2021.06.13.  61,117 reads “It's been a year now, and the price is...” What is the BMW 'M8 Coupe Competition' depreciation rate?  Auto Daily 56

2021.06.13. 61,117 reads “It’s been a year now, and the price is…” What is the BMW ‘M8 Coupe Competition’ depreciation rate? Auto Daily 56

‘Mercedes-AMG 63S GT 4 door’ certified used car

Domestic imported car sales, Although the market share is growing rapidly,, Due to the recent global shortage of semiconductors for vehicles, a considerable waiting period is required when purchasing a new car..

Among these, used cars, which are cheaper and can be purchased immediately, are attracting attention., Among them, it is not an ordinary used car with many fakes., The certified used car market, which is directly operated by each brand, is on a steep rise..

‘Volvo S90 B5 Inscription’ certified used car

Certified used cars are used cars that are guaranteed by the brand., 70~200Various items are closely inspected and sold after commercialization at the level of a new car.. Especially, Transparent usage history and excellent quality, Because we provide warranty service A used car you can trustis gaining popularity as.

‘Land Rover Range Rover Vogue’ certified used car

Currently, the imported car brand that operates certified used cars is Mercedes.Benz, BMW, Volvo, Audi, mini, PeugeotCitroen-DS, Porsche, Jaguar Land Rover, Lexus, Volkswagen, fordLincoln, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, etc..

In particular, there is little burden on the certified used car showroom. Oneten million won~There are a variety of expensive vehicles that cost hundreds of millions of won., distance driven 10~70km less than so-called new car without drivingalso appearing for sale.

‘BMW M8 Coupe Competition’ certified used car

‘BMW M8 Coupe Competition’ certified used car

Among them, Korea’s largest certified high-vehicle integrated solution Certification Marketin BMW Called the king of high-performance flagship coupe ‘M8 coupe competition(G15)’ The model is registered as a certified used car for sale and attracts attention.

BMW 8series is past 1999Years after it was discontinued, 20after several years 2A model that has been revived for generations, The sporty, voluminous design and smooth roofline show the identity of a luxury coupe..

‘BMW M8 Coupe Competition’ certified used car

high performance here M division plus M8silver V8 4.4L Equipped with a gasoline twin-turbo engine, maximum output 625horsepower, maximum torque 76.5 kg.mshow the strong performance of. speed at standstill 100km/hacceleration until 3.2second, top speed is 305 km/hby all BMW The fastest among mass-produced cars.

Currently registered in the certification market BMW M8 The coupe competition 2there is only one, First of all, the price of a new car 2Over 100 million won, a relatively high depreciation rate attracts attention.

‘BMW M8 Coupe Competition’ certified used car registered in the certified market

First, the cheapest M8 coupe competition car 2020year 6registered for the first time, cumulative mileage 3,650kmAll. right now OneMileage per year Onejustkm New car even though it is less than 2billion3,840than ten thousand 7,99010,000 won cheap Onebillion5,850It is sold for thousands of dollars..

‘BMW M8 Coupe Competition’ certified used car registered in the certified market

Following 2020year 10monthly registration, cumulative mileage 8,062kmanother of M8 The new coupe competition(2billion3,840Ten thousand won) prepare 7,84010,000 won low Onebillion6registered for 10 million won.

Both cars are in like-new condition., Considering that there are many new car warranties left, the range of depreciation is quite large..

‘BMW M8 Coupe Competition’ certified used car

BMW Certified used car official “M8 coupe competition BMWmost powerful in 2As a door coupe model, the depreciation rate is high because the demand is limited and the fanatics are strong.said, “The item does not come out well., New car prices are high, so there are many customers who inquire about certified used cars at relatively reasonable prices.said.

‘Mercedes-Benz GLE 450 4Matic’ certified used car

Meanwhile, Brand-certified used cars are the smallest compared to new cars 20~30%, You can buy it for half the price, separate from the manufacturer ASRecently, interest and preference for certified used cars is spreading because it differentiates them in that they can enjoy the same warranty benefits as new cars..

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