2021.06.24.  28,193 reads
				"I have no reason to live" Imported car Autopost 66 draws attention when IONIQ 5 mileage is revealed

2021.06.24. 28,193 reads "I have no reason to live" Imported car Autopost 66 draws attention when IONIQ 5 mileage is revealed


There is a domestic electric vehicle model launched with the aim of popularizing electric vehicles.. As all readers expected, The main character is Ioniq 5All. But Ionic 5has a fatal deficiency as an electric vehicle. That’s the driving distance, Controversy over the standard’s mileage has recently been revealed..

Meanwhile, Ioniq 5 While the standard model is at the center of controversy, Out of nowhere, a Volkswagen model is in the spotlight. The model is Ioniq 5It has a slightly longer range for a similar price to. Today’s Autopost Issue Plus is Volkswagen’s pure electric vehicle, ID.4Let’s go one step further into the story of.

writing Jihyun Jung Editor

2WD 342km
4WD 319km

Hyundai Ioniq 5 Standard mileage revealed. Ministry of Environment EV According to the website Ioniq 5 standard OneDomestic driving distance when fully charged 2WD, 4WD each max 342 km, 319 kmturned out to be.

Let me explain in a little more detail, 2WD model at room temperature 342 km, at low temperature 292kmrun. AWD model at room temperature 319 km, at low temperature 280kmcan run. Ioniq 5 Standard features a heat pump system and battery heating system as standard., 58 kWh The capacity of the battery was applied, 19Inch wheel specifications are the largest.

Standard trim price
From 49.08 million won to 53.63 million won

Ioniq 5 The standard price per trim is exclusive 4,908Ten thousand won, Prestige 5,363ten thousand won. These are dog tax 3.5% is the standard price, The sales price after tax benefits are applied will be revealed at a later date.. state subsidy 2WD 791Ten thousand won, AWD 774set at ten thousand won.

Ioniq 5 standard 2WDThe maximum output of the rear wheel electric motor is 164horsepower, the maximum torque 35.7kgmis, at standstill 100km/hTill 8.5it takes seconds. AWDA front-wheel electric motor is added., The sum total output is 232horsepower, the maximum torque 61.7kgmAll. at standstill 100km/hTill 6.1it takes seconds.

“I can’t buy the standard”
“At this point… ”

Ioniq 5 Netizens reacted hotly when the standard’s drivable distance was revealed.. While Tesla and other manufacturers are releasing a large number of electric vehicle models,, Ioniq 5 Standard’s short mileage is what consumers say. in one part standard is I can’t buy it”, “now 350kmCan’t even run”, “In this case, I would spend my money and buy another model.The reaction is being captured.

However, in the midst of this, there is a model that has suddenly started to attract attention.. This is Volkswagen ID.4in, Volkswagen plans to launch the model in Korea. ID.4The price of IONIQ 5It is known that it will be set in a similar way to.

Overtaking Tesla as number one
Rising Volkswagen

Volkswagen is the era of electrification 1, 2Overtaking Tesla in Europe, the electric vehicle market competing for the top spot as one is rising. In addition to the image that was built in Europe based on the internal combustion engine, this ID.4Wow ID.3It is thought to be the result of the propaganda of the.

ID.4Wow ID.3will be responsible for Volkswagen’s portfolio in the electrification era. ID It can be considered as the first car of the series.. Especially ID.4is this year 4Even in Europe 7,000sold more than, As a result, it was honored as the best-selling vehicle..

Global Strategy Model ID.4
What characteristics does it have?

ID.4is one of the largest markets in the global automobile market., compact SUV It is a model that is aimed directly at the market.. It is also a global strategic model that will be produced and sold not only in Europe, but also in China and the United States.. ID.4does not have a traditional radiator grille as it is powered by an electric drivetrain. The latest headlights and the signature light connecting them complete the modern design of the front..

Also ID.4is a short overhang and 2,770mmThanks to the long wheelbase of as much as an SUV Spacious and comfortable interior space. Volkswagen’s other ID. Like the models, the interior of the vehicle is made like an open space..

Also added the latest AWD version
About 49.41 million won in Hanwha

Meanwhile, The latest rear-wheel drive ID.4on AWD It is interesting that the version has been added. Volkswagen is ID.4 dual motor AWD Revealing the price and trim of the version cheapest on the market AWD pure electric car Price competitiveness has been emphasized..

Volkswagen ID.4 AWD The version’s selling price is the lowest Pro trim 4just 3,675USD to Korean Won Approx. 4,941ten thousand won. top trim pro SIn the case of 4just 8,175denominated in dollars, About Hanwha 5,460You can find it for ten thousand won..

Overall similar to the Ioniq 5
Comparing mileage based on WLTP?

many experts ID.4IONIQ in terms of overall performance and design type 5Add an analysis that is very similar to. actually a crossover SUVAt the time of domestic release in that, ID.4is the ionic 5can be expected to be a direct competitor to.

If so, how about comparing the mileage?? first ID.4is WLTP When standard is full 520kmcan run. On the other hand, Ionic 5 long range OneDriving distance when fully charged WLTP standard 480kmAll. Therefore, if the specifications are the same as in Europe, ID.4If comes into Korea, Ioniq 5A longer mileage can be expected.

Of course, Volkswagen ID.4The number of drivable distances will be slightly reduced if. but before WLTP As a result of examining the standard mileage, Ioniq 5than ID.4is expected to have a long driving range of.

Same price and same car class ID.4is directly ionic 5is expected to contain. A little bit better performance here, Imported cars, etc. ID.4is expected to be competitive in. If the reader has a choice, I wonder which car to choose. Auto post issue plus.


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