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Touring. This term to express a wagon-type model uses different names depending on the country and manufacturer, such as Station Wagon, Avant, and ShootingBreak, depending on the manufacturer. Although it is a car model that is rarely found in Korea, it is also a car model with fierce competition in the European market. Most of the premium brands as well as mass-produced brands are showing wagon models. So on European roads, hatchbacks in the south and wagons more often than sedans in north-central Europe.

BMW M340i Touring xDrive

The boring wagon style of the past is no longer a thing of the past. Now, it has changed to an era where artistry is more important than functionality. So the 20th-century wagon that made the most of the space while extending the trunk of the sedan no longer exists.

The exterior of the BMW 3 Series Touring has a sleek atmosphere that is not like a wagon-type model. Its taut appearance, never boring at all, is reminiscent of a muscular sprinter. It’s a far cry from the typical two-box type sports car, but it’s hard to get an unfamiliar feeling from the overall ratio.

In addition, there seems to be a concern that the dynamic driving performance may have weakened due to the shape of the rear part of the vehicle different from that of the sedan model. However, to address these concerns, a well-tuned center of gravity and a 50:50 front/rear weight distribution were implemented. In the case of the 330i, there is a slight difference of 51:49, but the ratio that BMW values ​​most is maintained even in the wagon model.

Among them, the BMW 3 Series Touring puts drivability as the top priority according to the brand’s personality, but it does not lag behind its competitors in practicality as well. The rear seats are in a 40:20:40 split folding form. The fact that it can be operated with a button on the trunk part is a convenience unique to the Touring model. Another big difference from the sedan is that the knee space is more comfortable as the wheelbase is enlarged.

The climate control buttons for the rear seats are also designed behind the center console box. The trunk door has a function that only the glass part can be opened separately, so it is convenient to take out small luggage. Unlike the sedan, the door itself is also electrically operated, so it has the advantage of being able to open and close easily even with luggage in both hands.

The standard luggage space is 500ℓ, and when all the rear seat backrests, which are split-folding in the ratio of 40:20:40, are folded, there is ample space comparable to that of an SUV that has been extended to a maximum of 1,510ℓ. The roof rail is also installed as a basic specification, so it has expandability.

Basic convenience specifications are also fulfilled. All trims come with LED headlights, 3-zone air conditioning system, Comfort Access 2.0, panoramic sunroof, ambient light, rear sun blinds, and wireless charging. The latest driver assistance systems are also not to be missed. Advanced technologies such as BMW Live Cockpit Professional, Head-Up Display, Parking Assistant and Driving Assistant for safe driving are also standard.

The Driving Assistant Professional, applied via the additional option package, activates the Active Cruise Control (ACC) function, presses the Steering Assist button and releases the steering wheel, then the yellow warning light comes on after about 10 seconds and then changes to a red warning light again after 15 seconds . If you still do not hold the steering wheel, the function will be deactivated after 5 seconds and a red message to stop the vehicle and press the pedal is displayed at the same time. To activate it again, you have to press a button on the left spoke of the steering wheel. The steering wheel is touch-sensitive and responds to the slightest touch of your hand. The ability to maintain the center of the lane is excellent, and even if the lane is not clear, it recognizes it and continues driving. The graphic display of nearby vehicles on the instrument panel also helps with safe driving.

If you select the optional package here, high beam assistant and parking assistant plus (including surround view) are added depending on the configuration, and the appearance and performance can be upgraded to a more sporty level by installing M performance parts. Recently, through optional reinforcement, acoustic glazing (double laminated glass) and Harman Kardon speaker system have been applied to show enhanced marketability.

BMW 320d Touring M Sport Model

The BMW 3 Series Touring launched in Korea is equipped with three engines. The 320i Touring Luxury model is equipped with a 2-liter 4-cylinder gasoline turbo engine that produces a maximum output of 184 horsepower and a maximum torque of 30.6 kg.m, providing a light driving experience and a sense of engine rotation.

The diesel model, the 320d Touring M Sport model, is equipped with a 2-liter 4-cylinder diesel turbo engine that produces a maximum output of 190 horsepower and a maximum torque of 40.8 kg.m, and the M sports suspension is applied to experience powerful torque and agile handling performance. .

M340i xDrive

The most powerful new M340i xDrive touring model is equipped with a 3-liter inline 6-cylinder engine that produces a maximum output of 387 horsepower and a maximum torque of 51 kg.m. The valvetronic, double VANOS (intake/exhaust continuously variable valve timing), and high-precision direct injection system that can smoothly control the lift amount of the intake valve from fully closed to fully open according to the degree of stepping on the accelerator pedal are adopted. The silver increased by 61ps and the torque by 50Nm.

M340i xDrive

In particular, the 3-liter in-line 6-cylinder engine shows the taste of the BMW 6-cylinder engine, which is expressed in ‘Silky Six’ when driving in the city. It shows a high level of engine rotational increase and texture, and it conveys a good feeling that does not need to be mentioned in particular about fine noise, sound insulation, and vibration reduction. The owner of a family sedan may not care about such subtle changes, but it is important for users who want a sports sedan from a premium brand.

BMW M340i Touring xDrive

The BMW 3 Series Touring is a vehicle that lacks in both driving performance and practicality. In particular, for those who cannot give up the agile driving performance of BMW even as a family car for the whole family, the BMW 3 Series Touring model will be the best choice.

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