2021.06.18.  72,565 reads “The Return of Musso” Ssangyong J100 Could be the signal for the revival of Ssangyong Motor?  autobuff 205

2021.06.18. 72,565 reads “The Return of Musso” Ssangyong J100 Could be the signal for the revival of Ssangyong Motor? autobuff 205

Last 15Ilsan Ssangyong Motor secured liquidity and production, He said that he would put the resources secured through a strong self-rescue plan, such as improving manpower operation efficiency, to the development of new cars first.. This will pave the way for future growth while demonstrating the ability to maintain sufficient sustainability in the future car era., Plans to secure the driving force for mergers and acquisitions.

first started last year 7Semi-medium electric vehicle unveiled in May SUVsign E100to be. E100is Ssangyong Motor’s first electric vehicle model and is a key model to respond to the future electric vehicle era.. Last 6month 14Started mass production from, The car name is Korando Emotion.(e-Motion)confirmed as. Korando Emotion this year 10It will be launched in the European market in May., The domestic release is expected to continue in consideration of the component situation such as semiconductor supply and demand..

However, it was not the Korando Emotion that received the most attention in the announcement of Ssangyong’s new car plan.. The second new model, the medium SUV, J100 (Project name)to be. J100is the heritage of Ssangyong Motor. strong and safe SUV’Authentic under development based on the essence of SUVAll.

Ssangyong Motor is a representative brand. Korandobut revived, In the past, the identity of Korando could not be found, so it was criticized by consumers.. The Korando, where you can feel the strength of an authentic off-roader, is an urban type that disappeared out of nowhere. SUVbecause it was released as. but this time J100The biggest reason to expect J100A strong authentic differentiated from other domestic brands in the teaser image of SUVBecause the feeling of.

Up to now J100The release name has not been disclosed., Looks like it’s more likely to be musso. Korando and Musso, which have continued the identity of Ssangyong Motor in the released teaser image, and J100It contains the following. also small SUV Tivoli, semi-medium SUV Korando, large SUV Medium-sized after Rexton SUV If Musso fills the vacancy, Ssangyong Motor’s ideal SUV The full lineup is expected to be completed..

Ssangyong J100 An electric vehicle model will also be released.. There was no mention of the launch of an internal combustion engine model., when released 2.2Liter diesel engine is likely to be installed. Likewise J100It is expected to run on two powertrains: an internal combustion engine model and a pure electric vehicle., Ssangyong Motor 2022year J100We are accelerating development with the goal of releasing.

Meanwhile, Ssangyong Motor’s Korando Emotion, J100 Along with the launch of electric vehicles, the company plans to diversify its eco-friendly vehicle lineup, including pickup electric vehicle models..

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