2021 popular car buying guide! 600cc super sports car

Purely pursuing the speed that a motorcycle possesses, it does not hesitate to add the most cutting-edge technology and equipment, as literally the strongest/fastest car type = super sports car, this time the editorial department will pick out the 600cc super sports car. Ninja ZX-6R/KRT Edition from KAWASAKI, CBR600RR from HONDA and YZF-R6 from YAMAHA are here to introduce you.

KAWASAKI Ninja ZX-6R/KRT Edition: +37cc calmness, no matter the track or driving, you can enjoy it[new color]

▲2021 KAWASAKI Ninja ZX-6R KRT EDITION ■Water-cooled four-stroke parallel 4-cylinder DOHC 4-valve 636cc 126ps/13500rpm 7.1kg-m/11000rpm ■197kg (equipment weight) cushion height 830mm 17L ■tire F=120/70ZR17 R=180/55ZR17 ●Price: 1,533,000 yen

Although it is a 600cc super sports car, it has a displacement of 636cc, which is 37cc more than other competitors. Therefore, the maximum horsepower of the Ninja ZX-6R is the highest 126ps in the same class of cars, plus the effect of the ram air duct, so whether it is riding on the street or on the track, the rider can enjoy the abundant horsepower. Riding performance.

The 2021 style that has already come out is based on the ZX-6R launched in 2019. Currently, two new colors have been introduced, namely the racing-style KRT Edition and the white × gray STD version.
Including three-stage + tracking control system that can be turned off, two-stage horsepower mode and electronic quick shift (upshift) and other electronic control functions. In addition to the car body color, the KRT Edition and STD version are equipped with and performance All aspects are the same.

[Standard equipped with electronic quick platoon]Electronic quick platoon is listed as standard equipment, although it only supports upshifts, it is definitely a great weapon in the race track and other occasions.

[Although it is the equipment of the previous generation, but the instrument panel with more than enough functions]It adopts the same instrument panel as the previous generation Ninja 1000 and other cars, and adopts an easy-to-read analog tachometer and an LCD screen that can display rich information. Functionally, it is absolutely sufficient.

[2021 KAWASAKI Ninja ZX-6R]●Price: 1,353,000 yen

HONDA CBR600RR: Track weapon re-launched after computerization[Small facelift]

▲2021 HONDA CBR600RR ■Water-cooled four-stroke DOHC 4-valve parallel 4-cylinder 599cc 121ps/14000rpm 6.5kg-m/11500rpm ■194kg (equipment weight) Seat cushion height 820mm 18L ■Tire F=120/70ZR17 R=180/55ZR17 ●Price: 1.66,000 yen

“CBR600RR”, which has bid farewell to the stage after the launch of the Japanese version in 2016, is now resurrected after adding countless newest weapons. Emphasizing the relaxed and stress-free “Total Control”, the goal is to transform the amazing potential of the commercial car modification prototype into a super sports car of moderate size that can be manipulated freely in daily life.

The engine is changed to a high-revving type, and the maximum horsepower has reached 121ps, the highest of all cars in the past. The electronic control system has been improved through the electronic throttle. The tracking control system, horsepower adjustment mode, engine brake control system and wheel anti-float control system are also It’s all available, even equipped with a front fairing with new fairing fins, etc., and the design is even more completely new.

Although the frame continued the design of the old model, the rigid balance of the rocker arm was re-adjusted, thus successfully reducing the weight of 150g.

[Equipped with an electronic quick-shift capable of up/down gear]Due to the use of a wire-controlled drive device, the electronic throttle can not only upshift but also downshift (although it is an optional equipment that needs to be purchased separately.)

[BPF front fork with increased protrusion]Although the front wheel continues to use the large piston front fork made by SHOWA, the height of the vehicle can be increased because of the increased protrusion. Let the Cavaliers have one more place on the track where they can freely adjust their settings.

[LED four-eye headlight & ram air intake duct]Equipped with a reverse-inclined LED four-eye headlight, and a ram air intake duct with a large opening is set in the middle of the headlight, which is the best design for air intake efficiency.

[Inherit the design of the top-wound center-mounted]The direction of the exhaust pipe is the continuation of the top-wound center-mounted design of the previous 600RR. The advantage is to reduce the front projection area and ensure the turning angle.

[Rectifying fin with wing tip]A wing tip is attached to the wing part that can suppress the generation of eddy currents, limit the lateral lift when turning and tilt, and prevent the handling performance from falling.

[TFT LCD screen transplanted from RR-R]It is directly replaced with a full-color TFT LCD screen with computerization. The picture mode is divided into three types: street/track/mechanic, and the backlight will automatically adjust the brightness.

YAMAHA YZF-R6 racing car: The road will end in the 2020 style, and the 2021 style will only be reserved for the track

The latest equipment such as electronic control throttle, tracking control system, electronic quick discharging, etc. are all adopted before competitors of the same level. There are also the front wheel reminiscent of raptors and the front wheel equipment transplanted from R1, etc., carefully The “YZF-R6” with its riding performance was stopped in Europe and North America after the 2020 model. In Japan, PRESTO CORPORATION, which has long introduced YAMAHA imported cars for sale, closed its business in June last year (2020). If you want to buy a new car, all you have to do is the existing inventory of the current car dealers.

However, in Europe and the United States, the track-exclusive “R6 RACE” was launched in the 2021 style. In Japan last year, the “YZF-R6 racing car” was launched for a limited time (scheduled until November 30, 2020). Many knights who love racing must be relieved.

2021 YAMAHA YZF-R6 RACE: Although the road version in Europe has long been discontinued, YAMAHA has launched a track-specific car for many knights who love racing, and also provides a wealth of track kits for the knights Another purchase. ※The photo is the European version

[Hardcore-style analog tachometer]The large and easy-to-see analog tachometer is very practical when riding on the track. Next to the tachometer is an LCD screen that can display the speedometer and other functions.

▲2021 YAMAHA YZF-R6 RACE BASE ■Water-cooled four-stroke DOHC 4-valve parallel 4-cylinder 599cc 118.4ps/14500rpm 6.3kg-m/10500rpm ■190kg (equipment weight) Seat cushion height 850mm 17L ■Tire F=120/70ZR17 R=180/55ZR17 ●Price: 1,243,000 yen ※The above are 2020-style specifications

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Data source “Webike Japan”
“Webike Taiwan” editorial department compiled

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