2021.07.05.  13,492 read 'Domestic cars have improved a lot' The domestic hybrid competitiveness that those who have ridden know, Copyens 53

2021.07.05. 13,492 read ‘Domestic cars have improved a lot’ The domestic hybrid competitiveness that those who have ridden know, Copyens 53

The domestic semi-large hybrid sedan market is one of the surprisingly fierce battles. This is because imported mid-size hybrid sedans are available at a similar price point, and if it is unreasonable, imported premium mid- to semi-large sedans can be surpassed. However, even among such fierce competitors, the sales volume of domestic semi-large hybrid sedans is gradually increasing. We looked at the realistic reasons why domestic semi-large hybrids stand out among imported hybrids.

The predicted popularity, the K8 hybrid attracting pre-orders

With the addition of 1 to 7, which is in charge of the K-series semi-large, everything became new. Ride comfort has been significantly improved with the help of advanced specifications, and fuel economy, power, luxury, and space have also been significantly upgraded. Thanks to this, regardless of domestic imports, the K8 has the most outstanding marketability in its class. Thanks to this, K8 set a record of 18,015 units on the first day of pre-contracting, foretelling a box office hit. This is also the highest record in the Kia sedan lineup.

However, there is something really surprising about this number. At that time, K8 made a contract with only gasoline models, and information on hybrid vehicles had not yet been released. However, the pre-contracted K8 hybrid on this day amounted to about 47% of the total. This means that users’ expectations for the semi-large hybrid were high. Even now, the K8 hybrid is still gaining popularity, accounting for 30-40% of K8 contractors. What’s the secret?

#1]Large car level! Best-in-class spatiality

Except for those born in North America, where everything is large, most of the semi-large sedans usually did not exceed 4,999 mm in length. This is because the area of ​​5,000mm, or 5m, was left like the exclusive property of a large sedan. Even the K7, which boasted the largest size among domestic semi-large sedans, has a total length of 4,995 mm, narrowly keeping the line.

However, the K8 boldly broke through the wall of 5m in length while aiming for a higher premium than before. The specifications of the main character, the K8 Hybrid, are 5,015 mm in length, 1,875 mm in overall width, 1,455 mm in height, and 2,895 mm in wheelbase. It is the longest among semi-large sedans on sale. In particular, the wheelbase, which is directly connected to the interior space, is unique among competing front-wheel drive semi-large sedans.

In addition, the K8 Hybrid has the ability to secure space for a front-wheel drive vehicle, which is a specialty of the domestic brand. This is the secret to gaining an edge not only in the first and second rows of passenger seats, but also in the trunk space. In fact, the K8 Hybrid has the same trunk capacity as the regular K8, with only the capacity reaching a whopping 610L. Considering that the trunk capacity of the K7 Premier was 515L, it is a huge improvement. For reference, the capacity of imported cars of the same class is 400L.

#2]Fuel economy 18km/L for this size? Best-in-class fuel economy

Consider the past domestic semi-large hybrid sedans. The fuel efficiency of 16.2km/L was never a low number, but it is true that it was about 1km/L insufficient compared to its competitors. In particular, hybrid vehicles of imported popular brands had distinct strengths in terms of power and fuel economy.

However, as the turbo hybrid technology and new platform began to be applied to Kia Motors, the counterattack of domestic hybrids began. The K8 Hybrid has a weight of over 5,000mm and an empty vehicle weight of only 1,600kg, and many parts have been changed, such as increased rigidity and low center of gravity design.

The introduction of turbo hybrid technology also raised power and fuel economy. The combined output of the K8 Hybrid of 230 horsepower is more powerful than its competitors with the low 200 horsepower, and the combined fuel efficiency of 17.1 to 18 km/L is also the same or slightly ahead. Considering the weight class of the K8 Hybrid, this is an acceptable result.

#3]There is no better option than this at this price! Best domestic car for safety and convenience

It is a fact that everyone knows that the convenience and safety specifications of domestic cars are abundant. This is also the part that has secured the competitiveness of domestic cars compared to imported cars for a long time.

The K8 Hybrid also does not feel lacking at all in terms of safety and convenience specifications. Not found in similar vehicles [전자제어 서스펜션]from [메리디안 프리미엄 사운드], [에르고 모션 시트], [12.3인치의 클러스터], [12.3인치 내비게이션] Because it can be applied.

Safety specifications are [전방 충돌 방지 보조], [차로 유지 보조], [차로 이탈 방지 보조]In addition, it is optimized for the domestic road environment. [고속도로 주행보조2], [내비게이션 기반 스마트 크루즈 컨트롤] etc. also apply. In the case of some of these functions, there are things that cannot be found even in cars of the same class or premium brand. At least in terms of convenience and safety specifications, it cannot follow domestic cars.

#4]A value that cannot be ignored, the fact that it is domestic

There is another aspect where the competitiveness of domestic cars stands out. That is, ‘domestic’. In other words, many parts are cheaply produced in Korea and easy to maintain. In fact, if you look around a bit, maintenance bases such as AutoQ are activated within a few kilometers of the radius, and the parts prices for various consumables are significantly cheaper than imported ones. It is true that domestic cars are easy in terms of after-sales management unless the brand value of imports is absolutely necessary. Surprisingly, this is a factor that greatly influences the purchase.

From this realistic point of view, the competitiveness of domestic semi-large hybrid sedans cannot be ignored. In the past, it had an edge in space, convenience specifications, and ease of maintenance, but now it is showing no shortage in various fields such as powertrain, driving sensation, fuel economy, and safety.

What stands out in particular is the performance. Until now, hybrids have been regarded as a unique area for popular imported brands, but the story is different from the K8 hybrid. The K8 Hybrid outperformed its competitors in terms of fuel efficiency and power even with the best-in-class power performance, body size, and convenience equipment. Of course, the value of income cannot be ignored, but it is difficult to find the lack of the K8 Hybrid as a car. That is, the competitiveness of domestic cars and domestic hybrids has developed and stands out. This is the reason why we have no choice but to acknowledge the competitiveness of domestic semi-large hybrid sedans with a sober perspective.

Written by Kapiens

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