2021.07.08.  3,016 reads Summer used car market, sedan decline sharply rises as a good time to buy Auto Diary 0

2021.07.08. 3,016 reads Summer used car market, sedan decline sharply rises as a good time to buy Auto Diary 0

Based on big data, Enka.com released the used car price for July 2021. The used car market price revealed this time is the price of 2018 popular used car models of domestic finished car brands such as Hyundai Motor, Kia Motors, Renault Samsung, and Ssangyong, and imported car brands such as Benz, BMW, and Audi.

As a result of analyzing major used car prices in July based on Encar.com big data, the average price of all used cars decreased slightly by 0.34%.

The overall average market price of domestic cars decreased by 0.21% from the previous month. The price of the sedan model fell 0.65%, but the SUV model showed a trend of up 0.3%. In the case of SUVs, the popularity of summer vacation preparations, car parking and camping continues, leading to demand for used SUVs. On the other hand, sedans are analyzed to have affected the market price as models with model year changes such as Sonata, K5, and K3 were released one after another in the first half of the year.

Among SUVs, the model with the largest increase in average price was the Hyundai Kona, which increased by 3.18% compared to the previous month, and rose significantly to 5.95% in terms of the maximum price, recording 20 million won. In addition, the price of Hyundai All-New Tucson increased slightly to 1.51%, Kia The New Sorento 0.56%, Sportage 4th Generation 0.37%, and Santa Fe TM 0.33%.

Among sedans, the models with the largest decline in average price were Hyundai Sonata New Rise and Grandeur IG, which fell 2.53% and 2.18%, respectively. The Kia The New K5 2nd generation also fell 1.44% in average price, and the maximum price was 880,000 won compared to the previous month, making it possible to purchase at 19 million won.

The average market price of all imported cars also decreased slightly by 0.46 from the previous month. The Porsche New Cayenne, which had rebounded in price last month, fell 0.78%, and other SUVs, the Ford Explorer 0.96%, the Jeep Renegade 0.98%, and the Volvo XC60 second-generation 0.85% fell slightly. In the case of sedans, the average price of the Audi A4 increased by 2.03% from the previous month and that of the Mercedes-Benz E-Class by 1.21%, led by German brands.

An official from Encar.com said, “The interest in SUVs such as car parking and camping continues, and the domestic SUV market, which can be purchased at a relatively reasonable price than imported cars, continues to rise.” “This month is the right time for customers who are considering it, or customers who are considering selling an SUV.”

Sangjin Lee Daedusj@autodiary.kr

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