2021.06.11.  45,127 reads Audi launches top-of-the-line high-performance SUV 'The New Audi RS Q8' GEARBAX 105

2021.06.11. 46,780 reads Audi launches top-of-the-line high-performance SUV ‘The New Audi RS Q8’ GEARBAX 108

Audi (Audi Volkswagen Korea Audi Division President: Jeff Manoring) announced that Audi’s ultra-high-performance RS SUV model ‘The New Audi RS Q8’ will be on sale from June 15th.
‘The New Audi RS Q8’ is a high-performance RS model developed by Audi Sport GmbH based on the ‘Q8’, the top model of Audi’s SUV lineup ‘Q Series’, and is the first large SUV model in RS model history. ‘The New Audi RS Q8’ has ample space and functionality, the elegant and emotional style of a luxury coupe, and the performance of the RS model, so it has sportiness and luxury differentiated from other Audi SUVs. If Audi’s S lineup is a high-performance model that focuses on everyday life, Audi’s RS (Renn Sport, Racing Sport) model is Audi’s ultra-high-performance lineup that boasts performance close to that of a racing car.
‘The New Audi RS Q8’ is equipped with a 4.0L V8 gasoline direct injection turbocharger (TFSI) engine and an 8-speed tiptronic transmission, boasting powerful and dynamic driving performance with a maximum output of 600 horsepower and a maximum torque of 81.58 kg.m. . Acceleration time from standstill to 100 km/h is 3.8 seconds, the top speed is 305 km/h (safety limit), and fuel economy is 6.6 km/l based on combined fuel economy (city fuel economy: 5.8 km/l, highway fuel efficiency 8.2 km/l) ) to be. In addition, the combination with Audi’s permanent all-wheel drive system, quattro, provides Audi’s unique dynamic driving and agile and stable driving.
At the same time, the adaptive air suspension sport with controlled damping is mounted for easy running on the race track as well as off-road. The RS-specific dampers make a stark difference between the comfort-focused setting and the extreme sporty setting, and depending on the driving situation and the driver’s preferences, the ride height of the body can be adjusted by up to 90 mm.
The exterior design of ‘The New Audi RS Q8’ boasts a sporty and luxurious exterior that reflects Audi’s latest design language and technology. The black package is applied to the octagonal single frame, grille, Audi logo, RS Q8 badge, window molding, roof rail, etc., showing the unique strong impression of the RS model and its genes as a high-performance sports car, attracting attention. In addition, the carbon package applied to the single frame mask, front lip, rear diffuser line, taillight garnish and side mirrors, 23-inch 5-Y spoke rotor style wheels, panoramic sunroof, ceramic brakes and red brake calipers are installed, Audi RS The Q8’s heavy body has a dynamic yet strong exterior.

‘HD Matrix LED Headlights’ and ‘LED Taillights’ with closely arranged dynamic turn signals add elegance by emphasizing the contours of the car body, and ‘High Beam Assist’ allows you to freely adjust the brightness of the light for better visibility and safety. help with driving In addition, acoustic glass that effectively blocks external noise with double-bonded soundproof glass, rear seat and rear window sunshades, and headlight washer were applied.
The interior of ‘The New Audi RS Q8’ harmoniously applied the design of a simple yet powerful high-performance sports car with the comfortable and luxurious design of an SUV. Matt carbon twill inlays, aluminum pedals, black headlining (Alcantara) and Balcona leather RS ​​sports seats emphasize the sporty look of the RS. Nappa leather packages on the top of the dashboard, door armrests and shoulders. The Alcantara package was applied to the gear bar, steering wheel, and center console to capture Audi’s unique sophisticated premium emotional quality. In addition to this, it boasts a spacious and comfortable interior space, and the folding rear seats provide additional storage space, so it does not miss the daily practicality of an SUV.
‘The New Audi RS Q8’ is equipped with a high-level safety and convenience system suitable for ultra-high-performance models, providing safety and dynamic driving pleasure. The ‘Front/Rear Parking Assist System’, which measures the distance between the vehicle and an object in the driving path with an ultrasonic sensor mounted on the vehicle, and the Surround View Display and ‘360° Camera’ help parking more convenient, and the ‘Adaptive Cruise Assist’ It helps the driver to drive comfortably. In addition, it is equipped with various safety specifications that consider the safety of pedestrians as well as passengers in various driving environments, such as ‘Get off warning system’, ‘Side Assist’, ‘Intersection assist system’, and ‘Presense 360°’.
The 12.3-inch Virtual Cockpit Plus and MMI Navigation Plus installed in ‘The New Audi RS Q8’ help the driver to control all vehicle information in an integrated and intuitive way, and the ‘Audi Smartphone Interface’ is the driver’s smartphone content. to help you use it right away. In addition, the ‘Audi Connect’ system provides a variety of services and functions such as navigation and infotainment functions, vehicle control, and emergency call/emergency dispatch service, enabling more relaxed and safe driving. In particular, it is equipped with the latest infotainment systems, such as the ‘Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System’ (23 channels, 23 speakers, 1,920 watts), so you can enjoy the best driving experience.
The price of ‘The New Audi RS Q8’ is 172,020,000 won.

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