2021.06.24.  11,924 reads Less gasoline, more power!  Toyota Rav4 Hybrid VS Honda CR-V Hybrid Motor Magazine 75

2021.06.24. 11,924 reads Less gasoline, more power! Toyota Rav4 Hybrid VS Honda CR-V Hybrid Motor Magazine 75

The present hybrid is no longer awkward, two hybrids SUVhave competed in the country. size diagram, It’s a hybrid and it’s all-wheel drive.. only, There are minor differences in it.. And that difference sets the character of the two models..
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The two models are markedly different from the design.. first RAV4let’s talk about, While carrying out a full change, I threw away the softness I had maintained so far and built an angle.. ‘cross octagonIt has a silhouette that looks like two overlapping octagons under the name., There’s only one reason why I made it so badly on purpose. downtown SUVHowever, he wanted to show that he could run well off-road.. So the front is almost at right angles..

That ambition is evident everywhere.. The wheel arches are angled rather than the usual round ones.. authentic off-road SUVIt is a style that can be seen in models that aim for. Numerous pleats were arranged on the front and the lower side of the side., Because of this, it does not show a sad face. On the other hand, the rear looks a bit boring., It must have been an inevitable choice for easy use of the tailgate and trunk.. It’s a bit disappointing that the tail lamp has a modest shape compared to its appearance..

CR-Vadds intensity, but, More focus on softness and dynamism. A lot of the chrome lines on the grill have disappeared and the front looks a little more modest.. The intensity can be felt from the door on the side., A thick yet strong side line was added as if trying to emphasize the broad shoulders.. I am making a point by giving an angle to the front bumper., I travel more downtown than rough roads. CR-Vwould reflect the characteristics of.

Of course, there is also the identity that has been maintained.. One of them is the tall tail lamp., This is to prevent the tail lamp from being broken by gravel splashing while driving on rough roads.. 5into the generation LIt has been refined in the shape of a ruler and has visibility and design elements at the same time.. 3inherited from the generation modelSide windows that narrow toward the rearalso faithfully inherited. It is Honda’s insistence on securing visibility and design at the same time..


two neighboring countries SUVplaced side by side. Coincidentally, both cars remind me of anime characters.. First of all, Toyota RAV4is a shape that emphasizes lines and angles as a whole.GundamIt’s too much image. To put it bluntly, it’s a Gundam with a hybrid.. RAV4Both ends of the radiator grill are down, and the headlamps have both ends extended upwards, giving a grumpy expression.. Contrary CR-V‘s expression has a smile on it, so it looks like a character that stands out.

Overall, using simple lines and planes RAV4is a somewhat boring design. In particular, through the plastic guard of the wheel arch, such a simple yet solid image is further emphasized.. Honda CR-Vis a design that takes advantage of the rich three-dimensional effect. The fenders and bonnet are filled with inflated volume, making the body look quite large.. Comparing the numerical size CR-Vis slightly larger, but the visible size is CR-Vlooks much bigger.

Looking back, this difference is even more pronounced.. CR-Vhas a rear lamp that is used horizontally and vertically, but, RAV4used a rear lamp that is ordinary itself. The chrome garnish across the trunk is also CR-Vwas used more actively to bring out the splendor. instead RAV-4is a hybrid using a dual muffler tip. SUVBut I tried to give a dynamic image. CR-VThe muffler of the so-calledwater tapIt’s called a hidden type, but the rear bumper is made of silver plastic to look like an exhaust vent to relieve boredom..

Of course, design is a matter of personal taste.. But families that run mainly in the city center SUVConsidering the genre, it is a little more colorful and individual. CR-VI want to hold your hand.



RAV4has set the angle of the interior. It feels like we’ve gone back a bit from the digital era to the analog era.. I don’t know if it’s a characteristic of Japanese cars., The navigation screen is quite small. It is also dissatisfying that Apple CarPlay is not supported in this era.. I like the fact that the dashboard has a tray where you can place anything you want.. And the functions are pretty well arranged in the center console so you don’t have to panic when shifting gears or choosing a driving mode..

The seat seems to be made with firmness first.. Feels soft rather than comfortable. It is by no means cramped when viewed from a single seat., Overall, it feels cramped.. If you are a driver who values ​​comfort, You will have to sit down and judge for yourself.. Visibility from the driver’s seat is pretty good., There is a blind spot in an unexpected part, so you need to be careful. The trunk is wider than you think, so you can load a lot of items..

CR-Vpursues a relatively soft interior. As soon as you sit in the driver’s seat, you’ll feel that the front sight is pretty good., This is because the protruding part of the dashboard has been greatly reduced.. Because of that, the navigation screen is slightly lowered, but, that’s fine too. HUDThere is no need to look at the screen because it is linked with Android Auto.. The button-type gearbox with clearly identified places to press also makes it so that you don’t look away while driving..

the sheet RAV4It is relatively soft and considers the ride comfort.. seems to be the same size, feel a little more relaxed. and there is something important. CR-Vis 2Thermal door opens almost at right angles. So when carrying a child or an elderly person on board, much easier. It’s a small difference, but it’s from this place that luxury goods are made.. One thing I regret Onethat there is no ventilated seat in the heat. A person with a hot ass can’t stand the summer.


As much as the difference in the exterior, the interior of the two cars has a distinct personality.. priority RAV4Let’s open the door of. 2The dashboard is the first thing that catches your eye.. The plastic decoration around the air vent stands out.. The instrument cluster is a mix of display and analog.. in the middle 7Inch display shows the current speed and various information of the car. And RPM Instead, gauges and thermometers indicate how power is currently being used., Flowmeters are positioned to the left and right of the display. The drive mode selector shouted to the left of the gear knob has details that change color depending on the current drive mode..

CR-VWhat stands out in the interior is the use of wood trim throughout.. This can be a rustic and old-fashioned decoration, but CR-Vcreated a cozy atmosphere using exquisite colors. CR-VIn the instrument cluster, the display is placed in the center, and the remaining battery level is on the left and right., oil meter displayed. The center fascia has simple buttons.. The gearbox is a button type.. Other sport modes, icon mode, EV The size and graphic of the buttons for selecting modes, etc. are large, so it is intuitive and easy to use..

I’ll have to fight the interior too.? First of all, the interior CR-Vis the victory of. The beginning of the reason for such a conclusion is the infotainment system.. It is a fatal flaw that Japanese cars these days are using outdated infotainment graphics., Among them RAV4is at a serious level. The resolution of the display is lowered, and it feels like the various buttons for operation are arranged rudely.. It doesn’t even support Apple CarPlay, so connectivity is poor.. and a heads-up display RAV4It is a pity that it is not installed in. yes CR-VI didn’t do a great infotainment arrangement, but the display layout and ease of operation, And although it is a pop-up type, it is equipped with a heads-up display. RAV4had a comparative advantage over. In addition, the livability and openness of the interior space and storage space CR-Vhas been shown to be more advanced.



Both models were equipped with a hybrid powertrain., it’s totally different. RAV4has surprisingly less time to run the electric motor. A separate motor is mounted on the rear axle to create four-wheel drive.. I think it was pretty quiet before., When I came back and looked at it again, there was quite a noise when the engine was running.. Especially when driving at high speed, The engine seldom sleeps. I like the firmness it feels while driving.. It almost feels like a German car..

Hybrid, but not all-wheel drive. To wake the motor on the rear axle, it has to go through a complicated process of first detecting the wheel rotation, sending a command to a central computer, and then sending the command to the rear axle. As a result, it cannot respond quickly even when the wheels are slipping.. Of course, it’s more stable than a typical two-wheel drive model, though.. As the original hybrid model, the fuel economy is quite good..

CR-VIt would be correct to view it as an electric vehicle in fact.. This is because electric motors, not engines, are used as power in most areas.. At that point, the engine is running for power generation., drive the electric motor. The engine intervenes in the power only when high-speed driving conditions are reached., Doesn’t rotate as loudly as expected. Of course, if you put a lot of force on your right foot to pass, then CVT Although the engine runs noisy with its characteristic sagging.

Even more impressive is the stability provided by the all-wheel drive.. It is possible to split the two electric motors, but, Honda insisted on keeping the propeller shaft on the electric motor.. The advantage of this method is that the drive distribution is faster and a natural driving feeling is created.. So you can easily escape even if one or two wheels are missing.. Appearance is downtown SUVThis is much more advantageous for Rado off-road driving..


The flower of comparative test drive, It’s time to compare performance. Naturally, the engine does not wake up even when both cars are started. Carefully place your foot on the accelerator and the electric motor quietly moves the car.. In both cars, the motor actively drives the car at low speed. per hour 35kmwhen it is over CR-VThe engine wakes up and starts supplying power to the battery., A lot of engine noise enters the room.. RAV4Even if the speed exceeds a certain speed, the engine starts to intervene, but its tone is CR-Vbetter to hear. However RAV4other noise is annoying. AThere is quite a bit of wind noise around the pillars and side mirrors, but this inevitably penetrates into the driver’s ears.. The same goes for the lower. Even the slightest deterioration of the road surface makes the interior noisy. On the other hand CR-Vcan give a high score for blocking these noises well..

The characteristics of the two cars are clearly different when you start to apply force to the accelerator pedal in earnest.. The initial acceleration is similar. RAV4feels like it’s accelerating. Both cars have gearboxes CVTTherefore, as the speed increases, the acceleration force increases. CR-Vis much more pronounced. On the other hand RAV4can increase the speed even in the high-speed range as if there is still power remaining. Besides, the performance RAV4has a comparative advantage. When driving the same course at the same speed RAV4showed better trip mileage.

Also, the direction of the two cars is different in the setting of the suspension.. RAV4If the overall feeling is firm and tight, CR-Vis feeling loose and soft. In particular, you can clearly feel these characteristics when you encounter irregularities.. CR-VWhile the body absorbs the shock and rides over it softly,, RAV4is the appearance of thumping so much that the driver can feel the shock as it is.. Instead, these settings show their true value when faced with a light winding course.. The fast-moving bangs and instantaneous feedback the driver can feel provide even greater pleasure in light corners.. RAV4It feels like the great disappointment I felt in the interior of. In any case, the overall performance RAV4can raise your hand.

Length×width×Height 4600×1855×1685mm | wheelbase 2690mm
engine type I4+ electric motor, Gasoline | displacement 2487cc | maximum output 178ps
sum output 222ps | motor output 120ps | motor torque – | gearbox e-CVT
drive method AWD | compound fuel economy 15.5km/ℓ | price 4627Ten thousand won

Length×width×Height 4630×1855×1690mm | wheelbase 2660mm
engine type I4+ electric motor, Gasoline | displacement 1993cc | maximum output 145ps
sum output 215ps | gearbox e-CVT | drive method AWD | compound fuel economy 14.5km/ℓ
price 4770Ten thousand won

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