2021.06.24.  21,394 reads 'The New Mercedes Maybach S-Class' launched in Korea - the ultimate luxury limousine RGB stance 26

2021.06.24. 21,394 reads ‘The New Mercedes Maybach S-Class’ launched in Korea – the ultimate luxury limousine RGB stance 26

Unrivaled ultimate luxury limousine –
The new Mercedes Maybach S-Class

Mercedes-Benz Korea has officially launched ‘The New Mercedes Maybach S-Class’, the top model of ‘The New Mercedes-Benz S-Class’ in Korea. The new Mercedes Maybach S-Class, which contains Maybach’s philosophy of pursuing ultimate luxury, is expected to solidify the leadership of luxury flagship sedans along with the S-Class as it is newly changed to the 7th generation model. Maek Raine, Executive Vice President of Product & Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Korea, said, “Inheriting Maybach’s unique heritage that has continued over the past 100 years as a leader in providing the highest level of luxury, Mercedes-Maybach aims to establish the best craftsmanship. “Owning a Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is entering a world of limitless luxury, proving a success that few can have.”

Luxurious design and interior space

The Mercedes Maybach S-Class is a three-box sedan in perfect proportion with a long wheelbase, balanced rear overhangs and large wheels. On the front, chromed fins show grandeur with a unique bonnet, three-dimensional trim strips arranged vertically, a Maybach-exclusive radiator grille and lettering, and a dedicated front bumper design. The Maybach emblem attached to the C-pillar, wheels dedicated to Maybach, and flush door handles are in harmony to show a strong appearance. In addition, the Maybach-exclusive rear bumper and exhaust pipe are installed to show elegance. Seven optional combinations of two-tone color finishes complete a more luxurious appearance.

The interior is a blend of digital and analog luxury, and the 5 display screens including the central 12.8-inch OLED display and 3D instrument cluster stand out. The seats to which the exclusive package is applied are finished with exquisite diamond-patterned nappa leather, and the roof liner is finished with high-quality dynamica microfiber for added luxury.

And, based on the 18cm longer wheelbase than the new S-Class long wheelbase, the knee space has been increased by up to 12cm, and it is surrounded by high-quality wood trim, showing a relaxed lounge feeling. In addition, new color themes such as rose gold white and amethyst glow are applied to 64 ambient lights.

Extreme comfort and comfort

The new Mercedes Maybach S-Class is powered by an M176 V8 engine, producing 503 horsepower and 71.4 kg.m of torque, and at the same time, it boasts a comfortable ride. ‘Maybach exclusive mode’ has been added to the driving mode to provide a comfortable ride for rear seat passengers. The Maybach-only mode minimizes body movement with smoother features during acceleration, a low gear arrangement and 2nd gear start, and maximizes the comfort of the suspension to provide a more comfortable driving experience. Here, NVH has been innovatively reduced, and IR laminated glass, a film layer inserted between the glass, blocks external noise and ultraviolet rays while driving, maintaining improved quietness and stable indoor temperature.

In addition, a digital light equipped with a high-resolution lighting system with more than 2 megapixels of pixels, a rear seat airbag that protects the head and neck of rear passengers in the event of a collision, and a driving assistant package are applied as standard, enabling safer driving. In addition, a belt feeder is applied to the rear seat to help them wear a belt safely and conveniently, and the neck and shoulder heating function on the rear seat headrest helps to take a comfortable rest. In addition, the shopper package is applied as a standard to move the passenger seat back and forth by up to 77mm, allowing for wider use of the rear seat, and rear axle steering helps to make driving and parking convenient. In addition, various functions in the vehicle can be used with the 2nd generation MBUX.

Maybach, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the launch of the first car this year, means that the word ‘best’ is the best recognized not only by the product but also by society. It embodies luxury. The ‘The New Mercedes Maybach S580 4Matic’ released this time is 2600.6 million won including tax.

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S 580 4MATIC
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compound fuel economy (km/l)
Recommended retail price (won, additional cell)
*individual consumption tax for Inha reflection standard

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