KTM’s performance street cars have always been known for their fierce power output, and tricky and flexible handling characteristics. Among them, the 790 DUKE has been given the name of “scalpel”. And on January 18th, Taiwan time, this mid-displacement killer continued to bring all the advantages of the LC8c parallel twin-cylinder engine, and was inspired by the older brother 890 DUKE R as a track machine, the KTM 790 DUKE was officially upgraded. For the 890 DUKE, vow to continue to dominate the streets!

2021 KTM 890 DUKE officially debut!

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2021 KTM 890 Duke R/1290 Super Duke R is released, priced at 698,000 yuan/928,000 yuan: The Duke of Austrian Violence lets you file an orphan!

Highlights of 2021 890 DUKE facelift:

  • The exhaust volume has been increased from 789c.c. to 889c.c.
  • 117ps/92Nm powerful performance
  • Front and rear WP APEX shock absorbers updated and upgraded
  • 6-axis tilt sensor brings excellent electronic control performance
  • Brake system component upgrade
  • Equipped with new Continental ContiRoad high-performance street tires

Exhaust capacity is enlarged, facing Euro5

Let’s start with the power heart: the 890 DUKE has further upgraded the displacement from the previous generation’s 789 cc to 889 cc, and further improved the ECU fuel supply program, bringing the power data to 117ps/92Nm, which is much more than the 790 DUKE A horsepower of 10ps and a torque of 5Nm. At the same time, the engine moment of inertia is increased by 20%, which makes the body dynamics in corners more stable, and the throttle response at low speeds becomes more smooth and smooth; of course, with such power performance, it also conforms to the latest Euro5 environmental protection. According to regulations and standards, the fuel consumption data came to 4.8L/100km.

The power data came to 117ps/92Nm, which is 10ps more horsepower and 5Nm torque than the 790 DUKE.

Electronic control and braking are on par with 890 DUKE R

Although most of the electronic control is the same as the 790 DUKE, it has four power modes: rainy/street/sports/track, etc., but the 890 DUKE has also introduced a 6-axis IMU to allow systems such as corner ABS to have better performance In the braking system part, in addition to the aforementioned cornering ABS upgrade, the caliper and the incoming call have also been further improved. With a 300mm front floating double disc, it can have even better handling and braking performance.

The introduction of a 6-axis IMU allows systems such as corner ABS to have better performance.

Still light, suspension upgrade

Coming to the car body, the 890 DUKE uses a steel tube frame similar to the previous generation. At the same time, the transmission system is designed to be shorter and compact, so that the signature LC8c engine is also maintained in a relatively centered position, maintaining excellent front and rear weight distribution. . However, while all aspects of equipment and performance “grew”, the 890 DUKE was able to maintain the same dry weight of 169 kg as the previous generation. One of the heroes is the use of a newly designed lightweight and simplified intake assembly. . In addition, the suspension system has also been upgraded, using the updated design of the WP APEX front and rear shock absorbers. Coupled with a seat height of 820mm, a more street-like suspension setting and the brand-new horse brand ContiRoad street tires, the 890 DUKE has a wider riding environment than the older brother 890 DUKE R.

The dry weight is maintained at the same 169 kg as the previous generation, the suspension system has also been upgraded, and the updated design of the WP APEX front and rear shock absorbers is adopted.

Price and car color

KTM 890 DUKE currently officially announced two car colors: Studio Orange and Studio Black. As for the price that car fans are most concerned about and whether they will be introduced to Taiwan, KTM and Taiwan’s general agent Anton Trading have not yet announced. Fans who want to know the new 890 DUKE information, don’t forget to continue to lock in Moto7, we will continue to You bring a detailed report!

Studio Orange

Studio Black

The fierce and flexible middleweight Duke, this time with even stronger power to face his opponents at the same level!

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