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				"please buy one" A decision made on the SM6, whose sales plummeted Automobile Korea 344

2021.07.06. 164,599 reads "please buy one" A decision made on the SM6, whose sales plummeted Automobile Korea 344

[오토모빌코리아=뉴스팀] Spring special promotion in spring, 5Family month event in the month, 6Monthly special price event. This time Renault Samsung Motors welcomes summer 7month SM6 promotion was released. 2019even in the year, 2020even in the year, And even now, Renault Samsung Motors every time Special‘, ‘exceptionWe are running a promotion with the word, The reaction of consumers is just cold.

The current status of Renault Samsung, which shows no significant improvement in performance no matter how hard they try, is Pour water into the bottom of the poisonmaybe. Again, this is extraordinary 7Let’s see if the monthly promotion can win the hearts of consumers. Today is SM6a story about.

evolved one step further
Detailed sedan SM6

Renault Samsung SM6 uses a turbo direct injection gasoline engine that exhibits excellent acceleration with strong power/torque, and boasts a maximum output of 225ps and a maximum torque of 30.6kg.m.

Renault Samsung’s SM6 is equipped with headlamps that not only secure the driver’s view but also prevent glare from oncoming drivers, and have a sensual and cozy interior with premium nappa leather and prestige headrests. It is also equipped with 8 colorful lights that can change the driving mood according to your taste.

Even for new releases
Poor SM6 sales performance

At the beginning of its release, the SM6 performed well with sales that threatened the Sonata, but the good days did not last long. Sales plummeted, and several quality-related shortcomings were revealed, leading to several criticisms among consumers. Receiving this feedback from consumers, Renault Samsung introduced the new SM6 about a year ago by improving the uncomfortable riding comfort that was pointed out as the main drawback of the SM6 and improving engine power.

Remove all existing gasoline engines 1.3liters and 1.8It is equipped with a liter gasoline turbo engine to improve both fuel efficiency and performance.. If this level of improvement was achieved, it would seem that the consumer response would be quite good, but in reality, that was not the case. The reality is that the sales volume has been lower than expected since its launch, and it is still not taking a leap forward. In July of last year, SM6 sales were only 550 units, but in June of 21, almost a year has passed, 190 units have been sold, showing a still low market share of 3.54%.

to recover sales
Exciting promotions

Despite the launch of the new model, sales plummeted, and Renault Samsung took special measures. As Renault Samsung Motors welcomes the summer of July, the official summer discount special promotions presented to new car buyers are as follows. summer limited ‘SM6’It announced that it will carry out a free upgrade promotion to customers who have purchased. When purchasing with cash, all trim levels are upgraded for free., maximum You can receive benefits worth 349 million won. Equal repayment installment of principal and interest, SMART We also offer installment benefits such as installment payments..

customer TCe 300 LE When choosing a model LE Nappa leather seats with trim standard specifications, 10.25inch color TFT LED cluster, It is possible to receive a premium trim vehicle equipped with premium exclusive options, etc.. In other words, Depending on the option, the maximum You can enjoy the benefits of purchasing 349 million won. Add to, When purchasing in cash depending on the vehicle model 1 million won discount, Special discount for employees of public institutions, Installment purchase benefits, Prepaid recharge cards are also provided..

high price and repair cost,
uncomfortable ride,
Used car depreciation issue.

Although it is quite a radical proposal, the reaction of consumers is only cold.. No matter how many benefits, consumers SM6Why not buy. First of all, there are many complaints about the high price comparable to the Grandeur. Now, without discounts and benefits SM6To purchase gasoline turbo 1.3 The model has a basic price 2,450Ten thousand won, gasoline turbo 1.8 the model is 3,073start at ten thousand won. If you have the money to buy the middle and upper trim level of the SM6, you can buy the basic specifications of the Grandeur for 33.03 million won, which is not a formidable price.

Moreover, the maintenance convenience is also reduced due to the expensive repair cost. In fact, Renault Samsung’s parts are more expensive than Hyundai-Kia’s, but there were many consumers who had difficulties in repairing them due to a lot of breakdowns. In fact, the case where the owner of the SM6 had to replace the entire display when the emergency flasher button broke was a topic of discussion in the automobile community. When it is said that it costs about 1.5 million won to replace the entire display, consumers who have to bear the cost of repairs are suffering.

There is also a problem with the rear suspension. In the past, the ‘AM Link’ designed by Renault Samsung did not function properly, so there was no comfortable ride at all. When referring to a sedan, ride comfort is an essential element. Ride comfort is often chosen among the reasons consumers give up the practicality of an SUV and choose a sedan.

Controversy over riding comfort arose as the rear suspension used a torsion beam rather than a multi-link., last year 7month, A new sedan with a good ride SM6It appeared anew, showing confidence in the improved and sensual ride quality of, In the end, the limitation of the torsion beam could not be overcome..

The problem of severe used car depreciation compared to other companies cannot be excluded. The price of a used car cannot be ignored for customers who buy a new car., after shipment Oneless than a year sm6is about to halve. buy expensive, If it’s a car that’s being resold for less than half price, who’s going to buy it?.

If you really want to sell SM6,
Renault Samsung needs to change priorities now

Renault Samsung has been pouring out flashy promotions for several years now., Accordingly, netizens Don’t do it, lower the price of your car”, “Cars don’t sell, so I’m doing everything”, “I just laugh at Renault’s policy that can’t read the flow of the times”, “no presenceThe majority of negative reactions such as.

These discount and benefit offensives are ultimately a matter of slashing one’s own flesh., It only makes consumers feel the lack of product quality.. I feel sorry for their longing, This is not a problem that can only be solved by offering discounts..

Renault Samsung needs to face this grim reality., If you really want to put your sales on the right track, you will have to show that you are trying to improve the many problems that have been consistently pointed out by consumers.. If the fundamental problems are not resolved, it is a reality that consumers can no longer help but think that they will no longer look for Renault Samsung Motors to the extent that they offer a slight price discount..

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