2021.07.02.  25,487 read 'First in history' This car, which was a hot topic even before its release, finally came out like this Design Anatomy 9

2021.07.02. 25,487 read ‘First in history’ This car, which was a hot topic even before its release, finally came out like this Design Anatomy 9

Inspired by this ‘model’ released in 1963

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Not long ago, Ferrari unveiled a new sports car based on the V6 engine, the 296 GTB. Unlike the six-cylinder model launched with the 20th century Dino Division name, the 296 GTB is the first V6 supercar in the brand’s history to carry the Ferrari logo. As it is a model with a special meaning, it became a topic of discussion even before its release, and attracted public attention.

Despite the downsized engine, the 296 GTB still boasts Ferrari-like powerful performance. In particular, it is the first Ferrari to harmonize with a rear-wheel drive-based plug-in hybrid system to produce a combined output of 830 horsepower and a top speed of 330 km/h. The 122 kW electric motor can also travel up to 25 km at a maximum speed of 130 km/h.

Along with this powerful performance, the design of the vehicle has also been renewed. The Ferrari Styling Center, responsible for Ferrari’s design, presented a very original and modern form. First of all, the overall silhouette of the car became more compact than its predecessor. As a result of the engine downsizing and simpler packaging, Ferrari said the 296 GTB is the most compact Berlinetta model released in the past decade.

Subsequently, Ferrari made a bold attempt to eliminate the fastback roof line characteristic of the Berlinetta model to further emphasize the volume of the cabin. Instead, it has a short wheelbase, muscular volume, and a visor-style window shape. It conveys a new feeling unique to the 296 GTB.

The shape of the vehicle was designed based on the 250LM launched in 1963. In particular, the volume around the side air intakes and the roof shape of the C-pillar part were made very similar, and the shape of the cap-forward-style front window extending forward was also applied in the same way. In particular, the rich voluminous feel of the 250LM continues, clearly conveying the elegance of Ferrari.

One of Ferrari’s greatest highlights in the design of the 296 GTB is the side windscreen. As mentioned earlier, this part has a visor-style window applied, and the belt line wraps around the side window and continues with the roof line. It can be said that this is a character unique to the 296 GTB, and Ferrari has developed it by applying the design to various models such as j50 and P80 / C.

Following the sides, the front features teardrop-inspired headlights. The new headlights have a functional role as well as a sensuous form: the air that cools the brakes is drawn in through a hole in the bottom of the DRL.

In addition, a horizontal light bar and semi-circular light housing have been placed on the rear instead of the four-hole tail light design that has been the symbol of Ferrari. It conveys a more modern feel through a new reinterpretation of the traditional design, and the muffler placed in the center adds visual stability.

Along with the more refined exterior, the interior of the vehicle also conveys a modern feel through a digital interface. Each shape of the interior is ergonomically designed to provide optimal comfort to the occupants, and a separate display is also placed on the front passenger’s seat to further immerse you in dynamic driving with the driver.

Finally, Ferrari plans to reveal the price of the 296 GTB in the future, and it is expected that the new V6 engine and plug-in hybrid system will be used in the same way in the brand’s first SUV, the Prosange, to be unveiled in 2022. Let’s end this article with anticipation of whether the 296 GTB can serve as a great stepping stone between the existing internal combustion engine model and the electric supercar of the future. It was a DA report. Thank you.

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