2021.07.05.  12,480 reads Cadillac Begins Selling 'New Escalade' Fully Changed After 7 Years Ride Magazine 24

2021.07.05. 12,480 reads Cadillac Begins Selling ‘New Escalade’ Fully Changed After 7 Years Ride Magazine 24

Cadillac, an American luxury brand, will exhibit the new Escalade at Cadillac showrooms across the country and start full-scale sales from today (7/5).

The new Escalade, unveiled for the first time in Korea on the 10th of last month, is Cadillac’s flagship SUV showing an overwhelming presence that earned it the nickname ‘the king of SUV’. It leads to an explosive response from customers.

To commemorate the official sale of the new Escalade, Cadillac is launching an exclusive service for customers who purchase the new Escalade. The exclusive service is structured so that customers can experience the best after-sales service without any inconvenience.

New Escalade customers can use the ‘pickup & delivery service’ (twice a year for the same vehicle), which moves the vehicle from the desired location to the nearby service center and delivers the vehicle after A/S is completed (two times a year for the same vehicle) when A/S is required. If you visit a designated service center, you can receive premium after-sales service benefits, such as ‘Express Service’, which allows you to receive inspection and maintenance with the highest priority, which Cadillac tries for the first time.

The new Escalade offers the best luxury sensibility, including the industry’s first 38-inch OLED display and the top-of-the-line AKG sound system with 36 speakers, in addition to the radically evolved interior design. In addition, an evolution of the chassis with Air Ride Suspension and independent rear suspension added to Magnetic Ride Control (MRC), which scans the road surface every 1/1000 of a second and exhibits the highest level of suspension responsiveness. It offers the best ride quality ever.

In addition, through the evolution of the chassis, the new Escalade also secured the best space ever, such as providing 886mm of third-row legroom, which is about 40% more than the previous generation, and 722L of basic trunk space, which is about 68% more than the previous generation.

The new Escalade is launched in two trims, Sport Platinum and Premium Luxury Platinum, which can be selected according to design preferences, and the price is 153,570,000 won (based on 3.5% of the local tax) regardless of the trim.

On the other hand, Escal-Aid received the honor of being selected as the Car of the Month by the Automobile Reporters Association at the same time as customer sales started thanks to the explosive customer interest after its launch. Automobile Journalists Association Car of the Month evaluation, which is conducted for new cars and partially modified models released for a month from the 1st to the last day of every month, includes exterior design, interior interior, practicality of product, safety and convenience specifications, merchandising and purchase intention, etc. Candidate vehicles are selected by comprehensively evaluating five items. Afterwards, the car of the month is selected through voting by the executives of the car selection committee of the year for these vehicles. Among the new cars released last month, the Mercedes-Maybach S 580 4Matic, Land Rover New Discovery, and Cadillac’s new Escalade were nominated for the Car of the Month for July, and after fierce competition, the new Escalade scored 21.3 points (out of 25), making it the winner of July. The car was finally selected.

The new Escalade can be viewed and purchased at Cadillac showrooms nationwide. For more information on the new Escalade, please visit the Cadillac Customer Service Center (080-3000-5000) or the Cadillac official website (www.cadillac.co.kr).) or through the nearest Cadillac showroom.

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