2021.06.22.  11,152 reads Hyundai's third high-performance N, Avante N teaser released.  Auto Diary 87

2021.06.22. 11,152 reads Hyundai’s third high-performance N, Avante N teaser released. Auto Diary 87

Hyundai Motor’s high-performance brand N is expanding its lineup to sedans following hatchbacks and SUVs.

Hyundai Motor Company unveiled a design teaser for the high-performance sedan model ‘Avante N’ following the high-performance SUV Kona N announced in April.

The Avante N is a high-performance model of the ‘All New Avante’ released in April 2020 and features a strong and dynamic driving sensibility on top of the sporty side of the basic car.

By applying various performance-enhancing parts to the Avante N, Hyundai maximized the high-performance characteristics to further strengthen the challenging character of the Avante.

The side of the Avante N is equipped with a large side skirt that adjusts the air flow to enhance aerodynamic performance, and the N-dedicated red strip engraved with the engraved N logo completes a lower and speedy image.

In the rear part, an N-only wing-type spoiler is applied on the trunk to reduce the air vortex that occurs at the rear of the vehicle while driving, and improves driving stability by suppressing the lifting force that causes the vehicle to float at high speeds.

In addition, compared to the basic model, the black trim at the bottom of the rear bumper was boldly enlarged to reveal the strong presence of the N brand, and the rear diffuser and large-diameter dual single muffler neatly finish the differentiated impression of a high-performance car.

On the other hand, while expanding the high-performance N product line with the Avante N, Hyundai Motor Company emphasizes economic feasibility and provides customers with a trendy sense as well as customers who want high performance by enriching the lineup that leads to the all-new Avante basic model, hybrid, and N line. We plan to offer a wider range of options to our customers.

“The Avante N is a high-performance sedan that has evolved a step further by putting N’s sensibility on the sporty side of the all-new Avante,” said Thiel Battenberg, managing director of Hyundai Motor’s N Brand Management Motorsports Division. As it was designed as a true everyday sports car that can show drastic performance, we expect it to provide great satisfaction to customers who want dynamic driving.” He also expressed his confidence, saying, “We will soon unveil the Avante N, which is suitable for sporty, high-performance design, through the Digital World Premiere.”

Sangjin Lee Daedusj@autodiary.kr

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