2021.06.29.  8,641 reads It's not going to stop, why?  What is the cause of 'ghost congestion' Official Post 20

2021.06.29. 8,641 reads It’s not going to stop, why? What is the cause of ‘ghost congestion’ Official Post 20

Driving on a highway without a single traffic light, At some point, not only does the average speed of the vehicle slow down, but at some point the vehicle around you is filled with a lot of vehicles and congestion begins.. There are times when traffic jams occur for no apparent reason, although it is not a traffic accident in particular, and the merging and exiting vehicles are entangled and the lanes are paralyzed or the road narrows as a bottleneck.

This stagnant phenomenon in which there is no clear and invisible reason It is described as a ‘ghost identity’., Let’s find out what actually happened in the front row and what is the cause of this phenomenon..

What is ‘ghost stagnant phenomenon’?

A phenomenon in which traffic appears in a section where there is no reason for traffic to be blocked ghost identity phenomenoncall it. Just because there is no real cause of traffic jams, they say that it is like a ghost that cannot be seen with the naked eye.ghost identity phenomenonThe word was born. In addition to holidays and holidays,. It is often seen when there are a lot of cars, such as during rush hour.. It can be seen even on highways without traffic lights.

Why does ‘ghost congestion’ occur?

Cars rushed into the road and the distance between cars In a situation where there is no choice but to keep the distance below 50m, the car following has no choice but to react sensitively to the movement of the car in front.. In particular, if the vehicle in front brakes sharply or attempts to change lanes, the vehicle behind must naturally slow down to avoid a collision..

According to one study, it takes less than an hour for the vehicle behind you to apply the brakes to decelerate. There is a delay of about 1 second.. happened like this OneIt accumulates and accumulates on numerous vehicles following the second, eventually causing the following car to stop at a certain point..

One of the causes is the moving bottleneck!

As if they had met a bottleneck, the cars in one lane were going slowly one after the other.moving bottleneckIt is said. The cause is that the vehicle in front is driving at a low speed for no reason, and the following vehicle is driven into a state where there is no choice but to change lanes.. Of course, it can affect the overall traffic flow and ultimately become a major cause of ghost congestion..

How to get out of the ghost state?

As the cause of the ghost congestion phenomenon is clear, there is also a solution. In order to put this into practice, it is important to understand the driver’s efforts and traffic flow, and the investment and efficient management of the policy authorities must also follow.. Technological innovations of automobile manufacturers can also reduce ghost congestion and play a role to some extent..

When driving, only drive, don’t do anything else

Looking at your smartphone while driving and operating it can be more dangerous than driving under the influence of a license revoked. Forward gaze rate will drop to half of normal, which means you may miss half of what you can see in your normal field of view..

For this reason, the driver instinctively slows down.moving bottleneckThe cause of the vehicle can be. It is important to note that not only smartphones, but also infotainment devices such as navigation devices attached to vehicles and operation of various electronic devices while driving can pose such a risk..

Stay in your lane if you’re stuck

In situations where cars are driving normally, it may be more advantageous to change lanes according to the flow of traffic.. But the distance Attempting to change lanes in a section where traffic is congested to the extent that it is reduced to less than 50 m can be toxic to the vehicle following..

Sometimes your own lane is blocked, while the next lane appears to be relatively smooth.. However, when another vehicle is passing me, it feels as if the flow is relatively slow because the vehicle that has passed me comes into view, and it feels as if only my lane is blocked.. When a car is driven, you need to be considerate of keeping your lane, and if everyone has this principle, we can be more free from ghost congestion..

Avoid sudden braking and follow the speed limit

I explained earlier how the following vehicle is affected when braking. Because it is the biggest cause of congestion and can cause a major accident on the highway. Avoid sudden braking. In addition, driving at a constant speed (excluding the first lane and overtaking lane) according to the prescribed speed is a smart way not to disrupt the overall traffic flow, and it also helps to improve the fuel efficiency of the vehicle..

To avoid unnecessary braking or sudden braking, it is recommended to leave a sufficient distance between vehicles..
The field of vision is widened and you can get out of the stuffiness, and there is a close relationship between sudden braking and forward focus.. The risk of a continuous collision on the highway can be greatly reduced by detecting the entrance of a congested section in advance and braking gradually..

Utilization of autonomous driving technology

Currently, you can freely use functions belonging to autonomous driving level 3 on domestic automobile roads.. This is a level of technology where there is no problem even if the driver intervenes only when the system requests it. Highway Driving Assist (HDA); driver assistance systems (ADAS), Autopilot, etc.. Keeping your lane and driving at a cruising speed in a section with a lot of vehicles will be of great help..

Countermeasures against habitual congestion

Ghost congestion does not occur unless the vehicle is driven. Therefore, the habitual congestion section can be solved by expanding the road and securing an exit route accordingly.. If it is difficult to expand the road right now, one way is to have some vehicles divert to another road..

Rules for changing lanes during congestion

It is illegal for a vehicle to change lanes or to cut between traffic jams or slow-moving vehicles, even if a white dotted line is drawn and you can change lanes.. Penalty if caught 30,000 won or a fine for negligence You can be punished of 40,000 won, and if a traffic accident occurs while trying to do this, you may be held responsible for a more serious accident.. If the vehicle collides with the side or rear of a vehicle going straight while changing lanes during traffic congestion, the lane changing vehicle 100% It is negligence.

When congestion begins on a road where so many vehicles are running together in line with the traffic system and flow, I can get impatient without even realizing it. However, please note that excessive lane changes or unnecessary braking in a congested section in the greed of going a little faster will increase the risk of accidents and traffic jams.

Roads are a kind of service product for cars. As the quality of service varies depending on the attitude of the user, it is not an exaggeration to say that the quality of the road and the environment may start with the attitude of the driver.

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