CRF300L/RALLY was first announced in Thailand on 11/10 last year (2020) in the form of online live broadcast. Soon afterwards, Taiwan Honda also announced that it would introduce these two cars to the Taiwan market, which caused a lot of discussion. The CRF300/RALLY is modified from the original CRF250L/RALLY with a displacement of 249c.c., in addition to the displacement increased to 286c.c., the weight of the new CRF300/RALLY is reduced by about 5kg compared with the past. Sliding clutch, LED headlights, etc. have also been added to the top. Although the appearance has not changed much, the equipment has indeed improved. Previously, Taiwan Honda announced that the pre-acceptance price of CRF300/RALLY was 248,000 and 278,000 respectively. As for the actual price, the actual price will be announced later. At present, CRF300/RALLY is on tour in HONDA’s exhibition halls. Let’s experience the charm of CRF300/RALLY real car together!

2021 HONDA CRF300L. (The display car is the Japanese standard CRF250L)


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2021 HONDA CRF300/RALLY vehicle features

  • The displacement is increased to 286c.c., the maximum horsepower is 26.3ps/8,000rpm, the maximum torque is 25.4Nm/6,500rpm
  • Weight reduction about 5kg
  • Equipped with sliding clutch, rear wheel can be closed ABS
  • 43mm inverted fork, stroke 260mm / Pro-Link central single gun rear shock
  • New LED headlight
  • Digital instrument with gear display
  • RALLY version fuel tank increased by 5L, increased to 12.8L
  • The diameter of the front disc of the RALLY version is larger, 296mm

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2021 HONDA CRF300L

According to the official statement, the CRF300L exhibited this time is a Japanese version, so the displacement is slightly different from the body sticker painting; however, you can see the “CRF250L” on the body from the picture, so you can guess what you saw today The vehicle should be CRF250L. The biggest difference between the new CRF300L and the past CRF250L is actually the difference in exhaust gas, as well as the sliding clutch, headlights and other equipment. The appearance of the two can be said to be almost the same.

Replaced with a 286c.c. single-cylinder engine, but the weight did not become heavier. (The live display is 249c.c. version)

The headlights of CRF250L are halogen bulbs, while CRF300L uses LED headlights.

The CRF300L direction lamp imported into Taiwan uses LED lamps.

The long and tall front soil is a symbol of off-road style.

The tail of CRF250L is not much different from CRF300L in terms of lamps or shapes.

The digital meter with gear display is different from the old CRF250L in the past.

The switchable ABS button located on the right side of the instrument allows players to enjoy the riding fun of Off Road more.

The right handle is always a simple configuration, and the dual flashing lights are also set on this side.

The use of two-line throttle provides better throttle operation and response.

The buttons on the left handle are also simple and intuitive.

The color painting of CRF250L is attached to the body of the model shown this time.

The fuel tank with a capacity of 7.8L is different from the CRF300 RALLY.

The slim and narrow body is also one of the characteristics of CRF.

Nissin one-way dual-piston calipers are equipped with 256mm discs and have an ABS anti-brake locking system.

The rear brake is a Nissin single piston caliper, which also has ABS and can be closed.

Serrated pedals are also a common configuration for off-road vehicles.

The 43mm front inverted fork has 260mm of travel.

The rear shock is a Pro-Link central multi-link single gun rear shock.

The exhaust pipe is also designed to be wound up.


The CRF300RALLY exhibited this time is a version of Thai specifications, so it can be seen that it is not equipped with ABS and ABS buttons that can be closed on the rear wheels. These are equipped with versions imported into Taiwan, but today it is a Thai version as the display car. Compared with CRF300L, CRF300 RALLY has more pull style equipment such as goggles, bow guard and larger front disc, and the fuel tank capacity is 5 liters more.

The same single-cylinder engine of 286c.c., equipped with a slip clutch.

The RALLY version has an extra cover under the engine.

In addition to the goggles, the headlights are completely different from the CRF300L, and the lamps are also LED.

The headlights are illuminated on one side.

The tail is similar to CRF300.

The front brakes are also Nissin one-way dual-piston calipers, but with enlarged 296mm floating discs. (There is no ABS for the Thai-standard show car, but the one imported into Taiwan)

Nissin single-piston calipers are used as the rear brake configuration. (Thai standard show car does not have ABS and the rear wheel can turn off the ABS button, but it is imported into Taiwan)

The front fork is the same as the CRF300L, both are 43mm inverted front forks with 260mm travel.

Pro-Link central multi-link rear shock.

CRF300 RALLY has a larger fuel tank.

The LCD digital instrument has a gear display function.

With more handles and bow guards, it’s also a bit more adventurous.

The left and right handle button configuration is also the same as CRF300L.

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