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				"All the guys next door are mad" Autopost 35, an all-time import car caught in Korea

2021.07.09. 17,910 reads "All the guys next door are mad" Autopost 35, an all-time import car caught in Korea

(Photo = Naver Namcha Cafe anonymous report)

The Ford Bronco was sold for 30 years from 1966 to 1996 and was very popular among Americans, but it was discontinued due to declining sales after the launch of the Ford Explorer. The success of the Bronco was enough to spur rivals, Chevrolet’s K5 Blazer (now Tahoe), Jeep Cherokee, and Land Rover’s Range Rover, which were launched under the influence of the Bronco.

In 2020, 24 years after discontinuation, the Ford Bronco was revived. After the resurrection, it became a very big topic in the United States, and the pre-orders alone amount to 230,000 units. It is scheduled to be released in Korea, but a real image was recently captured in a community. What does the Bronco look like in real life?

writing Jinwoong Lee Editor

(Photo = Naver Namcha Cafe anonymous report)

This model is the Bronco Sport.
Designed to be close to the city center

The Ford Bronco, which was revived this time, has a design that inherits the appearance of the first generation in a modern way. The design elements of the first generation, such as the rectangular design that crosses the front and the round headlamp that exist inside it, are included in the new Bronco. It’s basically straight lines, but some curves were added to the corners to suit the times.

This model is a Bronco Sport model. The Bronco Sport is a model designed to be more urban-style. The difference from the Bronco is that the bumper height is higher and tires suitable for on-road are installed. Also, there is no spare tire in the rear trunk.

(Photo = Naver Namcha Cafe anonymous report)

Other than that, the design of the rear tail lamps has been slightly changed, and the rear bumper has been slightly raised. And the position of the license plate was also changed from left to center. The side view is also slightly different. Instead of the overfender type protruding from the outside of the body, the same type of fender as that of a normal car was used, and the thickness of the C pillar was increased and changed to a diagonal shape. Accordingly, the quarter glass was also changed from a rectangular shape to a trapezoidal shape.

There is also a functional difference: the Bronco can remove the doors and roof, but this feature has been removed from the Sport model. In addition, the Bronco is in the A-pillar position due to the function of removing the door, but the sports model is applied in the same position as the mirror type. Although it is designed to be close to an urban type, it has the characteristics of an authentic SUV, so it has some off-road performance.

(Photo = Naver Namcha Cafe anonymous report)

interior design

The interior design has a fairly crude appearance that matches the character of an authentic SUV. These days, American cars also follow European-like interior styles, and the Bronco’s interior shows the ruggedness of American cars so that anyone can immediately think that it is an American car.

The interior design of the Bronco Sport is also different from the Bronco. The design of the door trim is different, and the instrument panel and the center dashboard protrude upwards. There are also no buttons above the dashboard, and media buttons and storage space just below the display. As for the transmission, the Bronco has a boot-type lever transmission, but the sports model has a dial-type transmission.

(Photo = Naver Namcha Cafe anonymous report)

Netizens’ reaction
very good

Domestic netizens’ reaction to the Ford Bronco is very good. The number of people enjoying leisure has increased in recent years, and authentic SUVs including the Bronco are optimized for leisure. Basically, because the skeleton type is body-on-frame, the rigidity of the body is very strong, so the car is not easily damaged even when running on rough terrain, and it is good to tow a caravan due to its high traction. Of course, it is possible to enjoy leisure even with an urban SUV, but there are limitations.

In addition, most SUVs released in Korea are urban SUVs, and the basic characteristics are the same, although the design, specifications, and optional specifications differ from model to model. For this reason, more and more people are looking for an authentic SUV with a different shape rather than the SUV commonly seen on the road, but the problem is that there are few and few types of authentic SUVs.

(Photo = Naver Namcha Cafe anonymous report)

Although Mojave and Rexton applied body-on-frame, domestic cars are actually classified as urban SUVs, and imported cars are Jeep Wrangler, Benz G-Wagen, and Land Rover Defender. Excluding the G-Wagen and Defender, which are expensive models, only the Wrangler remains. There are too many options for authentic SUVs, so there are quite a few consumers who purchase used orthodox SUVs that have been discontinued, such as Galloper, Terracan, and Korando, to restore and tune them.

In this situation, it is inevitable that netizens will react well to the fact that the Ford Bronco will be released in Korea. In addition, the competing model is the Wrangler, so the starting price in the US is similar to the Wrangler. Therefore, the option of a relatively inexpensive imported orthodox SUV will increase by one more.

(Photo = Naver Namcha Cafe anonymous report)

When released in Korea
What will the price be?

First of all, it is certain that the Bronco will be released in Korea, but what will the domestic launch price be? As mentioned above, there are two types of Bronco sports: a general type and a sports type. Considering the demand, the Bronco Sports, designed to be more urban-style, is highly likely to come into Korea. Of course, there is a possibility that Bronco will also come along.

The basic US price of the Bronco Sport is $27,215. It is about 31 million won in Korean Won. However, this is a basic model standard, and since domestic consumers are on the high side among consumers around the world, imported cars bring in trims with some options.

(Photo = Naver Namcha Cafe anonymous report)

Therefore, if it is released in Korea, there is a high possibility of bringing in the top trim, Badlands. The price of Badlands starts at $33,360 (37.94 million won), and when you add all options except accessories, it becomes 46,670 (46.26 million won). When it comes to Korea, it is expected that it will be around 50 million won.

The Bronco is generally priced similar to the Wrangler. Taking this into consideration, the price of Bronco can be expected to be around 50 million won for Outer Banks, early 60 million won for Badlands, and around 60 million won for Wild Track.

independent of the reaction
Sales cannot be predicted

Even if Bronco is released in Korea, it cannot be guaranteed that it will be successful. First of all, the reaction of domestic netizens is good, but this does not immediately lead to sales. First of all, German cars are preferred for imported cars in Korea, so the American car Bronco is less preferred.

Also, since it is optimized for off-road driving, it is uncomfortable to ride in general city driving. If you buy it as a second car used only for leisure activities, there will be no problem, but it is not suitable for use as a family car.

Similar to traditional SUVs, pickup trucks that are optimized for leisure have a certain amount of sales because they have truck benefits, but traditional SUVs are not like that, so there is no particular merit except for leisure specialization.

There is one more problem, even if the amount of contracts is larger than expected. Bronco is so popular in the US that it is currently suffering from a shortage. Since they are busy with supplying the US, even if they are released, domestic quantities will be small, and the sales volume is highly likely to be low due to the nature of counting sales based on registered volume rather than contract volume.


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