2021.06.09.  61,391 reads Avante size, Palisade-class space The identity of 'this' that makes possible Dark post 41

2021.06.09. 61,391 reads Avante size, Palisade-class space The identity of ‘this’ that makes possible Dark post 41

What aspects do automakers consider important when developing new cars??

There is nothing to be left out, but I think space and efficiency are important.. It is made as wide as possible and farther than a comparable car in its class with the same power., Make it run better so consumers like me and you can easily open their wallets..

Simply put, these elements are the key elements that drive the passion for merchandising..

Competition in the electric vehicle sector is fierce.. Battery performance is on the verge of reaching the technological limit right now., The design is also slowly becoming the same as we shout for the future.. An elegant front design with a flat silhouette, A long display is a prime example.

In particular, as the top manufacturers are competing with the electric vehicle platform that determines the basic specifications of the car, the performance, design, Spatiality, etc. have all been leveled upwards.

So electric cars can no longer develop?? I don’t think that’s. ‘signThere is a technology called ‘wheel system’..

The subject of this content isthe wheel system An eternal challenge for automakers spaceand efficiencyIt provides the perfect answer to extracting the most. Performanceis a bonus

At first I wondered if this would be possible, Now, there are cases where it has been applied in practice, and it is said that once this is completed, the automobile industry will be turned upside down.. So, in this article, we focus on what automakers believe to be the ultimate destination for electric vehicles.Let’s take a quick look at what a wheel system is..

Electric kickboards that are often seen on the street these days, In electric scooterA wheel system is included. at a glance It’s easy to say, “Where are you in?”, but in fact, it’s all in the wheels.. In the case of an electric scooter, a motor is usually mounted on the rear wheel., Reducers are in. In automobiles, the brake and suspension are included in the in-wheel system assembly.

ⓒ Protean Electric

That is, phosphorusThe wheel system refers to the technology to make one by putting all the parts necessary for rolling inside the wheel.. It doesn’t seem easy to put parts in a small space.? It’s really hard.

However, this technology was first applied about 100 years ago. who did it?

Founder of Porsche, He is the father of the Volkswagen Beetle., This is Dr. Ferdinand Porsche, who developed hybrid systems and electric vehicles..

Wellington Adams patented in-wheel system

In fact, Dr. Porsche was the firstA person who made a car with a wheel system, the real help American Wellington Adams 13Developed years ago before Dr. Porsche. United States of America I have a patent.

Anyway, Dr. Porsche 19At the end of the century I was thinking of putting a motor inside the wheel. Power loss occurs when the kinetic energy generated by the engine or motor is sent to the wheels., I was thinking of rolling the wheels directly with the motor..

It is similar to the principle that a cross screwdriver with a longer length or a shorter one can turn more powerfully.. The shorter the distance a force travels, the better it can be used.

Lohner Porsche Mixte Hybrid

Developed by Dr. PorscheThe car with the wheel system is a Mixte Hybrid.. A gasoline engine generates electricity and charges a battery to run a motor.. However, at that time, it was more expensive than an internal combustion engine and difficult to make. 300 With only a few units built and discontinued, this technology has been dormant for a long time.

since almost 100After being quiet for about a year, electric vehicle technology began to develop. 90In the 1980s, it began to be studied again. And 2000from the yearsA concept car with a wheel system has appeared.

ⓒ Karrmann – CC BY-SA 3.0 – Chevrolet Sequal Concept

Representatively GM-Chevroletsequel of, Mitsubishi MIEV, Citroen’s C-Metis, etc.. Korea is later 2000Since the 1980s, government agencies, Hyundai Motors, and other small and medium-sized enterprises have been working hard to develop it..

signThe wheel system is definitely an advantage., First of all, the power efficiency is high.. I heard the cross-driver example earlier.? It is said that the effect is good when the same power is applied, and it is higher than an internal combustion engine with an engine or an electric vehicle that is available these days.

ⓒ Protean Electric

Each vehicle is different, but in general, an internal combustion engine 19%in About 30%, electric vehicles 80% More than that. On the other handElectric vehicles with wheel systems 95%higher with Unlike an engine, the energy that is blown away by friction or heat between parts is very low, and the motor directly runs the tire inside the wheel., Because there is nothing to lose.

In addition, several parts are small enough to fit inside the wheel, and some power transmission parts are not needed, so the weight of the car is light. So, even with the same battery, the fuel efficiency is higher and you can go farther.

The advantage is not the only. Each of the four wheels can move independently because the drivetrain parts such as motors are inside the wheels, so there is nothing to get in the way. So it is possible to rotate 90Nonsensical movements such as perpendicular movement are also possible..

No need to go forward and back when parking on the street You can expect a situation where you stand next to a parking space and then slide into the side. By the way, a long time ago, there was a turn-in-place function on the back of the car, but it disappeared as it took up the trunk space, and it seems to have been revived after almost 70 years.

In particular, since each wheel has a motor, the driving performance is really good.

Think about it, animals run faster on four legs than humans do on two legs.? signSame with the wheel system.. All four wheels have motors, so the combined torque and horsepower are high.

then how high? Let me show you an example. It’s called ProteanThere is a wheel system developer., being studied here Model has 4 in-wheel motors, combined horsepower 430 PS – summed torque 127 kgf m Pull it out. 100more than talkBugatina Ferrari, Performance comparable to supercar brands like Pagani, can you afford this??

character, signI found that the efficiency and performance of the wheel system was good.. but is this all? no, Space can also be extracted better than conventional cars.

The motor in the engine room goes into the wheel and this space becomes empty. So, to add a boarding space to the empty space, or, The trunk can be widened. If a flat electric vehicle platform like a skateboard is added to this, you can expect a design and spatiality that can never be seen in today’s cars..

The best example of this is Hyundai’s concept car Elevate. Some of you may have seen it in the news or articles. I normally drive on the road, and when a rescue request comes in, I stretch out the hidden bridge and walk on the terrain, not the road. it’s very special?

It’s possible for each wheelYes, it has a wheel system. Unlike the original car, there is no need for power transmission parts, and the powertrain can be driven into the wheels, so you can realize what you imagined.

In addition, there is no engine room, so the interior can be used very spaciously. To exaggerate a bit, you can expect a palisade-class space with the size of the Avante. If you look at the electric vehicles that are already available these days, they have a lot of space compared to their size, but if the in-wheel system becomes common, you will be able to experience ‘extreme spatiality’.

signI know the wheel system is really good technology., It is rare to see a car using this technology other than an electric scooter or electric scooter.? There’s good reason for this. it’s hard to make.

Think Big 20A motor and brakes on an inch tire, reducer, Is it easy to put in a regenerative braking system?? Besides, the parts It has to be small but strong enough to handle the weight of the car, and it has to perform well..

It’s easy to say, there’s no manufacturer that perfectly solved this, I have a test car, but I can’t see a proper production car..

In the case of Hyundai Motor Company, the large electric bus Elec CityI succeeded in mass production by inserting a wheel system.There was a problem with the parts that were put inside, so it was repaired free of charge.. Because of this risk, there are many evaluations that it is still premature.. It will be fixed someday

However, as time goes by, related technologies are being upgraded, and the global market size is increasing year by year. It is growing by 30% to 40%. The prevailing forecast is that we will see electric vehicles with in-wheel systems around 2025.

Extreme efficiency, extreme spatiality, Supercar performance.
Who will be the first manufacturer to take over all of this??

Of course, battery performance must follow, but as all-solid-state batteries are scheduled to appear around the same time, you can expect more innovative electric vehicles to appear than now.

The size of Avante, the identity of ‘this’ that makes a palisade-class space possible
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