2021.07.01.  32,447 read Domestic car sales in June 2021…  Even without semiconductors, Grandeur is Grandeur!  motor graph 120

2021.07.01. 32,447 read Domestic car sales in June 2021… Even without semiconductors, Grandeur is Grandeur! motor graph 120

In June, the domestic automobile industry sold 134,761 units, down 1.7% from the previous year (137,130 units). Although the global shortage of semiconductors for automobiles is prolonged, it showed an increase of 8.6% compared to May, thanks to a recovery in consumer sentiment following an increase in the number of vaccinations against COVID-19.

Hyundai Grandeur

Hyundai Motor sold 55,502 units in the domestic market in June, down 21.1 percent from the previous year. Most of the major car models showed a double-digit decline in the aftermath of a supply shortage of automotive semiconductors, but it increased by 13.2% from last May, which suffered a severe slump.

Despite difficulties in supply and demand, the Grandeur (9483 units) still took the top spot in domestic car sales. However, this is a decrease of 39.6% compared to June last year, when 15,688 units were recorded. Nevertheless, it recorded a recovery rate of 21.5% higher than in May, which was hit directly by the production stoppage at the Asan plant.

The Asan plant, which produces the Grandeur and Sonata, was previously shut down on April 12-13, 19-20, and May 24-26 due to semiconductor supply and demand problems. In June, production was stopped for only two days on the 16th and 17th, and it is analyzed that the backlog has been largely resolved. In fact, the Sonata (6,127 units) produced at the same factory also rose 19.4% in sales compared to May, ranking in the top 5 domestic car sales for the first time in two months since April.

Porter (9208 units, 20.5%↑ from the previous year) is showing a steady figure, but Avante (5973 units, 45.1%↓ from the previous year) seems to be struggling a little as the effect of the new car is fading. Attention is focused on whether the sluggish sales can be compensated for by the launch of the high-performance model Avante N this month. In addition, the shipment speed of the brand’s first dedicated electric vehicle, the Ioniq 5 (3,667 units, 91.1% ↑ MoM) is gradually increasing.

In addition, Palisades (4964 units, 28.0% ↓ compared to the previous year) fell below 5,000 units per month for the first time since February of this year (4045 units).

Kia Sorento

Kia sold 49,280 units in the domestic market last month, a decrease of 17.9% compared to June last year (65 units). Like Hyundai Motor, it appears to be entering a full-fledged sphere of influence while suffering from a shortage of automotive semiconductors.

The carnival was Kia’s best-selling car in June. Carnival, which ranked third in domestic car sales last month, continued its new car effect with 6,127 units (103.6%↑ compared to the previous year). Behind the carnival is the Sorrento. Although the Sorento was sluggish compared to last year, 6,081 units (47.6% ↓ compared to the previous year) were sold in June and entered the top 5 without difficulty.

The K8 (5473 units, 1.7% ↓ compared to the previous year’s K7) has continued a good trend, exceeding 5,000 units per month for three months in a row since the launch of the full-change model that even changed the name. K3 (3042 units, 5.7%↑ from the previous year), which launched a facelift model, also exceeded 3,000 units per month for two consecutive months.

The Seltos (4071 units, 26.5% ↓ from the previous year) still leads the segment, but it is ranked 14th due to the shrinking of the small SUV market itself. The Sportage (1187 units, 51.6% ↓ from the previous year), which is about to undergo a model change, and the K9 (614 units, 28.2% ↓ from the previous year), which have not been shipped with a facelift model in earnest, were sluggish.

Genesis GV70

The Genesis brand in June (12,905 units, 3.1% ↓ compared to the previous year) showed a similar level to the same month last year (13,315 units).

However, this is thanks to the new GV70 (4138 units). In fact, sales of all models of Genesis except the GV70 fell last month. Specifically, G70 942 units (4.0% ↓ compared to the previous year), G80 5357 units (32.2% ↓ compared to the previous year), G90 398 units (43.2% ↓ compared to the previous year), and GV80 2070 units (44.5% ↓ compared to the previous year).

Chevrolet Trailblazer

GM Korea sold 5,740 units, down 38.6 percent from the previous year. Compared to last May, when the factory’s utilization rate fell to half due to a shortage of automotive semiconductors, the sales volume in June increased by 24.9% and succeeded in falling behind.

Last month, GM Korea’s performance was led by Trailblazer (2671 units, 12.1% down from the previous year). Although the performance is not as good as in previous years due to the contraction of the small SUV market, it surpassed 2,400 units in 11 months since July last year (2,494 units). Trailblazer was followed by Spark (1603 units, 33.9% ↓ compared to the previous year). While the compact car market is rapidly shrinking, GM Korea plans to discontinue the Spark in October next year and convert the Changwon plant into a next-generation CUV production base.

As for import models, Traverse (283 units, 50.7% ↓ from the previous year) and Colorado (201 units, 58.0% ↓ from the previous year) were sluggish, while the Bolt EV (327 units, 153.5% ↑ from the previous year) is showing an upward trend. Other than that, Damas, a light commercial vehicle (14 units, 95.0% compared to the previous year), disappeared into history as inventories were exhausted.

Ssangyong Motor Rexton Sports Khan

Ssangyong Motor sold 5724 units in June, down 41.3% from the previous year. However, thanks to the new car effects of Rexton Sports and Rexton Sports Khan and the recovery of Tivoli and Korando, the sales volume increased by 15.5% from the previous month.

Of course, compared to last year, it is still experiencing a severe slump. Tivoli (1573 units, 36.3% ↓), Korando (923 units, 63.3% ↓), Rexton (421 units, 68.8% ↓), Rexton Sports (2807 units, 17.7% ↓), etc. All car models are recording double-digit declines. Cumulative sales this year were only 26,625 units. At this rate, we are in a position to worry about annual domestic sales of 50,000 units.

Ssangyong Motor, which is in the process of corporate rehabilitation, posted a sale notice at the end of last month and set out to find a new owner. However, it is known that EY Hanyoung Accounting Firm, the lead manager of the sale, has submitted a final report to the court that liquidating the company is more valuable than maintaining it, turning the red light on the M&A.

Renault Samsung XM3

Last month, Renault Samsung sold 5,610 units, down 59.0% from the previous year. Although it is at a better level (21.0%↑) compared to May (4635 units), it is too early to say that it has entered a recovery trend.

QM6 (3537 units, 43.3% ↓ compared to the previous year), which was the lifeline of Renault Samsung, continues to be sluggish. The XM3 (1565 units, 70.6% ↓ compared to the previous year), which had been on a downtrend since the second half of last year, barely stopped the decline with the introduction of the 2022 model early last month.

Other Renault brands include Capture with 155 units, Joe with 100, Master with 46, and Twizy with 17.

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