2021.07.10.  6,447 reads Hyundai Bayon small SUV at a glance New Car Lab Car Lab 9

2021.07.10. 6,447 reads Hyundai Bayon small SUV at a glance New Car Lab Car Lab 9

Good morning. This is the new car research lab.
The vehicle we are going to introduce today is also a vehicle that is getting great news from overseas. It’s a Hyundai Bayon car. If you look at the appearance, you can see that this time it was released as an entry level. In the case of saengsaeng, you can check that it was released in green color. It’s a B-segment vehicle. One disappointment is that this Hyundai Bayon vehicle is only released in Europe, not domestic, so many owners are expressing their disappointment.

In the case of Hyundai Bayon, it is released as a small SUV, so it is an SUV car like the Kona, Trax, and Venue, but the difference is that the hatchback is designed a little higher. With the growing popularity of SUVs, the number of SUVs released as hatchbacks has also increased. If you check the front part, you can see that the design part is designed to be separated into a headlamp and a DRL lamp suitable for an SUV. You can see the appearance similar to the Kona Electric vehicle.

In addition, you can see that the side line is more beautiful this time than the front of the vehicle. You can see that the design is dynamic enough to make you forget about a regular small SUV. In particular, you can see that the wheel part has a very unique charm with 4 spokes. Then, in the case of this rear lamp, it seems to have a sharp and agile shape with the Avante design. It is like the sharp part of Avante and I think Bayon will be able to satisfy everyone’s hearts without likes or dislikes.

In the case of this Hyundai Bayon, there is a cute focus thanks to the design of a small vehicle, but the rear lamp part is slightly bent inward, giving a different feeling. It seems to be more attractive because it has a sporty feel even though it is just cute. In the case of the interior, you can see that there is no significant change in the interior as it follows the Hyundai Motors layout.

However, there are many people who want to launch it in Korea thanks to its unique design and spacious interior efficiency. It is still a vehicle that is only released in Europe, but it would be good if the day comes when it can be released in Korea.

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