2021.07.10.  25,221 reads 'Incomparable to Model 3' Canoe is preparing a mysterious sedan, a whopping size... Design Anatomy 57

2021.07.10. 25,221 reads ‘Incomparable to Model 3’ Canoe is preparing a mysterious sedan, a whopping size… Design Anatomy 57

If all goes as planned, it will be released in 2025.

Good morning. This is a DA report.
Currently, several electric vehicle brands are emerging in each country. Compared to the existing internal combustion engine, the vehicle structure is simple and the entry barrier is relatively low. Representatively, Rimac, which was founded in 2009 and recently unveiled the second electric vehicle ‘Neverra’, and Lucid Air after a long period of development. Lucid Motors, etc.

And with them, there is one more electric car brand that is getting a lot of public attention. As Canoo, it became a hot topic when they suddenly announced their breakup a year after they signed a platform-related agreement with Hyundai Motor Company. And recently, a mysterious model that Kanu is preparing has been caught on camera and is attracting attention once again.

The new model of the canoe in the photo released this time is quite different from the minivan or pickup truck that has been released so far. Compared to the person pictured with him, the new model has a relatively low profile, unlike the brand’s Lifestyle Ben.

The overall silhouette shows the shape of a one box, like This is the same look as the F015 Luxury In Mosher Concept unveiled by Mercedes-Benz in 2015. In the side photo, the long wheelbase is more prominent due to the short overhang, and in the front and rear photos, you can see that the same type of light is applied.

In addition to the exterior, some new interiors were also revealed. The interior is clearly divided into the first and second rows just like a typical sedan. Also, unlike the first row, where the specific seat shape is understood, the second row shows a slightly different appearance, and it seems highly likely that a lounge-type sofa like the brand’s lifestyle van will be applied.

In fact, the model in the photo is also the vehicle that appeared in a presentation about Canoe’s investment made in September. The model in the document is specified under the name of ‘Sport Vehicle’, and the overall specifications of the vehicle are listed along with the specific release date.

First of all, the mileage, which can be said to be the core of an electric vehicle, is written over 300 miles. 300 miles is about 482 kilometers, which is comparable to the range of the Tesla Model 3 AWD model currently on sale. It also has twice as much interior space as the Model 3, and is stated to be a specially made model for subscription services.

Next, the vehicle will be manufactured with a skateboard, Kanu’s representative EV platform, and Kanu’s plan is to reduce development costs through this. In addition, Kanu is specifying this model as a type of sedan, and the specific release date is expected in 2025.

With lifestyle and delivery vans, along with new sedans, canoes are going through a period of upheaval. As mentioned in the introduction, Kanu, which broke the skateboard platform agreement with Hyundai Motor Company earlier this year, plans to reduce the ‘engineering service’ business that shares its platform with other electric vehicle brands differently from the initial business plan.

This is a measure to prevent the company’s technology leakage. At the same time, the subscription service, another differentiation strategy of Canoe, is also shrinking in size in anticipation of poor profitability. Instead, Kanu plans to produce its own electric vehicles, but recently announced that it will build a 400-acre plant in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with a goal of operating in 2023. I will end this article with anticipation of whether a canoe with a differentiated design and excellent technology such as a skateboard platform can succeed in the electric vehicle market. It was a DA report. Thank you.

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