2021.07.08.  7,626 reads V12 finished.  Lamborghini Aventador LP 780-4 Ultima Revealed Car Magazine 7

2021.07.08. 7,626 reads V12 finished. Lamborghini Aventador LP 780-4 Ultima Revealed Car Magazine 7

Automobili Lamborghini iconic V12 Super sports car and Aventador’s last internal combustion engine model. Lamborghini Aventador LP 780-4 Ultimato 2021 Announced at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. The Aventador Ultima presented this time is the Aventador. SVJThe powerful performance of the Aventador SIt is a model that combines design and dynamism by utilizing the refined elegance of.

the power train 6.5liter 12cylinder LP engine and light weight ISR 7single gearbox equipped. Through this, the maximum output 780exert magical power. This is the Aventador S prepare 40horsepower, Aventador SVJ prepare 10with high horsepower, Last 10It boasts ▲powertrain know-how ▲super sports technology ▲luxury ▲Lamborghini’s unique instinctive characteristics, which it has exhibited through the Aventador for years.. this is traditional V12 The company’s description is that it is the ultimate internal combustion engine and the ultimate Aventador that is perfect in every way..

The body uses extensive use of carbon fiber, which is unique, strong and lightweight.. Through this, the empty weight is 1550kgis only, This is the output-to-weight ratio 1.98kg/CVweight to. thanks to the speed from standstill 100kmTill 2.8Accelerate in seconds, top speed 355kmcan drive with. To control this powerful performance CCB brake system is applied, per hour 100kmThe braking distance required to brake from 30mis only.

In addition, four-wheel steering is applied to optimize lateral control., Guaranteed agility at low and medium speeds and improved stability at high speeds. It also features Lamborghini Dynamic Steering to further enhance agility at low speeds and safety at high speeds..

The exterior is also designed in consideration of aerodynamic performance.. The front part further induces airflow to increase aerodynamic efficiency., This optimizes engine and radiator cooling.. In addition, airflow to the front wheels has been improved and a lightweight rear bumper has been applied to complete the dynamic appearance..

At the same time, the rear wing with active aero system was applied to optimize the overall balance., Improved underbody airflow.

The Aventador Ultima is a coupe version. 350versus, roadster version 250It becomes a limited production. It also features a new tone-on-tone color collection inspired by aeronautics to further emphasize the original design.. 18Colors are provided as standard., a variety of choices and 300You can also create your own unique design through the Ad Personum program, which can be customized with more than one color..

In the case of the model unveiled this time, it has a two-tone Cray on Cray configuration., The front splitter has a matte Rosso Mimir red color applied., I raised the intensity through the accent line..

The interior also features black Alcantara seats and YAn elegant yet sporty feeling is expressed through the ruler-shaped stitching.. Aventador SThe same comfort seats as those of, on the seat base ‘Ultimae’embroidered. A In the dashboard area of ​​the pillar driver’s seat, a number indicating a limited edition is displayed to add a special touch..

Chairman and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini CEO Stefan Winkelmanninimitable V12 engine design, A model that perfectly embodies timeless design and technology solutions that provide engineering solutions and emotional driving experiences.saidAs the last model in the Aventador lineup, Lamborghini’s latest V12 Lamborghini’s unchanging flagship design while delivering the best power and performance you’d expect from an engine DNAequipped withexplained.

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