2021.07.08.  32,946 read 'Things that change with a difference of 880,000 won' EV6 vs EV6 GT line difference summary Copyence 56

2021.07.08. 32,946 read ‘Things that change with a difference of 880,000 won’ EV6 vs EV6 GT line difference summary Copyence 56

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Kia’s first electric vehicle EV6is receiving attention once again as it has been certified for a longer-than-expected mileage.. In particular, users are interested in the long range with the largest battery capacity and GT-Line (Below GT line)is focused on. For these reasons, I compared two cars with similar and different looks..

EV6 price list simple analysis, standard, long range and GT line

currently published EV6The price tag is largely divided into long range and standard.. The long range is the best in Korea. 77.4 kWh It is a long-distance specialized model equipped with a high-capacity battery., Standard battery capacity 58 kWhThis is the normal version of the class. And these long range and standard air(Air)wow earth(Earth)subdivided into a tree called, Long range only GT A separate trim called line is added.

Among them, the long-range and long-range-based products are the ones most consumers are interested in. GT is a line. Even at the time of the actual pre-contract, the 66%has a long range, 20%is GT I just chose the line. GT Considering that the line is actually a long-range trim, 86%end EV6 It means you chose the long range..

The difference between the long range and 880,000 won, EV6 GT long range & GT line

The main basic specifications of the EV6 Long Range Earth

If so, let’s take a look at the detailed price list of the long range.. EV6 Most of the user preference specifications are standardized in Earth, the upper trim of the long range.. Some of the main basic specifications worth noting are:

: [순차점등 턴시그널램프(프론트/리어)]

: [앰비언트 라이트]

: [내비게이션 기반 스마트 크루즈 컨트롤] [고속도로 주행 보조2] [후측방 충돌 방지 보조]

: [프로젝션 LED 헤드램프] [지능형 헤드램프] [12.3인치 내비게이션] [서라운드 뷰 모니터]

: [나파가죽시트] [동승석 파워시트] [뒷좌석 열선시트] [운전자세 메모리 시스템]

Price is individual consumption tax 3.5% standard 5,850ten thousand won.

Differences in EV6 GT line that cost 880,000 won

GT The line is separate from the basic items of Earth. GT It is a form in which the composition of only lines is added.. The specifications to be added or changed are as follows..

Exterior(GT Dedicated exterior design)
: [GT 라인 전용 범퍼] [바디 칼라 휠아치 몰딩] [전용 엠블럼] [255/45 R20 콘티넨탈 타이어&전면가공 휠]

guts(GT line-only built-in design)
: [GT 라인 전용 내장 디자인] [D컷 스티어링 휠] [GT 라인 전용 지오닉 3D 패턴 원단 감싸기] [도어 센터트림 스웨이드 감싸기]

: [GT 라인 전용 스웨이드 시트]

This is not a functional specification, but rather a change in appearance or material focus.. in reality GT line is EV6 GTIt is a version that applies the high-performance feeling of the long range., Strong emotional change. Price is individual consumption tax 3.5% standard 5,938in ten thousand won, Long Range Earth Contrast 88ten thousand won high.

5 Appearance Differences! EV6 Long Range vs EV6 GT Line

We prepared image cuts and actual photos for more detailed comparison..

Front end comparison, calm long range vs aggressive GT line

Let’s take a look at the front. First, in the front part of the long range EV6Several design elements of. The front bumper surrounds the front part of the body without any finesse., A vertical pattern was applied to the lower part..

On the other hand GT The line is more daring and aggressive.. when viewed from the front GT Although the line-only garnish looks square,, In reality, it is obliquely inclined and has a three-dimensional appearance.. This gives it a sportier feel when viewed from the front side.. Also GT A horizontal rectangular pattern is applied to the lower part of the bumper of the line..

EV6 long range

EV6 GT line

Side parts with different feel depending on wheel arch molding

Wheel arch molding has the greatest influence on the side design of a vehicle. EV6 Long range through black wheel arches SUV Or feel like a crossover, GT The line uses the same wheel arch molding as the body color to emphasize the feeling of riding..

EV6 long range

EV6 GT line

Calm long range and bold GT line

The feel from the rear is different.. In the case of the long range, the molding of the rear bumper is raised and, It is similar to the appearance of a typical electric car without a muffler.. However GT Line’s bumper emphasizes the wideness by lowering the molding to the bottom. GT line exclusive emblem, High-performance sensibility was pursued through dedicated backup, etc..

EV6 long range

EV6 GT line

Sportiness is attractive vs comfort comes first! Comparison of indoor key points

Some points are differentiated even in the interior. This is largely due to the seat and door center trim., steering wheel, Divided into dashboard patterns.

First, the seat is the biggest comparison point with the difference in material.. For the long range, artificial or luxurious nappa leather material is applied for comfortable long-distance driving.. But EV6 GTof high performance DNA seeking emotion GT black on the line&Suede sheets with white accents are applied. It provides strong support even when cornering., Provides a unique texture.

EV6 long range

EV6 GT line

The same goes for the door center trim.. The door trim also uses artificial leather for the long range, while GT Line also applied suede here..

EV6 long range

EV6 GT line

As a vehicle that pursues high-performance sensibility GT on the line DCut steering wheel is applied. this is real EV6 GTIt is similar to being installed in. It is a part that is different from the general long range that employs a general round steering wheel..

EV6 long range

EV6 GT line

The last thing that stands out is the design differentiation between the passenger seat crash pad and the center console.. EV6tried to change the interior atmosphere by drawing special patterns throughout the interior.. The result is the Geonic applied to the crashpad and center console. 3D it’s a pattern. In the long range, the part forms numerous square shapes like the Milky Way., GT A vertical pattern is applied to the line like the stripe of a racing car..

Likewise EV6 long range and GT The interior and exterior of the line are differentiated in various places.. Both models are the same as electric vehicles that can travel long distances with confidence., It is easy to understand if you see that comfort or sportiness is divided in the process of moving.. If you were reading this content, what would you choose?? price is 88ten thousand won difference.

Written by Kapiens

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