2021.06.24.  14,830 reads Six-cylinder hybrid Ferrari's appearance, Ferrari 296GTB Motor Magazine 66

2021.06.24. 14,830 reads Six-cylinder hybrid Ferrari’s appearance, Ferrari 296GTB Motor Magazine 66

24Work, Ferrari’s new sports car 296GTBwas revealed through an online press conference.. newly introduced V6 It is a hybrid midship sports car equipped with a turbo gasoline engine and a battery and electric motor.. 296GTBThe name of the total displacement(2.992L)and 6Combination of the number of cylinders 296Abbreviation for E Gran Turismo Berlinetta. GTBis a combination of.

Ferrari is already 3Electrification was announced years ago.. SF90Hybrid sports car was first introduced through 296GTBIt once again showed off Ferrari’s technology through. 296GTBis 120°with an angle of V6 with turbo gasoline engine 663horsepower, with electric motor 167Total system output by adding horsepower 830has the power of magic. 740Nmthe maximum torque of 6250rpmIt is ejected from the , and the speed at a standstill 100kmonly until 2.9second, per hour 200km by 7.3Can accelerate in seconds. besides the speed 200kmfrom to standstill 107msaid it was enough. 296GTBFiorano’s lap time is Oneminute 21second. It is said to be the greatest Ferrari of all time. SF90 About than Stradale 2second slow record.

Special attention was paid to the sound system, which is characteristic of Ferrari.. Especially in the high rev range, you can hear a more creepy tone., This is thanks to the design so that the sound can be transmitted into the room before it reaches the catalyst.. Ferrari added that a lot of effort has been made to amplify the sound of the exhaust pipe, and the key is to hear the intake sound clearly..

this time 296GTBshows agile movements like a go-kart. wheel base 50mm reduced and the electronic control equipment was further strengthened. When the limit value of the car is reached through the sensor, the electronic control equipment intervenes immediately.. The weight increase due to the hybrid system was also minimized through various lightweight devices.. As a result Oneper horsepower 1.77kgYou only need to bear the weight of. Ferrari spoke about it Control is important because there is no pleasure in driving if the car is scary.explained.

The design is a Ferrari that anyone can see. SF90It has a front design similar to that of the model, and the aerodynamic performance is improved through a splitter.. 250GTIt has a window line reminiscent of , and if you move your gaze back, you can meet Ferrari’s design that you have never experienced before.. huge splitter, The bifurcated exhaust vents as well as the rear window line that falls at an angle are the core of the rear design..

296 GTBsilver SF90 Like the Stradale, lightweight options and aero modification for customers who want to experience extreme power and maximum performance(aero modification, aerodynamic changes)Provides an aceto fiorano package including. Acetopiorano mode is a mode that allows you to utilize the best performance of the car and maximizes driving pleasure..

If you are a fan of Ferrari 6Your heart may be thrilled by the appearance of a cylinder Ferrari. Right away 246 GT, In other words, dreaming of the resurrection of the Dino.. But Ferrari at a press conference said it wasn’t a Dino revival.. 296GTBis 6He emphasized that it has nothing to do with the Dino other than the use of cylinders, and even this is a completely new segment because it uses a hybrid powertrain.. new era, Let’s look forward to seeing what the new Ferrari will look like before us..

writing | Reporter Hyungyu Cho

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