yen

▲A 4.2-inch full-color LCD screen is used, and enhanced braking options have been added to the setting display screen.

The 2020 YAMAHA “YZF-R1/R1M” landed in Japan!

The news of the overall revision was announced at the Motorcycle Show in the fall of 2014, and it will be completed the following year in 2015…Continue reading

SUZUKI GSX-R1000R: MotoGP tank line descent, superb technology that shines

SUZUKI’s masterpiece “GSX-R1000” is equipped with variable valve timing SR-VVT and intake manifold rocker arm, etc., and has significantly added the technology of the GSX-RR chariot that will dominate the MotoGP race in 2020. The Japanese version of this car only has a high-end version “R” equipped with a steering ABS system and a tracking control system that can be controlled by a six-axis inertial measurement device IMU. The ETC2.0 vehicle-mounted device is listed as standard equipment. The body colors of 2021 will only be blue and black. In addition, SUZUKI’s Centennial Special Color Edition is priced at the same price as the STD version.

▲A full-digital instrument panel with an inverted LCD screen is also installed, and a horizontal bar graph fuel gauge that can immediately see how much fuel is left.

Optional color painting for the past champions! SUZUKI「GSX-R1000R LEGEND EDITION」

After 20 years of long wait, SUZUKI finally won the MotoGP year again with the help of Joan Mir… continue reading

KAWASAKI Ninja H2 CARBON/H2R: The amazing supercharged engine car will finally be released in 2021

The world’s first monster car equipped with a supercharged engine “Ninja H2” among commercially available motorcycles. Its supercharged engine is entirely manufactured by KAWASAKI and is the result of a joint collaboration with the turbine engine division of Kawasaki Heavy Industries. . Through supercharging technology, this car can accelerate strongly regardless of the speed, and exert an overwhelming horsepower. And its maximum horsepower, after continuous improvement and progress, finally gained 231ps of horsepower in the current model.

As for the car body that supports such amazing horsepower, KYB AOS-II racing version shock absorbers are selected for the front wheel suspension, Ohlins TTX36 shock absorbers are used for the rear wheels, and the Brembo Stylema brake calipers are used for the front brake calipers. , No compromise in the equipment part.

With the assistance of Kawasaki Heavy Industries’ Aerospace Technology Department, the fairing that thoroughly pursues aerodynamic performance is made of carbon fiber and coated with a high-tech paint Highly Durable paint that can repair small scratches on the surface by itself. The 2021 style is a continuation of the 2020 style design. Although it does not apply to Euro 5 exhaust emission standards, according to the current news, KAWASAKI does not intend to continue selling this car in Japan after 2022.

▲【Amazing horsepower of supercharged engine at 231ps】The supercharged engine is built with technical assistance from various departments such as turbine engine/mechanical/aerospace technology of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, which can produce 231ps of horsepower.

▲【Super luxurious instrument panel】The LCD screen with analog tachometer can switch 4 different display modes at will. In addition, it can also be connected to a smart phone via a Bluetooth device.

▲【2021 KAWASAKI Ninja H2R】Although the STD version with 231ps horsepower is quite powerful, the potential of this car is far more than that. The track-specific H2R can even produce an amazing 310ps horsepower. In the highest speed challenge carried out by the racer Sofuoglu on the bridge in Turkey, it took only 8 seconds to reach the speed of 300km/h.

Last chance to start! KAWASAKI “Ninja H2R” will be discontinued

H2R! Do you even have to say goodbye? KAWASAKI’s proud “track special car” Ninja H2R… continue reading

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Data source “Webike Japan”

“Webike Taiwan” editorial department compiled

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