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2021 FA-13 Combat Bomber has nothing that costs up to nearly 3 billion?


With a very curious name, the 2021 FA-13 Combat Bomber with stealth black paint also has real equipment and tremendous power.

2021 FA-13 Combat Bomber is produced by Confederate Motorcycles, it is the most powerful vehicle of this brand. With the name Combat Bomber, 2021 FA-13 Combat Bomber attracted the attention and curiosity of many people in the village of two-wheeled vehicles.

The 2021 version of the car is Black Stealth Finish Today (Invisible Black Paint), with a starting price of 125,000 USD (about 2.9 billion). Like its predecessor, the FA-13 Combat Bomber is entirely made of military-grade solid aluminum and becomes the most durable motorcycle ever built.


It carries a 56-degree, air-cooled 117 cubic inch (1,917 cc) V-twin engine, delivering 120 bhp of maximum power at 5,100 rpm and 120 ft-Ib of torque at 2,000 rpm. /minute.


“Combat Bomber” 2021 FA-13 Combat Bomber is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 160 mph (257.5 km / h). The car has a front suspension system with dual arms design, single rear shock. Large wheels and tires, with carbon disc brakes.


Currently, the car is for sale at a price equivalent to VND 2.9 billion.





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