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				"Does it all fit?" Grandeur, 30 million won cost-effective trim!  VIEW H 5

2021.06.14. 120,514 reads "Does it all fit?" Grandeur, 30 million won cost-effective trim! VIEW H 145

On the 11th of last month, the 2021 Grandeur was revealed. The most notable thing about this model year change is the newly added LeBlanc trim.

Le Blanc means white in French, and interior colors made of black and beige are applied, creating elegance and classy luxury unique to the Grandeur model.

In addition, the ‘LeBlanc Performance Package’, which can be selected from the gasoline 3.3 model, includes a carbon exterior and Alcantara interior package to emphasize luxury and sportiness to make a younger and more sophisticated image stand out.

Like a flagship sedan, it has a grand and elegant silhouette overall. In particular, it boasts another luxury by using shiny chrome, unlike the top trim calligraphy in which the chrome of the lower part of the bumper and the side garnish is toned down.

Grandeur 3.3. The carbon exterior is applied to the LeBlanc Performance, which can be selected only for the model. The side mirrors and rear spoiler are made of carbon, giving off a sporty feel.

The unique knitting pattern of carbon fiber is quite attractive, and even if it is not a model with double running performance, the sportiness is improved with the unique emotional element of carbon. The chrome line that surrounds the green house and the side mirrors that follow are harmonized with the carbon cover and look quite harmonious from a distance.

The view from the side and rear also stands out thanks to the rear spoiler. By installing a carbon spoiler without compromising the luxurious atmosphere, the sportiness as well as the youthful feeling was well digested.

As you can see from the meaning of the word LeBlanc, which is the name of the trim, you can see the interior color that is bright and bright. The newly added black/beige interior creates an elegant image by combining two contrasting colors.

In addition, since it is a model with LeBlanc Performance added, the Alcantara interior package is included, and the steering wheel and center console are included. The material of the armrest is composed of Alcantara.

Overall, the use of Alcantara material in the elegant and luxurious interior further enhances the visual luxury and adds a soft feel to the driver.

In particular, in the case of a steering wheel, functional elements are also included. Unlike general leather, it has a very good grip, as if it wraps around your hand, and has excellent waterproof and antifouling properties, so its durability is also excellent.

The material applied to the center console armrest, which has a relatively large area, is also of very good quality. In addition to the warm atmosphere, Alcantara’s unique soft feel is difficult to feel in general leather.

The 2021 Grandeur LeBlanc trim is a special trim with various safety and convenience specifications applied as standard.

First of all, if we look at the items of intelligent safety technology, forward collision-avoidance assistance, highway driving assistance, navigation-based smart cruise control, rear-side collision-avoidance assistance, safe exit assistance, rear cross-collision prevention assistance, rear parking collision-avoidance assistance, etc. are basically applied. .

In particular, in the case of forward collision-avoidance assist, it not only detects vehicles and pedestrians, but also detects cyclists and vehicles facing the intersection.

In addition, a 12.3-inch color LCD instrument panel, ambient mood lamp, and touch-type air conditioning controller are applied, which is a specification that is applied only by selecting it as an option in the upper trim, Exclusive. As such, the LeBlanc trim can be viewed as a trim that combines some of the specifications and safety and convenience features preferred by customers.

So far, we have looked at the live-action of the 2021 Grandeur’s ‘Le Blanc’ trim. The LeBlanc trim has the advantage of being able to purchase it at a reasonable price as well as various convenience specifications.

In addition to the basic items, you can also choose from optional items tailored to the tastes of various consumers. cost performanceIt’s also a good idea to add a leBlanc trim and a few options if you want..

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