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Why aren’t they wearing door visors these days?

In the 90s, when there was no sunroof, it was no exaggeration to say that door visors were almost an essential accessory for automobiles. At the time, smoking in cars was taken for granted. However, if you want to smoke on a rainy day, you have to open the window slightly, and then rainwater will inevitably flow into the car. Therefore, by installing a door visor, it was possible to block rainwater and exhaust cigarette smoke. But these days, you can hardly find a car with a door visor. ABC Tire summarized the advantages and disadvantages of door visors and why they disappeared.

Open windows to ventilate on rainy days and on highways

A door visor is a kind of plastic screen that is attached to the top of a car door glass. In the past, car manufacturers have even offered genuine products so that you can choose a door visor as an option when buying a new car. But now you can hardly find them. Of course, if you want to buy it now, you can easily purchase it on the Internet, and you can easily install it yourself. Usually, you can fix it firmly with double-sided tape.

The biggest advantage of the door visor is that even if the window is opened, rain and wind do not directly enter the car. Even if you want to open the window on the highway, it is not easy because the wind is so strong. At this time, if you install the door visor and open the window slightly, you can ventilate and block the wind. By the same principle, the window can be opened even when it is raining. And although high-passes are common now, they prevent water droplets from entering the car even when you have to fully open the windows on a rainy day, such as at tollgates.

In addition, it is possible to ventilate more safely even when parking. In the hot summer months, just leaving the windows slightly open can reduce the temperature considerably. The problem is still theft, but if you have a visor, it is hard to see even if you leave the window slightly open. It also prevents rainwater from entering the car even when it rains suddenly. In addition, it plays a role in protecting the driver’s skin from UV rays from the side.

Problems with design balance… adverse effects on fuel economy

Despite all these advantages, why are door visors not popular? The first is design. In the first place, cars are designed without these door visors installed. If a door visor is attached here, the design balance will be broken. In fact, there are many responses that it gives the feeling of a very old car. In addition, since it is a plastic material, it gives a more aged feeling as time goes by and the color changes.

Other reasons include the fact that the number of people who smoke in automobiles has significantly decreased as described above, and the fact that there is an alternative function called a sunroof is also one of the reasons for not installing a door visor. If it is normal ventilation, it is possible to circulate the outside air inside the car. Other downsides are that it affects your vision while driving, though slightly, and it takes a little more time to wash the car. Because it affects air resistance, it also negatively affects fuel economy.

The door visor, once considered a must-have accessory for smokers, seems to be increasingly overlooked. However, if you are a driver who is sensitive to ventilation in the car due to the corona virus these days, you may be able to think about it at least once. Anyway, if you give up on the appearance of the car, it is true that it is a convenient item overall. If you want to open a window on a rainy day but are worried about rainwater, we recommend installing a door visor. It has been delivered by ABC Tires so far.

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