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				"Wow!  Do you still have the parts?" Hyundai Motor's old cars that suddenly became hot VIEW H 53

2021.06.08. 33,700 reads "Wow! Do you still have the parts?" Hyundai Motor’s old cars that suddenly became hot VIEW H 53

You can feel the retro atmosphere retro cultureAs it emerges as a trend, Restoring old cars restoreis also very popular.

As a result, in the used car market, registration of used cars that have been restored or uploaded for restoration is on the rise.. Actually used car trading site baby dreamAccording to this research data, 1980from year 1999The number of vehicle registrations produced during the year 29.6% appeared to increase.


In particular, vehicles produced by Hyundai Motor Company are in the spotlight among old car enthusiasts.. It is relatively easy to obtain parts., Because some models even have a special heritage. Today, we will introduce the most representative Hyundai Motors old car among them., We would like to know how to do simple maintenance..

Pony’s popularity in the old car restoration market is extraordinary. Hyundai’s first, This is because there is a symbolism that it is the first unique model in Korea.. In other words, more than just a car, It can be said that it is a turning point that has become a stepping stone for the independence and leap of the Korean automobile industry..

In addition, he is the head of , the world’s largest automobile design company. Giorgetto GiugiaroPony’s design, created through the hands of , stimulates the desire of old car enthusiasts to own it..

The design of Pony, which emphasizes practicality rather than glamor, is in exquisite harmony with straight lines and conciseness., known as the greatest car designer of the 20th century Joo Ji-Aro’s unique understated sophistication stands out.

1972year 2Pony, which was officially released in May, 1990year Onetotal by month 661,501was produced, The lineup is also diverse.. The most basic fastback style ponyStarting from the same year, the commercial model pony pickuphas been released, 1977in the year pony wagon‘, 1978In the year, the emission was increased pony 1400′this was released.

Also 1980Pony in the year 1400of automatic transmission models and coupe-style pony 3doorhas been added to the lineup, 1982In the year, it was a form that emphasized the curve in the existing pony design. ‘Pony 2’ has been released.

2018The number of ponies remaining per year is approx. 8,000just a teen, It is rare and the used price is high. In particular, the early models boast even more precious ransom.. For this reason, it is a later model that is relatively easy to obtain among old car enthusiasts., ‘Pony 2’ is gaining popularity.


The starting point of the Grandeur Heritage ‘OneGeneration Grandeuris a model that is constantly mentioned in the old car restoration market.. Not only can you feel the grandeur of the flagship sedan, but also, ‘symbol of successrepresented by OneThis is because you can experience the value of the generation Grandeur..



Also OneGeneration Grandeur is equipped with various convenient functions that are not lacking even compared to the recently produced model.. Representatively electric windshield(power window)’can be cited. Most of the old cars produced at the same time had to be turned by hand. mechanical window glass(window crank)’as opposed to using.

In addition, automatic cruise control cruise control‘, Audio control from the back seat ‘2thermal armrestis provided, etc., OneThe generation Grandeur boasts a comfortable condition that can be driven without any major problems in daily life..


As a flagship model boasting a high-class quality,, OneThe ride quality of the generation Grandeur is very comfortable and comfortable.. Especially OneThe seats and door trims of the Generation Grandeur are made of soft velvet material., You can feel the cozy and warm atmosphere.


The most attractive part is that it is an old car with relatively low introductory difficulty.. despite the high price With nearly 100,000 units sold, there are many remaining vehicles., With a strong mania, you can easily get the information you need for maintenance..

1990year 2The first domestic sports car born in May scoopis still a model that warms the hearts of high-performance enthusiasts. ‘high performance=imported carWhen the formula was standardized, maximum output 102horsepower, top speed 180km/hThis is because the appearance of Scoop boasting the performance of.

In particular, it is the first domestic car to be equipped with a turbocharger. scoop turboquenched the thirst for high performance. ‘First domestic car 0-100km/h acceleration time 9invitation entry(9.18second)’, ‘First domestic car 200km/h breakthrough(top speed 205 km/h)’ Etc, The brilliant record that Scoop Turbo made at that time is still being talked about by many people..

The design is so dynamic that it is hard to think of it as an old car.. The side and rear windows are connected so that the roof appears to be floating floating loopand sports car-like atmosphere rear spoilerenhances the sportiness of the scoop..

Meanwhile, The scoop is also a monumental model that heralded the beginning of the full-fledged motorsports era..

With its powerful performance and light driving performance, Scoop not only dominated domestic motor sports, but also, ‘1992Year Pikes Peak Hill Climb 2WD mass production car classHe won the championship and left a good impression on the overseas motor sports arena..

to sum it up, Scoop can be said to be a model that captivates both old car enthusiasts and high performance enthusiasts at the same time.. In addition, he has been active in motorsports for a long time and has solidly prepared information related to tuning., to enjoy the fun of driving funkaIt is also suitable for driving.

for driving an old car, The most annoying thing is ‘Part supply’. In particular, imported old cars are uncomfortable because they have to wait for a long time for parts coming from abroad..

However, There is no need to worry about parts supply and demand for Hyundai’s old cars.. It specializes in producing only discontinued parts for Hyundai Motor Company. Hyundai Partexbecause there is.

2005Hyundai Partex, founded in 2019year basis 5,089article(:unit for counting molds)We have molds up to, gun 1,334Manufactures a variety of old car parts. Molds produced by Hyundai Partex Hyundai Mobis Logistics Centeris delivered with, Domestic and overseas A/Sis used for.

Just because it’s a discontinued car part doesn’t mean it’s made roughly.. Hyundai PARTEX analyzes the registration status of old cars every year and carefully selects the parts needed by consumers.. In fact, Hyundai Partex 2013from year 2018resolved by year A/S Proportions are almost perfect.

As such, it is a small-scale production-oriented company., Hyundai PARTEX is far from generating revenue. In other words, Hyundai Partex is not a company to pursue profit., It allows you to ride Hyundai’s vehicles with peace of mind for a long time. intangible valueIt can be called a company to create.

Thanks to Hyundai Partex’s smooth supply of parts, Hyundai’s old cars are relatively easy to maintain. However, since the required budget varies greatly depending on the age and condition of the old car, you must make a long-term plan and proceed with a relaxed mind.

The most important part of maintenance engine, transmission, brake, etc. It is to normalize the parts related to the electric field. This is because it is aimed at ‘driving’, not ‘exhibition’. After that, additional sheet metal and paint should be used to minimize water leakage or rust, and cleaning the interior is sufficient as a last step.

On the other hand, the restoration process consumes a short period of 1 month to a maximum of 1 year. This is because the restoration does not end with temporary repair, but only when the entire vehicle is restored to its best condition through complete disassembly. Although it may seem long, waiting for a perfect restoration is also one of the ways to enjoy an old car.

Therefore, when performing a restoration, it is necessary to understand the characteristics and history of the vehicle well, and to adjust the time and budget. This is because if you work too hard from the start, you can quickly get tired. like a light bulb replacement If it’s a simple task, it’s a good idea to do it yourself.

family’s first car‘, ‘life partnerEtc, Old cars contain memories that are hard to fathom. For the elderly, it is a reminiscence of the past., For young people, it is a unique experience like time travel..

If you want to feel the emotions that cannot be felt in an ordinary car, How about trying to restore the old car??

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