2021.06.18.  37,296 reads Volkswagen Multivan unveiled, Auto Tribune 73 full of extraordinary practicality different from domestic MPV

2021.06.18. 37,296 reads Volkswagen Multivan unveiled, Auto Tribune 73 full of extraordinary practicality different from domestic MPV

[오토트리뷴=김예준 기자] The Volkswagen Multivan has been unveiled. Starting with the first-generation model that we are familiar with, the Volkswagen Multivan, which has a history of over 70 years, is even closer to eco-friendliness by embracing an electric powertrain in this new model.

Due to the nature of the van, design changes are bound to be limited. This multivan is also not much different from the previous generation in terms of body design. However, the headlamps and other detailed details reflect the latest design features of Volkswagen to give off the atmosphere of a new car.

The front headlamps are considerably thinner. In addition, LED lamps were also applied. Long daytime running lights are applied between the headlamps. This is the method we saw in modern Staria. In the middle, the large emblem of Volkswagen was applied to create the effect of emphasizing the emblem by the daytime running lights.

A large air intake is applied to the lower part of the bumper, but the perforated part is extremely small compared to the shape of the air intake. It seems that cooling performance and aerodynamic performance are considered at the same time.

The side emphasized a straight line like a 1.5 box van. One unique thing is that the lower and upper parts of the body are designed to be divided through the rail of the sliding door. Thanks to this, it gave a reversal charm to the boring body that emphasized the straight line. Like a European van, the glass on the side boasts a large size. A large-sized indigo window was attached to the A-pillar to reduce blind spots.

Compared to the old model, the front and side were small enough to be found if you were looking for a similar part, but the rear design was significantly changed. The first contributor to the design change is the tail lamp. Unlike the previous model that used vertical tail lamps, this multivan used horizontal tail lamps and was designed as thin as headlamps. Thanks to this, the rear of the car looks sleek and more spacious.

A horizontal center fascia is applied, and the first row looks quite spacious thanks to the large side windows applied to the A-pillar. With the spread of electronic transmissions, electronic transmissions are now applied to multi-vans. Thanks to this, the center console that blocked the first row disappeared, leaving a spacious first row space. Like the latest car, I did not miss the 10-inch touch screen and 10.25-inch electronic instrument cluster.

The total length X height X width of the multivan unveiled this time is 4,973X1,903X1,941mm, and the wheelbase that has a big influence on the interior space is 3,124mm. There is also a model that has increased the overall length to 5,173mm. As the interior space is spacious, the smart structure of the interior stands out. A separate rail exists between the 1st and 2nd rows, and the center console can be moved freely through this rail. In addition to moving, a folding table is also applied to the side of the center console, boasting high usability.

The driver assistance system is also top-notch. It also supports Car2X technology, which detects and warns of danger around the vehicle through local communication with other vehicles and highway infrastructure. 34 types of driver assistance systems have been applied to the new multivan, including Drive Travel Assist, which helps semi-autonomous driving by combining Rain Assist, which adjusts the distance between vehicles and maintains the center of the lane.

This multivan is based on the MQB platform that Volkswagen is applying to various car models. Thanks to its versatile platform, it also has a plug-in hybrid for the first time in Volkswagen’s commercial vehicle. The plug-in hybrid powertrain called e-Hybrid boasts a combined output of 218 horsepower by combining a 1.4-liter gasoline engine with a maximum output of 150 horsepower and an 85 kW electric motor. The 13kWh battery sits on the floor of the car body, lowering the center of gravity of the high multivan, and helping handling performance.

In addition, there is a 1.5-liter gasoline model with a maximum output of 136 horsepower and a gasoline model with a maximum output of 204 horsepower, and a diesel model with a maximum output of 150 horsepower will be released in the future.


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