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2021 HONDA CRF300L/RALLY import is confirmed! The essence of off-road debut!

On 11/10, Thailand HONDA announced the CRF300L and CRF300 RALLY, and today (11/16) Taiwan Honda announced the official introduction. Compared with the CRF250, the car model has increased displacement compared to the CRF250, and the body weight is reduced. LED headlights have been added to the contract. , Bringing a new atmosphere to the 300-class car models. The local price of the CRF300L is 145,800 baht, and the RALLY version is 172,200 baht, which is approximately 136,000 and 161,000 in New Taiwan dollars. In the future, Honda Taiwan is expected to introduce Q2. What kind of price it will offer is worth looking forward to!

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2021 HONDA CRF300L/RALLY Thailand announced: Small Africa double displacement debut, 300 class adventure play coffee!

HONDA Taiwan officially released the 2021 CRF300L and CRF300 RALLY on November 16, 2020. Both models have pure off-road performance. They use a 286c.c. water-cooled single-cylinder engine and provide a power output of 26hp horsepower and 2.6kg-m torque. It is equipped with a 43mm inverted front fork with a 260mm actuation stroke and a lightweight body size to challenge various rugged and broken road riding requirements. It is also equipped with high-end two-wheel technology such as rear wheel closing ABS, sliding clutch and gear display. .

At the same time, the displacement of 286c.c. is more in line with the right of way for Taiwan’s large heavy-duty locomotives. Owners will experience the fun of adventurous journeys with CRF300L or CRF300 RALLY, taking into account the needs of commuting convenience and expanding the possibilities of more unknown roads. HONDA Taiwan will exhibit the physical vehicles of CRF300L and CRF300RALLY at HONDA Motorcycle sales offices nationwide from the end of December 2020 to March 2021, and announce the official price. It is expected to start delivery in Q2 2021.

CRF300L CRF300RALLY vehicle specifications:

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