2021.06.25.  7,631 reads What if electric vehicles are burdensome?  BMW 330e plug-in hybrid test drive Origungdi 15

2021.06.25. 7,631 reads What if electric vehicles are burdensome? BMW 330e plug-in hybrid test drive Origungdi 15

BMW 330e test drive
plug-in hybrid

I received a test drive vehicle from BMW Korea.

Nowadays, when various electric vehicle models are appearing, in fact, if you do not have an electric charging infrastructure,
It is a difficult environment to purchase electric vehicles.
Therefore, for those who have not yet thought about electric vehicles due to the convenience of internal combustion engines,
The model we can recommend is the plug-in hybrid.

A plug-in hybrid, called a PHEV, uses an electric motor in addition to an internal combustion engine.
Unlike a general hybrid, it has the advantage of being able to drive only on electricity for a certain section by charging electricity from the outside.
That’s why BMW has added plug-in hybrids to various models.
These days, models with an e after the model name are appearing one after another.

A plug-in hybrid model has also been added to the BMW 3 Series.
BMW’s latest family look design is applied to the 3 Series, the most sold 320d and 320i
And although the partial design is different up to the M340i, it has a design that emphasizes high-tech compared to the past.
The 330e is sportier with the M Sport package.

I’ve owned an F30 320d xDrive before, so I can clearly feel the changes in the G20 3 series.
As it is new, it is lower and lower with the kidney grill and headlight connected.
I think it’s a neat look because you can feel the stable design.

The radiator grill is decorated in black for a cleaner look.

In the F30 3 series, there were no complaints about the amount of light as LED was applied to the headlamp, but the width of the LED light is rather narrow.
I didn’t get much help with night vision. The new 3 Series has a wide spread of light from the amount of light, so it was convenient for driving at night.

The proportions of the BMW 3 Series have perfect proportions that make you think that they are truly standard.
The total length is 4,635 mm, the overall width is 1810 mm, and the total height is 1,430 mm.
It has a wheelbase of 2,810 mm and an unladen weight of 1,805 kg.

Tires are Pirelli P Zero.
The size is 225/40R 19 in the front and 255/35R 19 in the back.
Because it is rear wheel drive, the width of the rear tire is wider.

There is an electric vehicle charging port on the fender side of the driver’s seat.
If you press the cover while the door is open, you can open and close the cover in a pop-up style.

The rear also has a design that feels sporty by applying the M sports package.

The three-dimensional tail lamp design that is the same in many BMW models these days is also pretty cool.
It shows a high degree of completeness in an L-shape.

A round dual muffler is applied to make it more sporty.
The diffuser is also painted in black, which contributes to the sportiness.

Interior design with the same layout applied to many BMW models these days is
The 3 Series also uses good design and materials that make it feel luxurious.

The M Sport package steering wheel provides excellent grip.
A steering wheel with paddle shift is also applied.
The handle heating button is located under the clarification and is ready for immediate use.

The door trim has also been applied with neat metal trim.
It’s definitely a gorgeous look compared to its predecessor, like a chunk of plastic.
The speaker uses a Harman Kardon system, and unlike other models, there is a fuel port opening/closing button.

The organ-style accelerator and brake paddles are neatly decorated in aluminum.

The mocha colored seats are quite luxurious.
Lumber support is also included, so it was convenient to operate in the desired seat position.
However, it is always a pity that there is no ventilation seat in summer like these days.

Button-type auto light control is applied instead of dial-type light control.

The M sports steering wheel is a ball horn. It is a grip that feels like the truth.

The instrument panel composed of full LCD can check various information with good visibility.
The color and UI change depending on the drive mode, and it’s fun.
You can check the information mainly with the HUD, but you can check the fuel economy and various information at a glance.
Gasoline gauge on the left and electric motor charge on the right.

Air vent below the display and the button below
I think it’s a classic BMW layout configuration.

There aren’t many brands that support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wirelessly.
It is very convenient because you can use the T-map and music right away as you get in the car without a separate cable and connect your smartphone to the car.

Many brands these days hide the HVAC and media buttons in haptic buttons or LCDs.
I own a 5 series to a 3 series, so BMW’s own physical buttons are
It was good because it was convenient to use immediately because I was used to it.

Smartphone wireless charging is a very useful feature.

When the cupholder cover is closed, a trim with a rather sporty pattern, though not carbon, is applied.

The electronic gear lever also has a slightly more luxurious appearance, and the operation method is the same as before.
The engine start button has been moved next to the gear lever next to the display.
Electronic parking brake! The 3 series is really good.

The round i Drive controller is one of BMW’s design points that has been passed down through generations.

The difference from normal cars is that there is a separate electric button.
A pure electric mode can be selected, and a sport and hybrid mode can be selected to change the vehicle’s characteristics.

Ambient light can be specified by dividing the color into two-tone and one-tone.
Personally, I think orange, the original BMW representative color, goes best with BMW’s interior.

The luxury in the 3 Series… It’s like the G20 has been upgraded to the level of the car.
It can be seen that developments and changes have been made in many areas.

The second-row seat space is also considerably wider compared to the F30.
It is true that the second row seats feel less cramped as the wheelbase has been increased by 41mm compared to the previous one.

The configuration of the door is almost the same as that of the first row.
Ambient lighting is also applied to the second row.

I am 182 cm. When I sit down with the driver’s seat in my seat position
There is a little bit of legroom left and headroom is just the right amount of space.
It may be a little insufficient to use as a family car, but I don’t think it’s lacking at all.

In the 330e, independent auto air conditioning is applied to the second row space.
Only the 2nd row can be adjusted separately.

The trunk space of the regular 3 Series is 480L.
The 330e’s trunk space has been reduced to 375L due to the space on the battery.
I think the trunk is definitely high. It might be more convenient to load the luggage flat.

The trunk cover can be extended further to the bottom, so if you have a lot of luggage, you can use it instead of a storage space.
It seems that more luggage can be put in, so the disadvantages can be minimized.

The 3 Series also has an electric trunk.
It would have been great if it was like this in the F series too!

The inline 4-cylinder gasoline turbo 1,998 engine produces a maximum of 184 horsepower and 30.6 kg.m of torque.
When the 113 horsepower of the electric motor and the torque output of 27 kg.m are combined, the maximum is 292 horsepower and 42.8 kg.m of torque.
This is the BMW 330e that gives you a sense of cool acceleration.

Compared to the 330i, it is 5.9 seconds, which is 0.1 seconds behind the zero-to-back.
You can feel the cool feeling of acceleration at the beginning of acceleration due to the unique sense of torque of the electric motor.
In the beginning, you can feel the sensibility of a pure electric vehicle that never fails.

The electric battery capacity of the 330e is 12Kwh, compared to the 530e being charged in the apartment parking lot.
It has the same capacity as the X3 30e.

The 330e cannot be fast-charged, it can only be charged slowly.
The trunk includes a charging jack for a 220V outlet, so even if you don’t have a separate charger,
As long as you have an outlet, you can plug it in directly in the parking lot of your house.

It took 3 hours and 57 minutes to fully charge the battery from nearly empty.
The charging fee is 1,690 won, and after charging, you can drive about 40 km with electricity alone.

I don’t know how far everyone is commuting.
I only drive about 40km round trip a day in my daily life.
If you own a 330e, you will be able to drive it on a daily basis with the efficiency of an electric car.

The biggest advantage of a plug-in hybrid is that you only use it when you want to use electricity.
When it is not possible to charge electricity, it can only be driven by the engine.

If you are an electric vehicle owner, you need to check the drivable distance and the location of your destination before long-distance driving.
The 330e does not need to do that, at home, fully charge the battery in advance and arrive at the destination.
If there is an electric vehicle charging station, you can charge it, or you can continue driving with gasoline.

Being electrically charged isn’t the only appeal of the 330e.
You can feel the fun of the 3-series gasoline model as it is.

In sport mode, you can feel the powerful acceleration and driving texture of the 330i.

The solid high-speed driving and stable vehicle basics can also feel the BMW Guna again.

What do you mean by cornering?
As it is with BMW’s sensibility, it has already become dull in the F generation.
As BMW’s robustness comes to the G body, it feels even more old-fashioned.

When the charged battery capacity is used up, regenerative braking energy is charged.
Electric range can also be increased.

The official fuel economy is 16.7 km/L, and the actual fuel consumption was recorded to the extent that it was recorded.
It is more fuel efficient than diesel.

The BMW 330e also supports semi-autonomous driving.
From driving convenience specifications, the intelligent safety system can be turned on or off according to the owner’s preference.

Maintaining the distance between vehicles using smart cruise control
Steering Wheel Steering Assist helps keep you in your lane.
However, since people are told to hold the steering wheel frequently, a fairly stable semi-autonomous driving function is possible if you raise your hand slightly.
Not only on the instrument panel, but also on the LED indicators on the steering wheel in yellow and red
The warning message to hold the steering wheel goes well.

In the case of the 330e, the 3 series with a 50:50 front-to-rear balance is due to the battery.
Although the balance is disturbed, it shows driving performance that is not felt at all in actual driving.

If there was a fuel-efficient and electric-powered model like the 330e when I bought the F30 320d xDrive
Instead of the diesel model, it seems that the 330e, which has strengths in electric efficiency and quietness, was chosen.
Of course, you might think that the price of 60.3 million won is high for a 3 series, but
I think it’s a decent price because you can feel the charm of an electric car and feel the charm of a plug-in hybrid well.
It seems like a good choice if through timely promotion.

Efficiency and quietness of electric vehicles with plug-in hybrids,
It was a plug-in hybrid BMW 330e test drive that could take the convenience of an internal combustion engine at once.
If you need the fun of BMW and the efficiency of electricity, we recommend you to try it.

Thank you for the end.

I received a test drive vehicle from BMW Korea.

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