2021.06.06.  24,066 reads A bold choice for pickup trucks, The New Rexton Sports Khan Autocar Korea 61

2021.06.06. 24,066 reads A bold choice for pickup trucks, The New Rexton Sports Khan Autocar Korea 61

The test drive was held modestly. free test ride. Literally. It took about 3 hours to leave the place of departure and return again. Without hesitation, I decided to go out and run off-road. When I saw the changed face of The New Rexton Sports Khan, the expression ‘to be sarcastic’ came to mind.

It is said that the horizontal radiator grille spread wide left and right was inspired by the rigidity and stability of the layered layers. It is certain that the impression is so strong that the face of the previous generation cannot be remembered. Starting from the middle of the city, I also remember the eyes of pedestrians looking at them as they cross the crosswalk.

His running skills on high-speed roads are also quite solid. In particular, even though the test car was equipped with off-road tires, efforts were made to suppress vehicle noise as much as possible.

It’s a very personal opinion, but I was more than satisfied with Ssangyong’s flagship All New Rexton. Now that the story is out, The New Rexton Sport and Khan are different from the All New Rexton, which has a lot of new functions and design updates. The engine is the same displacement, but the output is lower and the transmission is different. Of course, I didn’t think the all-new Rexton’s powertrain was the right answer. Because the Rexton Sports Khan’s powertrain felt good enough for that purpose. It would be better if there were a little bit of stimulation, but I decided that it would not be solved by the all-new Rexton’s powertrain.

The missing part is the adaptive cruise control function. It is necessary to think from the point of view of those who choose pickup for leisure and sports.

We arrived at the riverbank of the Namhan River, our destination, and ran off-road. Off-road sprint, rigidity, and athletic performance far exceeding expectations have already been confirmed through tests conducted in the previous generation. Thanks to you, I completely trusted you. In four-wheel drive mode, it slipped on the mud and rubbed the reeds, creating a lot of dirt. Off-road running was also good. There might be mud all over the place, but if you care about those little things, the New Rexton Sports Khan or any pickup isn’t the car for you.

But if you’re looking for leisure and sports activities, or any other clear purpose, the ample cargo space offers plenty of possibilities. From a price point of view, it is more certain. Of course, the fact that it is more than 10 million won cheaper than competing models is also a realistic reason for choosing it. There’s absolutely no reason not to be arrogant.

Written by Na Kyung-nam

Fact File The New Rexton Sports Cannes Prestige
price 31.65 million won
Size (length × width × height) 5405×1950×1855mm
wheelbase 3210mm
unladen weight 2180kg
engine Inline 4-cylinder 2157cc, diesel
gearbox 6 speed automatic
maximum output 187hp/3800rpm
maximum torque 42.8kg·m/1600~2600rpm
Fuel economy (compound) 10.0km/L
CO2 emissions 196 g/km
Suspension (front/rear) Double Wishbones / 5 Links
brake (front/rear) V disk/disk
Tires (front/rear) 265/60R 18

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