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				[시승] 5 Most Realistic Bond Cars Aston Martin DBX Magazine Car Life

2021.07.03. 8,395 reads [시승] 5 Most Realistic Bond Cars Aston Martin DBX Magazine Car Life

most realistic bond car
Aston Martin DBX

The DBX is Aston Martin’s first SUV. This car that adds utility to luxury and elegance heralds the growth of Aston Martin’s new cash cow.

Marked as an F1 medical car
The great success of the Porsche Cayenne made even traditional sports car brands make SUVs. In fact, it is clear that there is a limit to expanding the business by selling sports cars alone. It is essential to try to diversify the lineup to attract a new customer base. Just looking at Bentley and Lamborghini in recent years, we must not forget that SUVs are the ones that have expanded the brand base with huge profits. In that regard, it is timely for Aston Martin to pull out the DBX card. First of all, the opponents DBX will compete with include the Urus, the Bentayga, and the yet undisclosed Ferrari SUV.
Aston Martin took over the position of Mercedes, which had long been responsible for F1 safety cars and medical cars. This means that the company has launched an extensive F1 marketing campaign to coincide with the return of F1 after 61 years. But rather than taking away the role of Mercedes, it is more of a strategic alliance. Mercedes is not only a major shareholder of Aston Martin, but also an engine supplier. The F1 team, which changed its name from Racing Point to Aston Martin, also uses Mercedes power units. Mercedes hasn’t completely abandoned the safety car either, and the AMG GT R and C63 AMG Estate will be used in some races.

Thanks to the added utility, it became an Aston Martin that can be enjoyed in everyday life.

The DBX has kept its weight down to 2,245 kg thanks to the use of a bonded aluminum chassis obtained through sports car development. The frame is light and strong, so it can be used off-road. A 48V anti-roll control system is added to the air suspension to provide sports car-like handling, raising the ride height by 45mm or lowering it by 50mm at high speeds. An anti-roll control system called eARC withstands a force of 1,400 Nm per axis. Thanks to this, it maintains a stable posture even with five passengers or a full load. It is perfect for a circuit medical car that has to run a circuit with a lot of luggage.

Aston Martin with various convenience equipment
The DB11 and the V8 4.0L twin-turbo engine of Mercedes mounted on the Vantage are modified to produce a maximum output of 550 horsepower and a maximum torque of 71.3 kg·m. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.5 seconds and reaches a top speed of 291 km/h. Thanks to the cylinder rest function, the combined fuel economy is 8.4 km/L. The 9-speed torque converter automatic transmission adds an active center differential and an electronic LSD to enable accurate torque distribution to the left and right. Here, you can enjoy it in various ways through the bespoke steering system. The six-piston aluminum calipers and steel rotors match the braking performance of the DBS Superleggera, and the maneuverability is excellent even on tight winding rods. The variable exhaust system allows you to enjoy powerful sound.

A luxurious strap hanging from the ceiling stands out. The interior is pleasant to step on thanks to the light from the panoramic glass roof.

The second row is also covered with the finest leather.

The 632L trunk capacity along with the spacious interior proves that this car is an SUV. The second row, which can be folded 40:20:40, boasts ample headroom (1,016mm) and legroom (1,060mm). The light from the panoramic glass roof makes the interior bright and airy, with the interior upholstered in premium leather and Alcantara. In addition, metal, glass, and wood are used in the right place to show off the ultimate luxury. In addition to front and side curtain airbags, the adaptive cruise control system, lane departure prevention system, pedestrian detection system, and automatic emergency braking system are installed to strengthen safety. With the help of a 360° camera system that works in conjunction with the rear parking sensor, large vehicles can be easily parked, and the park system is also equipped with an automatic parking function.

ample legroom

High-definition TFT 12.3-inch digital cluster, 10.25-inch display with infotainment system, and Harman audio system were installed. The 800W amplifier system provides rich sound through 14 speakers. Ambient light with a choice of 64 colors creates a variety of atmospheres, and a tablet holder is provided in the rear seat for entertainment.

Looks like an Aston Martin

A bond car that is not inferior to everyday life
It looks like an Aston Martin. This car is clearly an SUV, but it exudes an aura that is completely different from other SUVs. The front grille and concave bonnet not only harmonize well, but also the left and right edge grooves are dug to give the impression of a low body. In the center of the LED lamp at the bottom of the bumper, an intake to help cool the brakes is installed to maintain the proper braking temperature. The vent attached to the front fender not only removes the engine’s heat as well as an aesthetic element, but also gives the effect of a slimmer waist thanks to the ‘B’-shaped air outlet line on the side. The tail lamp at the rear resembles a Vantage, and the raised rear spoiler suppresses turbulence.

The spiky rear spoiler suppresses vortices

Cockpit finished with the finest materials

When the engine is started, the engine wakes up and emits a loud exhaust sound. The basic GT mode is quiet, but from Sports and Sports Plus, powerful sounds penetrate your ears. Because of this, I keep getting my hands on the sports button. The zero to hundred and 4.5 seconds is not a figure that can be put forward very much in the same class, but considering that it is an Aston Martin, which is a grand tourer, it is not a big disadvantage. Instead, it has a more vivid sense of speed than other high-performance sports cars, making it more enjoyable to drive. In addition, thanks to its excellent anti-roll control, it exhibits handling and cornering comparable to that of a sports car. In fact, the ability to restrain the roll was at the level of DB11, so it felt strange.

In Terrain Plus mode, the suspension can be raised by 45mm to make rough driving possible. The side vent not only has a heat dissipation function, but also adds an aesthetic element.

The lightweight and sturdy aluminum chassis can handle rough roads well enough. Just by looking at the front apron, you can see that it was developed with various terrains in mind. When the car is moved to the forest road and changed to the off-road mode terrain, the vehicle body rises and runs through gravel without hesitation. The air suspension absorbs shocks from various road surfaces, even with a mixture of large gravel and sand. I switched to Terrain Plus and put the car on the road drenched in heavy rain a while ago. The ground clearance was raised 45mm and it escaped without damage to the lower part. The wading capacity of the DBX is 500mm. The breather pipe added to the electric rear differential was designed for special situations where it is necessary to enter the water in reverse, such as when a boat is lowered to the surface.

Adapts to a variety of terrain thanks to a bonded all-aluminum chassis and anti-roll control system

There were many times when I felt sorry for riding the off-road course at the SUV test drive event. Because it’s not really suitable for rough roads. But DBX is different. It was Aston Martin’s first SUV, so I was a little worried, but it’s flawless in many ways. Of course, it is not without its drawbacks. The powertrain brought from Mercedes-Benz offers very stable performance, but the older infotainment system operated by the touchpad is very inconvenient by today’s standards. In addition, the auto hold function was omitted, leaving a blemish. Nevertheless, the versatility, rarity, and deep sensibility of Aston Martin are enough to cover these shortcomings. Although the Vantagena DB series is a true bond car, this car that is comfortable in everyday life and has utility is not the most realistic bond car.

text and photo Reporter Maeng Bum-soo

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