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When the weather is very fickle like these days, It is the time to wash the car more often than usual as the news of frequent rain and various air pollutants make it easier to pollute the vehicle. In general, if you do not have time to wash your car, there are times when you use a mechanical automatic car wash., Recently, it has become a kind of leisure culture. self car washThere are a lot of people who wash their cars directly through the.

However, most self-service car washes are a kind of sharing facility with others. Public placesEtiquette when using, Manners are required. However, there are sometimes unmanned acts that come to wash the car in a pleasant way because of the selfish thoughts and actions of the individual, but rather ruin the mood and cause discomfort..

Today, in this time, we will look at the unmanned behaviors that occur in self-service car washes that many drivers use together..

What are the self-service car wash behaviors?

1. Popping the mat anywhere

The most rudimentary mistake you’ll ever make is to shake off your car mat and blow dust all over the place.. Even though I do not like the dust I brushed off, I can’t expect the dust to fly and cause damage to others..

This dust can not only get into the respiratory tract of others and cause discomfort, but it can also cause stains and injuries to the car that is cleaned, dried or waxed.. For reference, be sure to use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, wash the mat with high pressure water, etc., and then dry it or use a mat washer..

2. Smoking in self-service car washes

Fundamentally, smoking does not benefit anyone.. Although it used to have decreased a lot these days, there are still not many people who smoke in outdoor car washes..

The problem is that even people with driving experience do this.. Not only the damage from secondhand smoke, but also the cigarette ash blowing in when detailing work after washing a car can be quite a hindrance.. It is recommended to refrain from smoking in designated areas or as much as possible..

3. Do not use household cleaners

Many people think that home-made dishwashing detergent or detergent can be used for car washing.. However, due to the different standards for wastewater discharge, the owner may be punished if the detergent used at home is taken to the car wash and used.. What is particularly problematicanionic surfactantIt is a common ingredient in soap..

In fact, related violations of the Water Environment Conservation Act are inspected frequently, and administrative measures are taken if the emission limit is exceeded. All of the recently discovered places were also self-service car washes.. The most effective and safest way is to buy and use proven products that are already on the market, such as car supply stores and car washes. Depending on the operating method of some self-service car washes, the use of personal car wash products (medicines, foam guns/lances) is restricted in some places, so it is a good way to avoid blushing by inquiring in advance.

4. Loud music and making a fuss

There are cases where the car is driven violently because there are not many people at the car wash.. Also, there are people who try to make a boring car wash a fun time while playing the radio or a song loudly. It is understandable to some extent, but it can also cause harm and irritation to others, so you should refrain from doing it.. After entering the car wash, you must drive slowly, and it is better not to make any noise other than the sound of washing the car..

5. Drying area and car washing area not separated

The self-service car wash has a drying area and a water wash area.(wash bay)this is divided. The drying area is a space for drying and polishing after cleaning the interior and washing with water, and the water washing area is a space for actions such as wiping with detergent and rinsing with water.. But the problem is that we forget the use of this area..

In particular, there are those who want to finish both drying and polishing in the water wash area., sometimes personal There are many people who take photos for social media upload.. It doesn’t matter if you make a reservation and use the set time, but otherwise, this behavior is damaging to other users waiting to wash the car..

6. Use the spray gently

Most of the car wash products on the market are spray, There are many spray types, and the spraying power is stronger than I thought.. Because of the car wash chemicals (water wax, coatings, etc.)When spraying far away from the part to be applied, fine chemicals may be deposited on other vehicles..

If it is a windy day, the medicine may be blown not only to the vehicle next to it, but also to the vehicle further away.. Even though the car has already been washed, if there are any stains due to unwanted chemicals, the damaged car owner is inevitably devastated.. Before using the spray, check the surroundings first., If there is a vehicle nearby, it is desirable to use the method of wiping by spraying it from a short distance or spraying it on a towel.

Self-service car washes are not for personal use., This facility is used by other users as well.. When it is crowded with many people, such as on weekends, more consideration is required when using it.. Let’s look back on whether I’m doing anything that harms others or frowns while using the self-service car wash., Remember that as important as your car and time is, the time and car of other users are also important., We need to create the right car wash culture.

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