2021.06.24.  22,342 reads
				[현장취재] Overwhelming presence, Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Road Test 59

2021.06.24. 22,342 reads [현장취재] Overwhelming presence, Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Road Test 59

2,332versus. Last 4Released in Korea in May 7generation mercedesBenz S-is the cumulative sales of the class. Last month, the same model BMW 7series and audi A8easily outrun. For domestic consumers looking for imported large sedans, S-class is standardtoo much. Mercedes due to popularityBenz Korea S ideal S, mercedesmaybach S-class launched.

Written by Seo Dong-hyun, staff reporter
photo mercedesBenz Korea, Seo Dong-hyun

Once upon a time a Rolls Royce·Maybach stood shoulder to shoulder with Bentley. but last 2014year, mercedesIncorporated as a sub-brand of Mercedes-Benz World 3great carhad to drop the title. Maybach Motorenbau(Maybach Motorenbau)double from the first letter of M I kept the logo., Appearance is basic S-It wasn’t much different from the class.. Two-tone paint and classic wheels were the only difference.

But if you change your gaze, Maybach is 7series and A8can be viewed as a weapon to outweigh the. There are only two cars, a short wheelbase and a long wheelbase., S-Class has prepared a total of three versions, including Maybach.. A wide range of choices is always welcome from the consumer’s point of view. Besides, the flagship SUVsign GLSWear the Maybach emblem, than a sedan SUVWe are also aiming for the hearts of customers who prefer.

Maybach in real life S-The class boasted an overwhelming size. body length and width, height 5,470×1,955×1,510mm. the wheel base 3,396mmAll. In terms of length 13Renault Master that can ride 13sweeter than seated 105mm short. Also, Benz S-than the class long wheelbase model 180mm increased. Same with the wheelbase. among them 120mmcompletely melted into the rear seat knee space.

The face was covered with chrome decorations.. Grill Borders and Columns, Even the border of the air intake under the bumper is decorated in a gorgeous way. It can be a bit clunky, but, Rather, it boldly puts chrome in it to give it a dignified look.. Headlamp is a projection module 130Ten thousand dogs and multi-memes LED module 84made up of dogs digital light.’ Sometimes, pictures or text are displayed on the road ahead., Due to domestic law, it is not yet possible to use.

two-tone color mercedesMaybach’s special. The feeling of pressure on the road is no less than that of a supercar. I added detail to the part where the upper and lower colors of the body were divided.. Draw a thin line once more, As if adding a curve to the smooth surface. The two-tone option prepared by Mercedes-Benz 7Branch. single color here 10gun including branches 17I have prepared several options. Classic style on your feet 20Inch wheel fitted.

Back view is normal S-not very different from class. C Maybach emblem on filler, on the trunk panel ‘MAYBACH’ It’s just the lettering. Real mufflers are planted on both sides of the bumper. But put a chrome line in the middle, At first glance, it may look like a blocked fake. Even between the mufflers, it was finished with a single line of chrome without radical decoration..

inside OneThe thermal design is the Mercedes-Benz I recently test drove. S 580 4same as matic. 12.3inch 3D instrument panel and 12.8inch central monitor, rectangular air vent, Spacious dashboard all the same. The difference is the degree of the Maybach theme on the instrument panel., Dial rims and needles, The numbers are decorated in rose gold color.. 2As a model focused on thermal convenience, Most of the special features were found in the back seat..

maybach S-class is 5seat department 4Available in two seats. the show car 5seater. backrest 43.5°Executive seats that recline up to. The calf rest has a new massage function.. 4seater model first class rear seatIf you add an option, you can add a cold/hot cup holder and an electric storage box., USB-C type terminal 4dog, etc.. A folding table wrapped in luxurious leather was also prepared..

Above the head, there was a button that I saw for the first time.. Electric power opening of the back door rear comfort dooris a function. VIP Passengers can open and close huge doors without much effort.. It is also useful when parking on a slope left or right or front and rear.. Recognize the distance between the door and the obstacle, It may even stop working if it judges that it is too close..

There is also a long lamp hidden in the handle next to it.. name is adaptive rear seat lights.’ Light brightness and color temperature according to the behavior or situation of the occupant, You can even change the direction of the light. For example, when performing simple tasks, use a cool tone of light., When you want to relax, switch to a warm tone. I don’t know how useful it will be., It is meaningful that even the smallest details were taken care of..

120mmNeedless to say, the extra leg space is ample.. The passenger seat is not pushed forwardThe foot does not easily touch the back of the seat. Take a look at overseas test drives, key 185cmIt is comfortable even when the reporter of. The interior leather colors are brown and black., beige, gray light 4Branch. recycled material dynamicaThe roof covered with black and brown, Choose from beige.

other than that Benz S-Same as class parent tree. Energizing and Comfort Packages, active ambient light, MBUX, rear seat airbags, All belts and airbags included. S 580 4Benz released in single trim Matic S 580 4It also shares a powertrain with the Matic.. V8 Maximum output by combining gasoline twin-turbo engine and mild hybrid system 503horsepower, maximum torque 71.4kg·mspit out.

maybach S 580 4The price of the Matic 2billion6,060Ten thousand won. 4,200By paying an extra 10,000 won, you get the Maybach emblem and spacious interior.. It is not a small amount, Benz S 580 4If you are a consumer who has considered the Matic, I think it is well worth the investment.. Spacious space and convenient equipment, Because you can take a clear presence with two-tone color. S-There seems to be no reason to be undervalued just because it looks just like the class..

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