2021 Nanjing Innovation Week: Resonate at the same frequency with innovation and the new era

2021 Nanjing Innovation Week: Resonate at the same frequency with innovation and the new era

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Since the first Innovation Week in 2019, for three consecutive years, Nanjing Innovation Week has attracted the attention of innovators from all over the world through various activities that are more ingenious, distinctive and warm every year. As Nanjing’s recent specifications The highest comprehensive innovation conference with the widest coverage and the most effective results, “Nanjing Innovation Week” is becoming an important open innovation platform for China and the world’s cutting-edge technology to resonate at the same frequency.

This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party, the beginning of the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, and it is also the new year when Nanjing embarks on the journey of building a leading and innovative city. This year’s Innovation Week incorporates elements such as celebrating the centenary of the founding of the party, creating important nodes in the international and domestic dual cycle, and building the Nanjing metropolitan area. At the scene of Innovation Week, listening to Nanjing’s development meditation and insights in the construction of an innovative city, I can deeply feel the confidence and determination of this beautiful ancient capital to accelerate the construction of a leading national innovative city and contribute to the realization of high-level technological independence and self-reliance. .

Accurate docking of production and enterprises, running at the speed of “unicorns”

For cities, industrial development is the driving force of cities; for industries, cultivating leading technology companies is the key to the development of innovative industrial clusters.

The inheritance of history has given Nanjing a rich and profound ancient charm, and the innovative development has given her vigor and vitality. Based on the “14th Five-Year Plan” and the integrated development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt and the Yangtze River Delta bring new opportunities, Nanjing calls for more high-quality enterprises and high-end talents to jointly build influential industrial clusters. In January of this year, the Nanjing Municipal Party Committee issued the “Municipal Party Committee No. 1 Document”, focusing on innovation for the fourth consecutive year, proposing 20 policy measures from 9 aspects including corporate innovation, industrial innovation, carrier innovation, and talent innovation.

In this sense, the mission of 2021 Nanjing Innovation Week as a platform is extremely vivid.

Innovation Week builds a bridge between Nanjing and the world’s innovative forces, and accelerates the first-class scientific research achievements to take root here. The third-generation semiconductor National Technology Innovation Center (Nanjing) was inaugurated, the Nanjing branch of the National Mesoporous Materials Science Center was launched, and the city satellite networking and other technological breakthrough plans were released……. With key technology research and development as the innovation center, covering software and information services, Eight industrial chains, including new energy vehicles, new medicines and life and health, artificial intelligence, integrated circuits, smart grids, rail transit, and smart manufacturing equipment. Through the introduction of these projects, Nanjing will further improve the industrial chain and create an innovative ecosystem of open cooperation.

In addition, the newly released “Nanjing Unicorn and Gazelles Enterprise Development White Paper in 2021” revealed the strong momentum of the development of Nanjing unicorns, unicorns and gazelle enterprises. As of June this year, the city has 17 unicorn companies, 306 unicorn companies and 210 gazelle companies, totaling 533. This year, the number of companies selected to cultivate unicorns and gazelles has increased by 109 compared with 2020, which is 8 times the number of the first batch in 2018.

Conference scene

“Facing the world and running at the speed of’unicorns’, Nanjing has become an emerging place for global unicorn companies.” As more high-growth companies emerge and use capital to achieve explosive growth, it is not only directly related to Nanjing’s The upgrading of industrial clusters, more importantly, will bring about a change in the temperament of a city.

Make efforts to “double cycle” and strengthen the fulcrum of international cooperation

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized at the Tenth National Congress of the Chinese Association for Science and Technology at the Academician Conference of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences that it is necessary to build an open and innovative ecosystem and participate in global scientific and technological governance. Nanjing has long been known as the “City of Innovation”, and the other side of the City of Innovation is the City of Openness. Facing the new development pattern of “domestic and international dual cycle”, Nanjing needs to always insist on seeking innovation from a global perspective and actively integrate into the global innovation network. In recent years, in order to expand the open and cooperative “circle of friends”, Nanjing has “goed out” to find partners on a global scale and integrate into the world’s scientific and technological innovation production chain.

At the same time, Nanjing also pays close attention to major innovation countries and key small countries. It has established stable cooperative relations with 23 countries and established 29 overseas collaborative innovation centers. According to Fan Gang, professor of economics at Peking University and vice chairman of the China Society for Economic System Reform, to achieve innovation, the government can provide inclusive conditions and encourage innovation for all, on the other hand, it can share the burden through “co-investment funds”. Risks in innovation activities.

At the same time, continue to expand and open up, open up all open channels, and learn all advanced knowledge. During this year’s Innovation Week, 19 countries including Russia, South Korea, and Singapore participated in 28 country-specific cooperation activities held online and offline, including the China-Russia University Institute (Nanjing) Innovation Forum, the 4th China-France Innovation Cooperation Conference, and PNP A series of open innovation summits facing the world, such as the China Innovation Ecology Conference. A number of projects such as the Sino-Russian Humanities Cooperation Development Center and the Sino-French Offshore Incubation Base (Amiens) have blossomed in Nanjing, continuing to inject vitality into Nanjing’s cross-border innovation and entrepreneurship.

It is foreseeable that the platform effect of Nanjing Innovation Week will be further highlighted in the future, attracting people, industry, capital and technology continuously from home and abroad. And all of this began with a festive move.

Focus on the frontiers of science and technology, and seek the road of urban innovation and development

The high-tech content of this Nanjing Innovation Week is unprecedented. 29 technology summit forums, 485 black technology exhibits, Nobel Prize winners, well-known scientists at home and abroad, officials of embassies and consulates in China, executives of innovative companies, and more than 500 people… Nanjing has spared no effort in cutting-edge trends, sharing global innovative ideas, and exploring the path of urban innovation and development.

High-end international engineering science and technology strategy forums, 2021 China Artificial Intelligence Summit, the first National Bioseed Industry Innovation and Development Forum and other scientific and technological summits, aiming at high-end equipment manufacturing, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, new materials and other strategic emerging fields, and conducting in-depth topics on cutting-edge topics The discussion, the technical general trend, professional research and judgment, and the full supply of specific technical dry goods, have important reference value and reference significance for the rapid emergence and iterative upgrade of new technologies and new products in Nanjing.

Conference scene

The black technology exhibition is the “highlight program” of the innovation week every year. This year, the exhibition will be arranged in a combination of “online + offline”. There are 485 black technology exhibition items, and 200 are arranged in the black technology virtual exhibition hall. The main offline exhibition center focuses on the establishment of the theme exhibition of the innovation week results, including 6 products such as the “BSG network intelligent open platform” of the Purple Mountain Laboratory, and the “ultra-large-scale image sensor chip” of the new research institution Nanjing Jixiang Sensing and Imaging Research Institute 4, 19 products such as “Electric Pile” of Black Technology, Zhongqi Chuangzhi.

Industry leaders make technological innovations. Innovation Week brought together Nobel Prize winner Michael Levitt, Chairman of Innovation Works Li Kaifu, Foreign Academician of the National Academy of Sciences Yao Qizhi, Consul General of the Russian Consulate in Shanghai and other big names, each of whom is in their own field. However, they are now collectively making suggestions for the innovation and development of Nanjing city, which fully demonstrates the influence and high-tech content of Nanjing Innovation Week.

Innovation in Nanjing is like a unique gene flowing in the blood. This fertile soil has witnessed the germination and growth of innovation. Innovation is always on the road. Nanjing Innovation Week has opened up a brand-new future, and the future will never end.


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